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Better than IFE: Don’t miss the next TPG Women’s movie night

May 18, 2020
8 min read
Better than IFE: Don’t miss the next TPG Women’s movie night
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Editor's Note

/strong> This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new event information for our TPG Women's community. 

Editor's note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new event information for our TPG Women's community.

Looking for a way to connect with other female travelers while we're all staying home? Our TPG Women Facebook group is hosting a series of digital events for our members to help us all stay connected during this time of social distancing. On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, we're hosting a movie night to watch one of our favorite travel-inspired movies — "Julie & Julia" (starring the amazing Meryl Streep) for any members who want to join in!

What: TPG Women movie night to watch "Julie & Julia"

When: May 19, 2020, 8 p.m. EST

How to participate: Join the TPG Women Facebook group, where we'll host a thread to discuss the movie and connect with fellow members. You'll need a Netflix subscription to watch the movie. We would love for you to join TPG Women and watch with us, even if it’s just for five minutes to pop in and say hello. Settle in with your favorite meal from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" (or your favorite movie-night cocktail and snacks) and share your thoughts about the movie as we watch together.

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What is TPG Women?

We created our TPG Women Facebook group as a way for women of all walks of life to connect over our shared love of travel and all things points and miles. (Photo by Westend61/Getty Images)

Fun fact: We may be The Points Guy, but women comprise 60% of our more than 100-person company. We run the site you read, manage the social media channels you follow, plan major events you attend (hello, TPG Awards!) — you get the idea.

And while our flagship Facebook group, the TPG Lounge, is still going strong more than two years after launch, we wanted to have a place for women to ask questions and share experiences and advice. We launched TPG Women on Facebook in December 2019, and we've already grown to more than 6,500 members.

It's a space for women -- of all backgrounds and ages -- to come together and talk about all things travel. The goal of the group is to be a community of support and advice for everything from points and miles tips (naturally) to packing hacks, travel recommendations, personal finance and more.

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While we've all been staying home and distancing ourselves from others, we've started hosting more digital events for community members to interact and connect with other travelers and TPG readers (including movie nights).

What this group means to the women of TPG

When we first launched the group, we asked some of the incredible women in the TPG office to share what being a woman in the travel industry and traveling means to them.

Senior Writer Lori Zaino, said that "traveling as a woman means having to adapt to culture and safety norms for my destination — like covering my hair or shoulders in certain countries or being aware of my surroundings at all times. But, as an American woman, being able to travel to so many states and countries thanks to the privilege of my passport makes me feel very lucky. Interacting with other women while traveling who share their own local food, culture and experiences with me is a special way of bonding. As a woman, I bask in the feminine details of things when I travel ... like how women carry babies on their backs to work or items balanced on their heads. Being a woman and seeing the world through the eyes of other women is a beautiful thing! And it makes me appreciate and respect the freedoms I have as a woman in my country of birth [the U.S.] and the one in which I reside [Spain]."

For Madison Blancafor, a credit card reporter, "traveling is a way to experience other cultures, learn more about myself and figure out where I fit into this big, crazy world. It's so important for women to have the opportunity to travel the world, and I love being part of an industry that shows other women and young girls the benefits of traveling and how they can turn their destinations on a Pinterest board [into] a reality."

Travel Editor Melanie Lieberman said, "Being a woman in the travel industry means that every day I get to wake up and remember how incredibly fortunate I am to be alive at a time when women can travel alone for business and pleasure; be financially independent and in charge of their own spending decisions; and be at the helms of the conversations that will shape this industry. When I was six months old, I took my first trip to Italy. There isn't a day that's gone by since when I haven't felt incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to keep doing what I love most — exploring the globe and working in a career about which I'm extremely passionate."

Benet Wilson, a TPG credit cards editor, recalled: "I took my first flight — from New York to London — on a majestic Pan Am Boeing 747 and I haven’t stopped traveling since. Living in Europe as the child of an Air Force officer gave me a fine appreciation of other people’s cultures. And because I attended an international school with children [from] all over the world, I learned about those cultures firsthand. As a side bonus, it helped me curate my travel bucket list. That sense of wonder I developed for travel on that first flight is still with me 50 years after it started."

Andrea Rotondo, our senior family travel editor, noted that "women are finally breaking into the jobs they deserve" in the field. In the cruise industry, in particular, many of the top executives at major brands are women. Take, for example, Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line; Ellen Bettridge, the president and CEO of Uniworld, and Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises.

Travel Director Summer Hull (aka Mommy Points) said, "Through travel, I love showing my own two young girls the different roles than women can have all over the world. Women can fly the plane, fix the plane, run the hotel, run the restaurant, sail the boat and more. I want to inspire my girls to dream beyond what they see in their daily life and know that gender doesn't define who you are or what you can do."

Caroline English, our social media producer and one of the women behind the new Facebook group, said she's excited to launch a new platform for adventurous women to network, share experiences and offer advice about travel. "As a woman who loves to explore the world, I know there are cultural, religious and safety considerations that particularly affect women. We're eager to provide content and a community that engages women and better addresses these topics."

As for me? I think it means empowering and educating yourself to travel safe and smart — all while having incredible experiences around the world. I went on a trip by myself to Japan this summer and I'm convinced it's the ideal destination for women who want to travel solo. The people were beyond welcoming and accommodating and I always felt safe. I can't recommend it enough.

What are you waiting for? Join the TPG Women community

We'd love to hear what being a woman in travel means to you, so be sure to join our Facebook group and the conversation. Bookmark this page to stay updated on upcoming events (we'll share event announcements here and within the group), and make sure to check out our TPG Women hub to stay up to date with the latest curated content. Hope to see all of you lovely ladies at our movie night on May 19 to watch "Julie & Julia!"

Additional contribution by Madison Blancaflor

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