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The New VIP Terminal at LAX is Insanely Expensive

April 29, 2017
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The New VIP Terminal at LAX is Insanely Expensive
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Rumors surrounding a celebrity-only terminal have been swirling around Hollywood's... favorite... airport, Los Angeles International (LAX) for a while now. Well, the VIP terminal will be officially opening its doors May 15, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Simply called The Private Suite, the new terminal, which is situated in its own secluded and protected location, will be available to celebrities (and other VIPs) for a hefty sum. First, there's the $7,500 annual membership fee, then you'll pay an additional $2,700 per domestic flight and $3,000 per international flight for the privilege of using the exclusive space (both fees cover groups up to four people). While taking 10 domestic flights in one year could set you back almost $40,000, there's no denying you'll be traveling — or at least waiting for your flight — in the lap of luxury.

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Each member of The Private Suite is assigned a team of eight employees, each with a different role. The first gets members into the gated compound — yes, you read that right — shielding VIPs from paparazzi (and normal people) who are hoping to sell their photo to US Weekly. After entering the compound, a second team member will escort guests to their private suite where they will find a private bathroom, a well-stocked pantry, seats and a day bed, all with a view of the runway.

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When it's time for their flight, guests will be escorted through their own private TSA screening, and then it's off to the airplane, by way of a BMW 7 Series. Once guests exit their BMW, they will find yet another team member waiting to escort them on to the aircraft. Three other team members work behind the scenes dealing with special service requests and luggage.

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The Private Suite is operated by a private security firm known as Gavin de Becker & Associates, and has already sold over 1,200 memberships. Mr. de Becker summed up the mission of The Private Suite, saying that “They can have sex in here, change clothes, have arguments — we never come in and never knock on the door without a phone call first to the room,” says Mr. de Becker. The suites, he says, “give people the one thing they never get at an airport: peace.”

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