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ANA Flight to LAX Delayed After Fist Fight Breaks Out (Video)

May 02, 2017
2 min read
ANA Flight to LAX Delayed After Fist Fight Breaks Out (Video)
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It's been a crazy few weeks in commercial aviation. What started with United then continued on to American and Delta (twice) was bound to make its way to an international carrier. Sure enough, another viral, onboard incident happened yesterday on an ANA flight.

All Nippon Airways Flight 6 was supposed to take off from Tokyo (NRT) for Los Angeles (LAX). But after the Boeing 777-300ER was boarded and ready for takeoff, a violent fist fight erupted in the economy cabin. The below video was captured by Corey Hour and then posted on his Twitter page. It's been deleted, but the video has since been posted elsewhere:

According to Hour, a passenger started the fight about 10 minutes prior to takeoff. He then allegedly yelled, "You think I'm crazy? What about the government!" A flight attendant stepped in between the two passengers who were fighting and seemed to have success in breaking it up, but then they began fighting once again. Hour said the fight ended for good when he stepped in (which would explain the abrupt end to the video) and confronted the man in the red shirt. When the red-shirted man backed down, he exited the plane.

In all, ANA Flight 6 was delayed one hour and 38 minutes on its departure.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.36.08 AM

There aren't many other details about the flight — or the fight — at this time. Hour described how the ANA crew handled the situation by tweeting, "For the record ANA staff and passengers handled the situation with grace and respect. They did the best they could to diffuse [sic] the situation." It's not clear what caused the fight to escalate to that level or what exactly happened to the passengers following the altercation.

H/T: Point Me to the Plane

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