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Uber Is Changing up Its Passenger and Driver Rating System

April 26, 2017
3 min read
Uber Is Changing up Its Passenger and Driver Rating System
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Riding in an Uber, sometimes it's easy to forget one major part of the ride — the rating system. After every trip, both riders and drivers are prompted to rate each other. The ratings are averaged out and each rider and driver is then assigned a score. As a rider, if your rating gets too low, you could be kicked off the app. And if you're a driver, well, if your rating goes below a certain threshold, you won't be driving for much longer.

Overall, the rating system is a great way to make sure both sides of the Uber equation are behaving while they're in the car. But, Uber announced that it's changing the way the rating system works in two ways.

Beginning today, Uber is encouraging riders to be more fair when it comes to rating their UberPool driver. Say, for example, you request an UberPool and aren't happy with the rider(s) you got paired with and gave the driver a lower rating because of it. Now, if you don't give a five-star rating to your UberPool driver, you'll be able to give more feedback on why you rated the way you did.

UberPool rating

If your reasoning doesn't have to do with the driver specifically, and instead is related to the other passenger(s), then the poor score won't affect their rating.

Also today, Uber is making it easier to check your own rating so you can see what your driver is seeing when they agree to pick you up. Whereas you used to have to click around and navigate the Settings menu to see your rating, it's now displayed right under your name when you open the menu.


Your rating can have an effect on your Uber account. Generally speaking, the higher your rating, the better experience you're likely to have — regardless if you're a driver or a rider. These new changes are probably better for everyone involved. And if you're a rider seeing your rating for the first time and aren't happy, check out some of the things that can help you to boost that number.

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