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9 Street Artists to Follow on Instagram

Aug. 13, 2017
6 min read
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Traveling is one of the best ways to embrace new cultures and experiences — what better way to get a feel than through a local museum? But while the Met and the Louvre are incredible destinations, there are also stunning and thought-provoking works of art that end up outside on large brick walls — sans admission fees. Still, if your name isn't Banksy, getting mainstream attention for street art is unlikely. Fortunately for new, upcoming and even established artists, the power of Instagram now provides the opportunity to showcase their work to the masses. Here are nine talented street artists around the globe to follow.

1. @tlynnfaz

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, originally from Oklahoma City, is an artist and illustrator based in Brooklyn. In 2015, she was featured as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Art and Style for addressing themes such as sexual harassment and the Arab Spring in her art. Her public art series can be found not only on walls but also at galleries and museums in Arizona, Texas, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

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2. @nmsalgar

Nicole Salgar is an artist, curator and muralist based in Miami. To say her work is epic is an understatement: One of her more recent murals, titled The People Of The First Light, is 26 feet high and 68 feet wide and took 100 hours over 10 days to create. In the future, she hopes to travel to the Middle East and Asia, ride in a hot air balloon, skydive and eventually, live abroad.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.38.58 PM

3. @fintan_magee

Fintan Magee is a street artist from Australia known for designing grand murals that encompass entire buildings. After earning a fine arts degree, he moved to Sydney and began painting scenes that highlight broad issues like climate change and the migrant crisis. One such painting in Italy depicts a man with his head encapsulated in a glass of water, a tribute to rising sea levels. He gets around, too, with projects featured in London, Vienna, Los Angeles, Moscow and Oslo.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.40.45 PM

4. @thelondonpolice

The London Police isn't a single person but rather a duo of two artists — Chaz and Bob Gibson — who banded together in the late '90s after moving from the UK to Amsterdam. Since then, the black-and-white iconic characters that the duo frequently paints on walls has received worldwide recognition and their large-scale mural projects can be found in more than 35 countries, including the US, France and Singapore.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.41.36 PM

5. @jade1rivera

Jade Rivera is an artist based in Lima, Peru, whose curiosity for art began as an 11-year-old, when he began devoting more time for drawing and painting. Primarily self-taught, his murals are often colorful pieces heavily influenced by Andean culture and can be found across Latin America from Costa Rica to the Dominican Republic and Paraguay.

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6. @francofasolijaz

Franco Fasoli, also known as Jaz, is an Argentinian artist based in Buenos Aires. His murals often use people, animals and masks as metaphors to reflect back on society and over the years, his work has evolved to include experimental methods involving materials like latex, gasoline and tar. Aside from his native Argentina, his murals have also managed to make their way to Miami, Puerto Rico and Ukraine.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.43.21 PM

7. @caratoes

Cara To is a Belgium-born graffiti artist, illustrator and muralist currently based in Hong Kong. With a background in biochemistry and game design, she first worked as a 3-D artist and later as a creative for an advertising agency. After moving to Hong Kong, she used murals as an escape from not knowing anyone in the city. Since then, she's worked with clients like the Four Seasons, Nike and Absolut Vodka and her murals have been exhibited in countries around the world including Italy, the US and Singapore.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.44.05 PM

8. @therealfafi

Fafi, originally from Toulouse, is a mononymous French street artist whose foray into the art world began with her drawing in her bedroom as a child, then painting her drawings on the wall once her parents had gone to sleep. Originally known as the creator of a set of sassy street characters dubbed the "Fafinettes," her art has since been used by companies such as Adidas and MAC. Fafi once told Vice: "It’s the whole spirit of graffiti that I loved: the crew, the night, the fact that everything was forbidden and the fact that we had to steal the paint. Everything was appealing to a young and adventurous chick like me."

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9. @mac_arte

El Mac (Miles MacGregor) is a street artist in Los Angeles who began painting graffiti in the '90s. Nowadays, his art is primarily comprised of life-like renderings of human faces and figures and in his own words, he says his gorgeous large-scale art "blurs the lines between fine art and graffiti." Some of El Mac's murals are considered local landmarks and have been featured across the world in over 19 countries, including the US, Denmark, Germany, the UK, South Korea and Cuba.

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Are there other street artists you love to follow on Instagram? Tell us about them, below.