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Earn status quicker: LATAM Pass lowering its elite-status requirement

March 09, 2020
5 min read
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Earning status with LATAM Pass just got easier as the airline announced modifications to its status requirements, starting on April 1, 2020.

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Since changes to the LATAM requirements announced in late 2018, you were only able to earn status with qualification points. With the new rules, you will be able to earn status with segments flown as well -- and the number of qualification points required is being reduced.

Even though the changes do not go into effect until next month, all flights from Jan. 1, 2020 onward will count toward your new status requirements.

Also, your country of registration will determine the number of qualification points and segments required to earn a particular status. LATAM Pass has different requirements for different countries. The requirements shown below are for LATAM Pass members with a United States-registered account.

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Earning LATAM Pass elite status with qualification points

You can now spend less money to earn the same LATAM Pass elite-status levels. Qualification points are calculated on your base ticket fare and a multiplier which is based on your origin and destination. Going forward, all LATAM elite status levels will become easier to meet with qualification points earned.

Qualification points required starting April 1, 2020.
  • Gold Elite status: 15,000 qualifying points
  • Gold Plus Elite status: 30,000 qualification points
  • Platinum Elite status: 40,000 qualification points
  • Black Elite status: 75,000 qualification points
  • Black Signature Elite status: 160,000 qualification points

Gold Plus is a new status level. Flyers with Gold Plus status will be able to make a same-day flight change on domestic flights, bring carry-on bags aboard for free, receive four cabin upgrade coupons, select their seat, receive priority check-in and priority boarding and earn more LATAM Pass points.

To determine the number of qualification points earned on a flight, you'll take the base fare price (which excludes taxes, fees and additional services) and multiply it based on your destination.

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For example, if you have an international flight with a base fare of $500, you'll earn 3,000 qualification points (500 x 6 = 3,000).

Earning LATAM Pass elite status with segments

As of April 2020, you'll also be able to earn LATAM Pass status solely by segments, no qualification dollars required. This means if you are flying on inexpensive fares, earning status will be much easier.

  • Gold Elite Status: 20 segments
  • Gold Plus Elite status: 35 segments
  • Platinum Elite status: 45 segments
  • Black Elite status: 75 segments
  • Black Signature Elite status: 120 segments

There are some caveats to counting segments. All flights purchased in Premium Economy and business cabins are doubled, but you cannot earn any segments with flights purchased with promo and basic fares.

You'll also count actual segments, which are defined as journeys "from an origin to a destination on the same airplane." If you have a connection and you change planes (not just a layover where you stay on the same plane), the second flight will count as a new segment. The flight must be marketed by LATAM and flights on associated airlines will not accumulate segments.

LATAM Leaving Oneworld, but partnering with Delta

Although all of the requirements still include Oneworld flights, know that LATAM is leaving the Oneworld alliance on May 1, 2020, five months earlier than previously expected.

Meanwhile, Delta is taking a 20% stake in LATAM, and starting on April 1, 2020, LATAM customers will be able to earn and redeem miles on Delta-operated flights. As yet, we don't know how or whether those flights will count into earning LATAM status, but we will update this post as soon as we know.

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Bottom line

Earning LATAM Pass status is becoming easier, a nice change compared to many other airlines which are making it tougher to earn status year after year. If you've given up on LATAM because of the previous changes in status requirements, now might be a good time to take another look.

How will these status requirement change your airline of choice?

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