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2,300 Delta Miles for $5 Verizon Charger

Aug. 14, 2011
3 min read
2,300 Delta Miles for $5 Verizon Charger
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Update: Deal is dead!

Shopping malls are lucrative business for the airlines. They don't run these sites, but instead sell miles to these third party companies who then offer special amounts to incentivize frequent-flyer mile obsessed people to shop through their portals. Every time you click through their portal, they get a certain kickback from the retailer that more than covers the cost of the miles they gives you. Everybody wins, right?

Lately there have been some snafus. The American shopping website had a glitch showing 83,000 miles for some small ticket items and Gary is covering the drama on his site. (Some people have gotten 2,500 mile offers for the mix-up, which I think is a nice consolation- especially if they allow free returns).

Today I read on Flyertalk that the Delta shopping mall is offering 2,300 Delta Skymiles for a $5 Verizon phone charger. I do not think this is a mistake, though it takes a couple weeks for these miles to post to your Delta account so we will have to wait and see. There's nothing that I can see that prohibits multiple orders, though I wouldn't recommend going out of control. If you are near a Verizon store, since these come with free shipping, I see little risk in this promo if you are willing to invest the time- worst case scenario is you return them for a full refund.

To get this, just first go to the Delta Shopping homepage and enter your Skymiles number on the left side of the page as highlighted below

Then click to this link and you'll see the option to buy the charger.

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You'll then get directed to the Verizon home page and see the confirmation that you'll get 2,300 miles for your purchase.

Once you see the item, it won't let you add to your cart unless you verify the compatibility with your phone. So verify that you have a Palm phone and it was a little tricky for me- a bunch of compatible accessories pulled up, but I narrowed it down to chargers and the $4.97 charger showed up and I added it to my cart and checked out. I even got free shopping!

2,300 miles for $4.97 and 5 minutes of my time is a good deal to me!