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Why You Should Sign Up for Masterpass Right Now

Dec. 11, 2017
2 min read
Why You Should Sign Up for Masterpass Right Now
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To know me is to know that I'm an impatient person. I hate waiting in lines, which is why I'm so thankful for things like Global Entry, TSA PreCheck and CLEAR, which have all saved me countless hours while traveling over the years. However, I try to save as much time as possible in my non-traveling life as well — shopping online to skip long lines in stores and even ordering my Dunkin Donuts coffee in advance every day via an app so it's waiting on the counter. Whatever I can do to use technology to save time and hassle, I'm in.

Since I do most of my shopping online, I have been using the digital wallet Masterpass by Mastercard, which allows you to store your credit card and then check out seamlessly — saving time and also allowing you to get added protections for your purchase. It's free to sign up, and most credit and debit cards are supported — even non-Mastercard products.

Here's how you can use it:

Step 1: Visit and create and account for free.

Step 2: Add your credit cards and address.

Step 3: Shop online wherever Masterpass is accepted (including and

Your purchase will be processed via Masterpass, but you receive all points / miles as if it were bought directly from the retailer. For example, when purchasing via JetBlue, the transaction will still be coded as an airline so you get a bonus if you're using a credit card with a travel or airline bonus.

You can also sign up to get special offers for Masterpass users. If you have an Android phone, you can download the Masterpass app, which will let you swipe your phone at checkout at participating retailers — saving you the time for digging through your wallet for cards, and also adding protection. The NFC technology transmits a unique token, not your actual card number, adding an extra layer of protection.

Simply put, Masterpass is a free tool that saves time while shopping and gives extra purchase protection — a no brainer in my opinion.