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Southwest Now Offers Free In-Flight Movies

Nov. 03, 2018
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Houston Hobby // Stephen M. Keller, 2018
Southwest Now Offers Free In-Flight Movies
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Back in September, Southwest started offering free in-flight messaging. Now, Southwest is eliminating its $5 per movie fee and instead offering 100% free in-flight entertainment. In particular, movies, messaging, live TV, on-demand TV episodes, music, destination guides and games are now available to passengers at no additional cost. (You'll still need to pay $8 per day for internet access if you want to surf the web or check emails.)

Southwest planes don't offer seat-back screens or power so you'll need to bring your own fully charged device. Also, you'll need to download the Southwest app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store before your flight if you want to watch movies and select on-demand TV content. Other than that, most in-flight entertainment options are accessible as long as you have a device with Wi-Fi.

Southwest's in-flight entertainment is only offered on Wi-Fi enabled routes. But, it's extremely rare to encounter a route where Wi-Fi isn't enabled. And, Wi-Fi remains on and accessible throughout the entire flight including taxi, takeoff and landing.

If you're interested in seeing the current selection of 32 movies and 16 live TV stations before boarding, Southwest shows the listings on their website.

Families flying on Southwest will be particularly happy that these listings include the Disney Channel and a few movies that look suitable for children. After all, Southwest was named TPG's best US airline for families in 2018, and this further solidifies its claim to that top spot. Just make sure to install the Southwest app ahead of time, bring headphones and fully charge your devices before boarding.

Featured image by Stephen M. Keller