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TPG Readers Relate the Ups and Downs of Using the Amex Platinum Concierge

June 17, 2018
8 min read
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One of the benefits of The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express is being able to call the Platinum Card Concierge and have someone personally book tours and access special perks and events for you on your behalf, ensuring you have everything you could possibly want during your dream vacation. With that in mind, TPG Lounge member Brad H. recently posed this question to the rest of the group:

"How often do y’all have the Concierge book travel arrangements for you? I’m having Amex Platinum book all these day trips for my family and it is saving me all sorts of time and hassle. They are earning that $550." (See Rates & Fees)

As always, there were a variety of answers in favor of using the Amex Platinum concierge service, while others said they weren't into it. Here’s what some of our readers had to say. (Some responses have been lightly edited for style and clarity).

It's the Greatest Perk Ever

Whether you're planning a trip somewhere new or just don't have the time to fully dive into making all the arrangements yourself, these readers found great value in using the American Express Platinum concierge...

"Time is a commodity for me so I’m excited to try the Concierge service. I’ll still do my own scheduling when I can but it will be nice to not have to when I don’t." — Kristi C.

"The only time I’ve used them was to help me get to Kansas City for business when most flights were canceled or delayed out of Philadelphia. American Airlines was unable to help me but the Concierge got me on a flight from Newark that had me arrive in time for my work. I really appreciated their help. Saved the day!" — Richard T.

"They really came through for me when I wanted to (legally) hug a koala in Australia. I literally called the Concierge and was like, 'I’m going to Australia for my birthday and I want to hug a koala.' They provided the rest of the info." — Adrienne A.

A baby joey koala clinging to mum's back. Both animals are clearly visible with the baby looking directly at camera. Koalas are native to Australia. (Photo by CraigRJD / Getty Images)
One reader used the Amex Platinum Concierge to make all her koala-holding dreams come true. (Photo by CraigRJD / Getty Images)

"Amex has great policies for AA flights and I was grateful I booked a flight through the Concierge. When a wave of nor'easters cancelled multiple flights, the Concierge was able to change my flights and adjust my hotels without incurring fees and in an incredibly short time period — hours before AA called me back." — Allison G.

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"I’ve used the Concierge to book theater tickets in order to avoid the dreaded Ticketmaster service charge." — Gregory T.

"I was in Hong Kong at The Ritz-Carlton's Ozone rooftop bar. When we got there, we were told we could only be at the outside bar because the inside one was reserved for guests and people with reservations. I used the Amex app to chat with the Platinum Concierge, and after explaining the situation, they called Ozone and got us a table inside. Amex has really come through for me!" — Doron E.

"Right now, I’m having them send over travel guides for my London and Amsterdam trips, and they made a reservation for a large party at Drake’s new restaurant in Toronto — larger than they’ll take online. It’s consistently the most valuable perk in my opinion. I just got one for London that’s 55 pages long but is super-specific and organized. If you tell them exactly what you’re looking for, they can tailor it and you can call/email back later to have them reserve any activities or dining. I went to Turks and Caicos for New Year's Eve and asked them to give me a list of parties. They really came through. We had a blast!" — Adrienne A.

Not a Fan

While the Amex Platinum concierge may be considered to be a great service by some, for others, it's just not worth bothering with...

"Time is a precious commodity to me. That's why I avoid the Concierge, as they are very slow and inefficient." — Elena L.

"I found this to be true when I was trying to book a hotel through them as the website was not showing the actual hotel. It took about 30 mins to book. The person literally read all the conditions. I had to stop them and say, 'I accept it all, just book the hotel for me please."' — Yogi S.

"Planning my trips is one of the best parts of the trip itself! I book everything. It is my relaxing time!" — Eugenia M.

"I always book all my own travel. I know exactly how to navigate my needs, and although concierge services have value, I’m well versed enough that if I am stuck, I can usually get out of it on my own." – Matt E.

"I only use Concierge for things that are not easy to get — last-minute reservations to a fine dining restaurant, tickets for events, etc. The rest I try to do myself." — Pablo A.

It turns out plenty of folks still like to plan their own vacations themselves. Photo by Milkos / Getty Images.
It turns out plenty of folks still like to plan their own vacations themselves. (Photo by Milkos / Getty Images)

"I am annoyed because they can’t really assist with lodging. And I hate the new Amex Travel website. They took away the map feature if you want to book hotels near particular landmarks." — Adrienne A.

"I reached out to the Concierge to see if I could find a good deal on Kentucky Derby tickets but they came back to me with a price that was $800 more a ticket than I could find myself. That's the only time I've tried the Concierge and figured I'd just stick with booking travel and events myself." — Amber K.

It’s Complicated

Of course, not all experiences fall cleanly into the "for" or "against" categories. Sometimes a longer explanation is needed.

"They were able to get my husband and me booked for dinner in the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve when it was showing as booked. They even got us a window table — the only way to go! I once also tried to have Platinum Concierge arrange a spa day with transport, spa services, lunch and Champagne for several ladies in Cabo but all they did was give me the spa's phone number." — Randi H.

"Here's the problem: Amex Travel and Amex Platinum Concierge are separate and do not communicate much so you have to be the go-between. I have been trying to plan a wine tasting trip to France and Italy. Amex Travel can book flights, cars and hotels, etc., but Amex Platinum Concierge books the tours. It would be nice to have everything integrated. I am flexible about where to be when, so, for example, what if I book a hotel in one place but the tour I want isn't available then? I have to keep going back and forth between them. I found a company online that books wine tours with lodging but wasn't familiar with them, so I asked the Concierge if they had anything similar. When I didn't hear back in two days, I emailed and was told it was a question for Amex Travel, not the Concierge, but they had forwarded my request to them. That was weeks ago and I never heard from Amex Travel and gave up. I have had good luck with the Concierge in the past but not so much with Amex Travel, so will probably just book travel on my own and then go to the Concierge for tours and hope for the best." — Lisa G.

For rates and fees of the Amex Platinum Card, please click here.

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