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Outrageous $240 Spaceship Stroller Rental at Disney World Comes With Payment Plan

Nov. 22, 2018
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Outrageous $240 Spaceship Stroller Rental at Disney World Comes With Payment Plan
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Going all-in on a Disney family vacation is something I can very much understand. We pay-up for after hours parties, pack princess dresses and mouse ears and even splurge on Deluxe Disney Resorts, but some parents make us look like amateurs. Apparently, you can take things much further with themed stroller rentals. I've certainly seen a princess carriage or two in my time at Disney, but there's a brand new stroller option coming to a theme park near you.

Presumably in connection with the 2019 opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (though the company is in no way directly affiliated with Disney), families can now pre-book a spaceship stroller to "fly" their kids around the Disney Parks beginning on March 1, 2019. But, before you totally geek out over this new way to transport your kids from ride to ride, be aware that it is so pricey it has an available payment plan. Let that sink in, a one-day stroller rental comes with a payment plan option.

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An eight-hour spaceship stroller rental will cost $130 - $240, depending on which package you choose. And it's even more money if your park day is longer than eight hours. The higher-end package includes not only the spaceship stroller rental itself, but also a red carpet roll-out at your Orlando-area resort, (set to galactic music) and a chauffeured drop-off at the Disney Park of your choice.

The inside for the spaceship stroller has controls, switches, sound effects and LED lights (red for bad guys, blue for good) -- lightsabers not included.

The Star Wars-esque stroller is no doubt "out of this world," but coming from an arguably crazy theme park person who has taken a $3,000 VIP tour of Universal Studios, I'm still picking my jaw from the floor over the price of a stroller rental. But, if you want this new stroller to become a part of your family's Disney vacation memories (and at that price, you better remember it), you can use the code spaceship15 to save 15% for the next two days. Also note that the Fantasy Strollers site states they expect to book these strollers out four to eight months in advance, so plan accordingly.

Now that I really think about it, maybe I'm not in shock over the price, I'm just jealous it doesn't come in adult sizes.

H/T: This Insider

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