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Jeff Bezos Is So Rich, an Etihad Residence Ticket Costs Him the Equivalent of 36 Cents

May 02, 2018
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Jeff Bezos Is So Rich, an Etihad Residence Ticket Costs Him the Equivalent of 36 Cents
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Business Insider recently published an intriguing story about the wealth of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, breaking down the fortune of the richest person in the world into everyday price comparisons. Bezos recently said at a Business Insider event that the only way he's able to make good use of his wealth is to reinvest it into other businesses and make big bets; for example, he liquidates a whopping $1 billion in Amazon stock every year to fund his space travel company, Blue Origin.

Bezos, who's currently worth $130 billion, is one of around 2,000 billionaires in the world, a club where the median net worth is $2 billion. Business Insider calculated that $88,000 for Bezos holds the same comparable value as a single dollar bill in the hands of someone who earns an annual salary around $60,000.

This got us thinking... By these standards, how would the following travel-related splurges feel in "Bezos bucks"?

PurchaseActual CostRelative Cost for Jeff Bezos
Indigo Partners' 2017 order of 430 Airbus aircraft$49.5 billion$562,500
Emirates's 2017 order of 40 Boeing 787s$15 billion$170,454
DeerJet Private Dreamliner$300 million$3,409
GulfStream G650 Private Jet$66 million$750
Cirrus Vision Private Jet$2 million$22.73
Crystal Cruises 27-Day Around-The-World Cruise$159,900$1.82
Etihad's The Residence from JFK to Abu Dhabi$32,058$0.36
7 nights – overwater suite at the St. Regis Maldives$21,000$0.24
 Amex Centurion Initiation + Annual Fee$7,500$0.09
Singapore Suites from Sydney to Singapore$3,200$0.04
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