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8 (More!) AvGeeks to Follow on Instagram

Oct. 22, 2017
6 min read
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Everyone has a little bit of an AvGeek in them — especially the crew at The Points Guy. Whether you enjoy watching planes as they fly overhead or you know just about everything surrounding aviation, we want to share some of our favorite Instagrams of people just like us — those who love being in the air more than on the ground. Some of these #AvGeeks are independent pilots and others are simply lovers of big birds who travel often. Take a look at these travel-lovers below and hopefully they’ll inspire a little more AvGeek-iness in your life; here are eight (more) accounts to follow.

1. @lairdkay

Laird Kay is one of the most innovative AvGeeks we've come across to date. He's bringing aviation to every aspect of his life: travel, photography and fashion. Laird's feed is filled with beautiful images of planes from the sky, the ground and anywhere in between and his quirky voice is perfect for his images of giant birds and matches perfectly with his unique aesthetic. Laird has even brought aviation into a seemingly new arena for aviation: fashion. He has his own clothing line, specifically with aviation enthusiasts in mind, called Very Plane Clothes.

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2. @matinmia

This commercial 747 pilot's Instagram is too good not to be listed in #AvGeek's to follow. His love for traveling and exploring new places is as amazing as his images. Matin often posts picture from the cockpit, highlighting every AvGeek's dream on a major airplane. His pictures demonstrate his access to some of the coolest perks when it comes to flying; the best are pictures he has from the runway — especially when it shows a flight he piloted where the passengers were cattle instead of humans.

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3. @lystseva

Marina Lystseva is a professional photographer who is passionate about three things when it comes to her art: travel, aviation and cats. (Don't worry, the latter is on a separate page and this Instagram account is just dedicated to her space and aviation photography.) Her images are heavily saturated in bright colors, making them eye-catching. Additionally, she has a unique eye for capturing planes at different angles in both the sky and on the ground. It also looks like she has a thing for unique planes covered in graphic art. This is the perfect IG account to follow if you want a dose of the atypical.

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4. @samchui

This AvGeek is a self-proclaimed citizen of the sky and based off his Instagram, we believe him every step, or mile, of the way. Sam Chui is a travel blogger who says that travel and aviation are his life and based on his photos, that's the truth: There are as many pictures of his travels as there are of him on planes. And every time he travels, he's doing so in style, flying business or first class on elite airlines.

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5. @eyesonaviation

This aviation journalist always seems to be on the go, capturing the next best image. Vasco Garcia provides all his beautiful images with a lengthy caption describing where he was when he captured it and what was happening in the photo. He makes his love of detail apparent in every image. Follow this journalist if you want to follow amazing images by an experienced and knowledgeable AvGeek.

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6. @sonikhanem

This travel blogger wears many hats, according to her Instagram: adventurer, photographer, physician and pilot. It's obvious Sonia Sani stays busy, but that hasn't taken away from her posting amazing pictures to her Instagram from around the world. She even has a YouTube channel with videos from the cockpit as well as from her travels. Take the ride with Sonia, and give her a follow.

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7. @pilot.mathilde

This young Parisian pilot is living every young adult's dream — she has two planes of her own, her "toys" as she calls them, and travels around the world taking selfies from her cockpit. It's clear from Mathilde's Instagram feed that she's obsessed with aviation and that she rather be up in the clouds alone than hanging on the ground with everyone else. Follow along to see where Mathilde's journeys take her.

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8. @pointsfromthepacific

You'll never guess how old this points and miles expert is — legally not quite an adult at 17, Zac George is surely one of the youngest points and miles experts out there. He's a luxury travel blogger who reviews first and business class products from around the world. His feed is filled with images from beautiful suites on various leading airlines. Take a look at his blog for extra information on how to lead a luxury life at a young age; it's never too early! Give this guy a follow, but be careful because he will absolutely give you travel envy.

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Who are your favorite AvGeeks to follow? Let us know in the comments below.