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These Tourists Needed a Picture So Badly, They Scaled a Dangerous Cliff

June 08, 2018
2 min read
These Tourists Needed a Picture So Badly, They Scaled a Dangerous Cliff
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Police had to intervene with tourists in England who scaled the edge of a narrow cliff all for the sake of a cool Instagram post...we assume. The unreliable landform at Seaford Head in East Sussex stands 200 feet tall and is known for its chalky cliffs that are prone to collapses.

So, common sense would say that it is not fit for humans.

Nonetheless, one woman climbed to the edge for a picture --and even had her legs hanging off the edge of the cliff, pictured below.

Image by Wayne Spring/SWNS.

"I've seen that cliff crumble before, and I've seen way too many people [stand] at the edge," Wayne Spring, who lives nearby and witnessed the dangerous photo op, said. The fall would definitely be a dangerous one and would most likely lead to death, considering the height and sharp rocks that lie beneath.

The cliff is not blocked off in order to protect the authenticity of the rock. "I don't want the natural environment to be spoiled by a few idiots, but if a fence stops them then so be it," Spring added.

This is not the first time we've seen tourists being less than intelligent (or safe, for that matter). Just a couple months ago, TPG reported on a drunk tourist mistakenly climbing the Alps instead of retiring to his hotel room.