$50 in Free Hotel Tonight Credit With Promo Codes- Even For Existing Users!

by on February 10, 2014 · 119 comments

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Update: The BOOKEUROPE promo code has expired.

Last-minute hotel booking app Hotel Tonight is currently offering two promo codes that offer a combined $50 credit that can be used for up to one year and for any hotel served by the app.  The BOOKEUROPE code gives $25 to new or existing users and BKELLY99 is for new users (BKELLY99 only works if you have never used the app before). Note: the BKELLY99 code is my personal link- if you use it we both get $25 instantly- no purchase necessary.  If you know of any other stackable promo codes, please feel free to share in the comments. 
BKELLY99 Hotel Tonight Code

Here’s how to earn your $50 credit:

1) Load up the app and hit the bottom right icon for your profile, then click “Redeem Promo Code”
Hotel Tonight Redeem Promo Code
Then enter promo codes BKELLY99 (or a sign-up code of anyone you might know who already has the app) and then BOOKEUROPE and each will deposit $25 in credit to your account.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.27.08 PM

 3) Your $50 will show up in the ‘Credits’ section of your account


This $50 credit will stay valid for 365 days, and can be used to book any hotel served by Hotel Tonight.

Hotel Tonight bookings don’t earn you points/elite status, but it can save you a huge amount on hotel bookings. It’s  good idea to have these credits just in case you’re in a jam and need a last minute hotel and don’t want to use your hard earned points!

Hat tip Travel.Bart.La

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  • Hans

    Existing user. BOOKEUROPE worked but BKELLY99 said it was only good for new users. Thanks!

  • Christine Riggs

    Same here. Thanks for the BOOKEUROPE code though!!

  • TS

    BKELLY99 only good for new users.

  • bryanhenry

    Same here

  • Arielle

    same happened to me….but at least we got an extra $25 added. Thanks

  • Jasmine

    Both worked for me (existing user). Thanks!

  • John

    BKelly99 was rejected but the other worked

  • Matt C.

    Used both. Thanks!

  • JonathanIT

    BKELLY99: “Sorry that code can only be used by new customers” :-(

  • ClayEG

    Both codes worked for me. Thanks for the $50!

  • thepointsguy

    Ahh I’ll update… sorry for the confusion- I thought it would work

  • Ben Price

    Sweet! 1 worked for me, the other didn’t. That being said, I already had a $25 promo already loaded, so that’s why. Free $50. Can’t wait for Charleston!

  • mahon112

    Both worked, thanks!

  • Jonathan

    i keep on getting an error saying that the BOOKEUROPE code can’t be applied to accounts using US Dollars. I changed it, but it still won’t work :(

  • Chad

    BKELLY99 worked for me–but when I tried BOOKEUROPE, I got a message saying “That code is not available for use with a US Dollars account”

  • David

    BOOKEUROPE – “That code is not available for use with a US Dollars account”

  • meow

    I get an error: BOOKEUROPE is not available for use with a US Dollars account.

  • NKP

    I’m getting an error that says this code is not valid for an account with US dollars (even when I tried to change my preferred currency first)

  • Milap

    Perhaps the ‘BOOKEUROPE’ code is dead. Worked on my account about an hour ago, but just tried it on my Wife’s account and will not work. I’ve changed settings to Euros (tried other currencies as well), turned off location services, and other multiple combinations, in between signing out, killing the app, turning off location services, and signing back in — lol. Fail.

  • Thomas Amann

    CODE tamann

  • Arielle

    Code ASANTOS94

  • Uri Hadelsberg

    thanks but the book europe doesnt work!

  • Uri Hadelsberg

    *BOOKEUROPE that is

  • John

    Can’t find the Redeem Promo Code button on the Android App – anyone?

  • kyle

    Yeah I couldn’t either at first. If you tap the HT logo in the upper left corner of your screen, you’ll see that it’ll slide open a drawer (you can also right swipe your screen). There you’ll see your name, Bookings, Credits (will show your credit balance — tap to redeem a promo code) and Invite (tap for invite code and referral options).

  • John

    Thanks! :-)

  • LXZ

    bookeruope no longer works

  • Robert Pemberton


  • Tuck

    Code ATUCKER47 worked for me. BOOKEUROPE didn’t work :(

  • Howard

    BOOKEUROPE does not work. HMEAD3 works for $25 now.

  • ZP

    use code ZPACE1 and give one of the little guys a chance! thanks

  • Happy Singh

    SKUMAR63 works for me…..!!

  • Thomas

    BKELLY99 AND BOOKEUROPE didn’t work for me, but AHOLQUIN worked.

  • Henry Zhu

    KTAN44 Worked as first promo. BKELLY99 worked as promo after signing up.

  • Aaron

    BOOKUS got me $25. BOOKEUROPE said it can’t be used on a USD account.

  • Jason

    Just entering JSTUEF worked for me for $50

  • mbcca2300

    I could not get BOOKEUROPE to work.
    If you are interested in spreading the wealth, my referal code is MCOX1. Thank you.

  • Tim

    Bookeurope seems to keep giving the same error message. But code TLUNDE1 works! Thanks

  • PDY

    Have to be a new user or have a non us dollars account for those two listed in the post to work. This works for new users as well…pdeyoung1

  • Mike

    New Code FREECASH777

  • AB

    ASHARMA103 – Invite code for new customers..

  • Robert

    JPENG3 worked for me!

  • Patty

    Bookeurope didn’t work. PCAO3 should work now.

  • jennybento

    JBENEVENTO1 works! BKELLY did work for me but not BOOKEUROPE or BOOKUS :( $25 is still better than nothing! THANKS.

  • Troy

    Awesome, thanks! BOOKUS worked for me as well.

  • Skymiler


  • NKP

    NPOTEAT will work

  • Kg123

    KGONSKA works for $25 off!

  • dewbert

    Neither of these codes work for me.

  • Slee


  • CLT775

    Only $25 credit. Trying to input promo code once you are signed up gives you an error message (code only valid for new customer…. I am a new customer! !!).

  • Paul

    No you didn’t, just a pathetic way for you to whore out your own code.

  • T

    Use code TBLUM1 for an instant $25 in credits in your account! Unfortunately, this is for new customers only.

  • CLT775

    The invite code from an individual worked for the original $25; what does NOT work is the promo code of BOOKEUROPE or BOOKUS.

  • JK18

    BOOKEUROPE and BOOKUS not working :/ But ACHEN183 worked!

  • Tim

    This worked for me ASHARMA103

  • Berry

    Code JWALACH works fine. thx

  • JJ

    Is it just me, or have TPG’s posts become really low quality? It used to be all about innovation with miles/points, and now it’s just an outlet to pimp out affiliate links and codes for profit. All about the money for him. To be honest, he used to be a leader in the industry but now he’s gone the way of MileValue. Not too many leaders anymore. FTG went downhill, MV is only about the money and censors comments, now TPG is heading down that road. OMAAT is also now about miles/points, only a site that brags about first class lounges (which clearly are not funded 100% with points). The only blogs worth reading now are TIF and FM. You want miles, go FM, and you wanna know what to do with those miles, go to TIF. and they don’t push CCs. TPG, I hope you read this and counter my opinions, since this seems to be a very common point of view.

  • Jonathan

    BOOKEUROPE didn’t work for me either as stackable for the $50. Even tried changing the accounts currency to euros and british pounds but kept giving the same error. If you want to give some love this way you can also use the JHSIEH14 code to get $25 on sign-up too =)

  • Brandon


  • Andy

    AMALIS should work for new users.

  • Ales

    Try AKRIZNJAK for new users ;)

  • Joe

    BOOKEUROPE didnt work but TLY3 did!!

  • Huy


  • ep

    what do TIF and FM stand for

  • Jay


  • Jim

    Code BOOKUS50 worked!

  • holly

    having the same problem as Jonathan below – don’t think this works…

  • henry133864

    KMATTICE1 works for $25 – new users. THANKS! If someone has a work-around for the next bonus or accepting of the BONUSEUROPE, please let us know!

  • Ty Petty

    Thanks for this tip, Points Guy. TPETTY11 will work for new users.

  • JJ

    Travelisfree, Frequentmiler

  • Jim Thurber

    Those of you in Colorado can use BOOKDENVER

  • MW

    MMORAN14 – Works great. Go for it!

  • FlyAway


  • john

    Use Promo Code HT251 and get $25 off your booking

  • Vidur Yadav


  • richi

    After using RMALACKANIC2 as sign up code BOOKEUROPE works as well :)

  • lopos

    When rmalackanic2 is used when creating new account then bookeurope really works

  • HTm

    New user can get $25 off their first booking by using the code G25

  • redkev

    BOOKEUROPE doesnt work. I used FREECREDIT1 and got $25.

  • stan

    Try SPHILIP7 it works for me

  • Kimberly Herkert Williams




  • KZEE

    KZEE2 will work!

  • Danny

    MVITI stacks and give you $25 extra

  • Brooke

    BMCCARREY works for new users.

  • jahir

    Hotel Tonight promotional code MRAHMAN43 working for new customer. You will get $25/ £15.

    Hotel Tonight promotional code: MRAHMAN43

  • Hotel2Nite

    Use Code: JBOHLKEN for $25 OFF booking @ Hotel Tonight!

  • Oksana

    Use code “KHAVRYLOVA” when signing up … To receive $25 along with “FACEBOOK” to get $25 more for existing customers… Therefore you get $50… You’re welcome ! ^.^

  • Brian

    try BVERDONE for new users!!

  • SPS

    SSELVAM1 works for me

  • tinakay

    You can also use this hotel tonight promo code to get 25$ off your next stay! AOVAKIMYAN

  • tinakay

    You can also use this hotel tonight promo code to get 25$ off your next stay! TKOCHEKYAN1

  • angie

    25$ off your next stay when you book with hotel tonight using promo code: amidgette2

  • Grant Whelchel

    Use this code,
    Recieve $25 or 20€ off you’re booking!
    Always works!

  • Bobby

    If you’re a new user, try Promo Code PPATEL69 for an instant $50 credit! Works like a charm

  • Melisa

    Use this promo code “KLARA15″ and get $25-$100 (€ 20-€ 80) Off Your First Night with Hotel Tonight! Limited offer!!!

  • Ivo

    Put the new PROMO CODE HTHOTEL You will get 20-80 Euro(25-100 US Dollar)

  • Ivo

    KLARA15 – Use this promo code and get $25-$100 (€ 20-€ 80) Off Your First Night with Hotel Tonight! Limited offer!!!

  • Ivo

    “HTHOTEL”- NEW PROMO CODE- You will get 100 US Dollars(80 Euro) for your next booking!Limited offer!New users only!

  • Kelly

    None of these worked, but code NFULAMBARKAR works all the time for NEW users!

  • Fk

    Cpotranandana give u 25 bucks right away if you sign up

  • Lua

    Codes expired…..use kcason2 for 25.00 credit

  • Niko


  • James

    JVARGHESE16 worked for me. $25 Credit to your account for all new users

  • yohan

    YHONG1 works for new uesr

  • Alex

    New code for $25: ATRAN155

  • Mario

    Use the code AMSTERDAM – you will get 25$-100$ off your first booking. New users only! I took $75 after my booking.

  • YL

    JDAVIS664 … $25 credit for new users… $10 credit for existing users. Developer code.

  • hoteltonightpromo
  • wetboy1uk

    just used code jllewellyn5 for a £15 discount on hotel tonight.

  • gfg

    LHURKOVA for new members

  • April 4th♈️✨

    you can use mines , its NSTALEY5, its new!

  • drew

    $25 off your Hotel Tonight purchase by using coupon code AHARTS. Works like a charm.

  • jelyn

    You can use the promo code JDIMAUNAHAN when you first sign up to earn 25 dollars!

  • drew

    Use code AHARTS to get $25 off your Hotel Tonight purchase

  • Abdul G Habibuzaman

    You can use FRAHMAN12 or AHABIBUZAMAN1 invite code and you get 25$ on sign-up. This works for any country.

  • Abdul G Habibuzaman

    It gives only 25$

  • Yohan Hong

    YHONG1 works for new user.

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