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Everything you need to know about the Hertz My Car subscription

Aug. 19, 2020
14 min read
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I’ve covered rental cars extensively over the past few months, largely due to the pandemic. I went from rarely driving to renting cars monthly, and am considering buying a used car. Living in NYC, this is something I would’ve never even thought about in the past.

I’ve gotten more serious about buying or leasing a car over these past few months. One thing that came across my radar when searching for short-term leases was Hertz’s newly launched My Car subscription — a new short-term lease that gets billed monthly.

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This service allows drivers to pay a set monthly fee for a rental car. The fee includes insurance, a damage waiver and the ability to switch out your car twice a month. It has the potential to be an interesting lease alternative for many drivers, especially if you don’t want to make a 36-month commitment to a single vehicle.

I’ll take you through the ins-and-outs of Hertz’s My Car program. We’ll discuss the different plans available, pricing and included benefits. Then, I’ll end with my thoughts on how My Car compares to leasing and other subscription services like Care by Volvo.

Let’s dive in!

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An overview of Hertz My Car benefits

Image courtesy of Russ Rohde via Getty Images

As discussed in the introduction, Hertz My Car is a car subscription service that gives you a car to drive all month. You can switch out your car twice per month for a different vehicle that’s included with your plan, giving you a ton of flexibility.

The program has other interesting benefits that set it apart from a standard lease or long-term car rental. Let’s take a look at all of the benefits included with the subscription.

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Insurance is included with all plans

Your Hertz My Car subscription includes two types of insurance. The first is a damage waiver — according to the terms, you won’t be liable for damage or theft incurred after the first $1,000. The damage waiver is equivalent to a $1,000 deductible on standard car insurance.

Second, the plan includes liability insurance, which is higher than state-minimum in most cases and consists of the following coverage:

  • Bodily injury or death, up to a limit of $100,000 for each person
  • Up to $300,000 for each accident
  • Up to $50,000 for property damage

This coverage should be more than adequate for most accidents. The website doesn’t mention extending this coverage to higher limits online, so contact Hertz directly if you don’t think this is enough.

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Switch cars twice per month

Hertz President's Circle at Washington-Dulles airport (Photo by Zach Griff/The Points Guy)

One of the biggest draws to Hertz My Car is that you can switch cars twice per month. Each plan includes a handful of interesting vehicle types, which we’ll discuss more later.

Say you want to drive a sedan most days but need to help a friend move. No problem — you can simply return your car and pick up a truck whenever you need it. Then, you can switch back whenever you’d like. All additional changes beyond the first two incur a $75 fee.

No long-term commitment

Another valuable benefit to Hertz My Car is that you’re only locked into a two-month commitment. After the first two months, you’ll be charged monthly and can cancel whenever you’d like. This is much more flexible than a standard lease that requires a commitment of two or more years.

A free additional driver is included with all plans

All memberships include a free additional driver, so your spouse or other designated driver can drive any vehicle included with your membership. Unfortunately, anyone beyond this excluded.

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You can drive up to 2,000 miles per month

The Hertz My Car membership includes 2,000 miles per month across all the cars you rent. Any miles on top of this are charged at $0.35 each. These charges can add up quickly for those who drive a lot during a given month.

The mileage allowance totals 24,000 miles per year, which is significantly higher than what most leases offer. Just make sure that 2,000 miles per month fits your habits before choosing My Car over purchasing a car.

Roadside assistance is included at no charge

Photo by Getty Images

If you run into any issues with your car — think flat tires or a roadside breakdown — Hertz has you covered. All subscriptions include roadside assistance, so you have someone to call if your car malfunctions.

Plus, since there are no maintenance costs associated with the subscription, you won’t be liable for remedying the issue. This is a considerable benefit over owning a car or a standard lease, where you’d have to pay for a fix.

Includes pick-up service

Another interesting benefit is that Hertz will pick you up for your first rental. Just contact the branch you’re renting from and the company will send an employee to pick you up. Even though it’s a one-time benefit, this can save you Uber or Lyft fare when it’s time to pick up your car.

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Available plans and pricing

(Image courtesy of Hertz)

Hertz offers three different My Car plans. Each includes the same benefits discussed earlier but with different car options. Here’s a quick look at both plans.

Hertz My Car Tier 1

Tier 1 starts at $599 per month and includes entry-level economy, compact and mid-sized vehicles. According to the website, this includes vehicles similar to the Chevy Spark, Ford Focus and Mazda 3. It's not the most interesting assortment, but can be a good choice for someone that needs a simple car to get around town.

Hertz My Car Tier 2

According to the My Car page, Tier 2 members pay $999 per month, plus a one-time $250 enrollment fee. You can choose from small SUVs, small trucks and full-size sedans when you switch out your car. Sample vehicles include the Volkswagen Tiguan, Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Altima.

This plan should be an excellent fit for the majority of drivers. The sedan is great for everyday driving while having access to an SUV or pickup truck is great for moving and other times you need to haul a lot of stuff.

Hertz My Car Tier 3

Things get a little more interesting with Tier 3. This subscription offers higher-end cars for $1,399 per month — a 40% premium over Tier 2. Like the other tiers, this plan is also subject to a $250 enrollment fee.

This plan gives you access to all Tier 1 vehicles, plus Regular SUVs, Large Trucks and Luxury Sedans. Sample vehicles include the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Infiniti QX60, Ford F-150 and Cadillac CTS. Not a bad mix if you ask me.

This plan has the potential to be a good deal for those who want to rent luxury vehicles. Sure, it comes at a premium, but having access to this expanded range of vehicles is a nice benefit if you drive a lot.

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Where does Hertz My Car operate?

After an initial launch in Austin and Atlanta, Hertz My Car is now available in all U.S. markets at corporate airport and neighborhood locations. That said, you must be 25 or older to qualify for a My Car subscription, which shuts down a good portion of drivers (like myself). It’s unclear if someone under 25 can be added as an additional driver.

Earning Hertz Gold Rewards points

Photo by Shutterstock

You’ll earn Hertz Gold Rewards points on your My Car membership like you would on any rental. Tier 1 members earn 599 points per month, Tier 2 earns 999 and Tier 3 earns 1,399 points per month. Plus, Hertz elite status members earn their respective bonus points.

  • Gold – 1 point per
  • Five Star – 1.25 points per dollar
  • President’s Circle – 1.5 points per dollar

How does Hertz My Car stack up to similar services?

Hertz My Car isn’t the only car subscription service out there. I found a handful during my research, with some being operated by car manufacturers and others independently. Here’s a look at how Hertz’s service stacks against two other services: Care by Volvo and Fair.

Hertz My Car vs Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo is another intriguing car subscription service. Like a standard lease, you’ll be tied to a 24-month commitment with a 15,000-mile annual cap. However, the subscription includes insurance, maintenance, and the ability to swap your car every 12 months (so long as you make another 24-month commitment).

You can pick from three different Volvo SUVs and one sedan when you sign up for Care. Subscriptions start at $700 per month with no upfront costs. There’s no set age or location requirement, but all applicants must have a valid driver’s license and two years of credit history.

I think Care by Volvo is an excellent deal for those who want to keep a car for at least a year. It’s cheaper than Hertz My Car and — in my opinion – gives you access to a much nicer car. That said, it isn’t nearly as flexible since you can’t switch your car at-will or cancel at any time.

Hertz My Car vs Fair

Fair offers another interesting take on the car subscription model. It lets you lease high-quality used cars for a duration of your choosing — anywhere from a single month to a full-on three-year lease.

Fair includes regular maintenance and roadside assistance but doesn’t include insurance. The price of your subscription largely depends on the type of car and how long you lease it for. For example, a three-year lease on a 2017 Nissan Versa SV near Los Angeles is $175 per month, with $899 due at signing.

Nissan Versa Fair Lease
(Image courtesy of Fair)

On the other hand, a monthly no-contract lease for a 2017 GMC Yukon Denali XL is $835, with $2,899 due at signing. This is a pretty huge expense and costs more than a Hertz My Car membership when you factor in insurance.

Yukon XL Denali Fair Lease Price
(Image courtesy of Fair)

So depending on that type of car you’d like to lease, I think that Hertz My Car has the potential to be a significantly better deal then Fair.

Is Hertz My Car a good deal compared to a lease?

(Photo by Peter Amend/Getty Images)

Hertz My Car has the potential to be a great deal. If you drive more than a standard lease allows and want the ability to switch your car at-will, you’ll likely come out ahead. That said, it’s worth breaking down the expenses of a standard car lease, factoring in insurance and comparing the price against Hertz My Car.

Let’s start with the lease. One of the cars included with the Tier 2 subscription is a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. The advertised price for a 36-month Toyota Tacoma lease in Atlanta — one of My Car’s supported cities — is $229 per month with $3,528 due at signing. This brings the cost to $327 per month.

Toyota Tacoma Lease Price
(Image courtesy of Toyota)

Additionally, the average annual cost for car insurance in Atlanta is $1,388, according to The Zebra. This doesn’t take into account the fact that the Tacoma in question is brand new or any specifics about the driver’s age and driving history.

For this article, let’s round the insurance cost up to $1,500 per year or $125 per month. This brings the total cost of leasing a Toyota Tacoma to $452, not including any maintenance.

That said, the lease includes half the mileage included with the Hertz My Car membership. Plus, you’re locked into a 36-month contract and cannot switch the car at any time during this period.

In my opinion, this makes Hertz My Car membership worthwhile for many drivers. If you spend a lot of time driving and want the versatility of being able to switch to a new car at-will, the membership could make a ton of sense when compared to leasing a car. Plus, you can discontinue service whenever you’d like.

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Bottom line

All in all, Hertz My Car is an interesting program. It can be a considerably better deal than leasing a car, but only if you drive a lot and want the flexibility to change cars. Likewise, drivers who only need a car for a few months may find the freedom of not having a long-term contract appealing.

On the other hand, a standard lease or another subscription service can be a better deal if you don’t need the full 2,000 miles per month and are ok with having a single car for the entirety of a lease. As always, run the numbers and see what works best for you.

Regardless, I don’t think this is the only car subscription service we’ll see from a major rental car company. Rental car companies are hurting during the coronavirus pandemic, and these subscriptions provide a new way to generate revenue while businesses travel is at a standstill.

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