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Airbus Plans to Refresh A320 Cabins in 2020

June 19, 2017
3 min read
a320neo ceiling
Airbus Plans to Refresh A320 Cabins in 2020
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At the Paris Air Show today, Airbus announced that it's working to make the flying experience more comfortable for passengers. The company said today that the A320 will be joining the Airspace family, meaning the interior of the A320 will undergo a major refresh.

After the A320 gets the Airspace treatment, both crew and passengers will see the benefits. The crew will find cockpit ergonomics similar to that of Airbus wide-body aircraft, and passengers can expect a more comfortable ride. Here's a rundown of what will be getting a facelift on A320s:

  • Ceiling lighting: A fully customized on-board luminary experience with variable lighting features from the moment a passenger steps on board through the entire cabin. LED lighting gives way to 16.4 million color options.
  • Overhead storage: The largest Overhead Storage Compartment (OHSC) in its class, called the "Airspace Bin," has room for eight (instead of five) bags per four-frame bin.
  • Cabin width: Additional 1 inch at shoulder level from new sidewall panels.
  • Windows: New window bezel shades give more window space and unobstructed views.
  • Spacious lavatories: New lavatory design features colored mood lighting, anti-bacterial coatings, automatic aromatic dispenser, sound and optional touchless options.
  • Door surround: The new lines of the door frames are harmonized to match the Airspace design of the A350 XWB and A330neo.

The new Airspace A320s are sure to be an improvement over what's currently offered. According to the Airbus press release, airlines expressed great interest in the new aircraft's increased overhead bin space — 40% more volume for bags, to be exact.

a330neo seats

The customizable lighting and other options can make the cabin unique to each carrier,.

a330neo interior

The full A320 Airspace interior is targeted for 2020, and Airbus will retrofit to the current hardware.

a320neo window

Aligning the A320 with its new A350 interiors is a move surely to be welcomed by both its customers and passengers. It may take a while until the consumer sees the final product (2020), but based on the pictures, it looks like the wait could be worth it for an elevated flying experience.

Images courtesy of Airbus.