United MileagePlus Club Card Review: Is It Worth It?

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After the final merger of Continental and United and the end of the OnePass Plus and Presidential Plus cards, United announced it would be releasing a new version of the MileagePlus Club Card comparable to Continental’s old Presidential Plus card, with many of the same benefits. Unfortunately the Flex EQM benefits (the ability to earn elite qualifying miles) is not a benefit on the Club Card, but the new card does pack in some other benefits that could save you money if you are a United flyer. Note: Some United clubs are offering coupons to have the first year annual fee waived on this card, so it can’t hurt to check if you have a club visit planned anytime soon.
Key Details

-United Club Membership. Cardholders and a travel companion receive membership to the United Club, and access to the airline’s 50+ lounges, as well as affiliated Star Alliance member lounges around the world. Club membership costs $475 normally (without elite status), so if this is important to you, this one benefit alone could be worth getting the card. It’s also worth noting that Amex Platinum cardholders no longer get access to United Clubs, so this card is your primary shot at access. Here’s a list of United Club and partner lounges (this card gives access to the ones with a blue dot for United Club members).

-1.5 United MileagePlus miles on every dollar spent. This is a 50% bonus above both the Explorer card and most other airline cards, which only give you 1 mile per dollar, and even beats the British Airways Visa, which only earns 1.25 Avios per dollar spent.

-2 United MileagePlus miles on United purchases. If you’re planning on spending a lot on United flights, you could rake in tons of bonus points thanks to this earning ratio.

-2 free checked bags each for cardholder and a companion.

-Premier Access: priority check-in, security screening and boarding.

-Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum elite status. This is one of the more valuable perks of this card in my opinion. Hyatt Platinum status confers a rich slate of perks including a 15% bonus on points earned on Hyatt spend, preferred rooms, 72-hour guaranteed room availability, free in-room internet and late check-out. Plus, if you have Platinum status when you get the Hyatt Visa, you’ll not only get two free nights with sign-up, but also two suite upgrade certificates good on stays up to 7 days.

-Avis President’s Club elite status. Avis President’s Club elite status is usually extended by invitation only and includes perks like guaranteed two-class rental upgrades and even luxury upgrades sometimes.

-No last-minute award fees. Like most airlines, United charges non-elites a $75 fee to book award tickets within 21 days, when some great award availability usually opens up, so you could end up saving a lot of money with this benefit.

-Primary Collision Damage Waiver insurance on car rentals. This can be extremely valuable–especially in worst-case scenarios–and means you won’t have to purchase expensive insurance from rental agencies.

-$395 annual fee not waived for the first year.

-$95 statement credit with first purchase.

- No foreign transaction fees

So Is It Worth It?

If you value United Club membership (which you’re essentially getting for $300 with the first year’s $95 statement credit), as well as making last-minute award bookings and looking to build up your MileagePlus account by spending a fair amount of money on United purchases (as well as putting your other spend on this card for the 1.5 mile/dollar earning ratio), then this card could be a good option for you. Even if you’ve already purchased United club membership, you can apply for the United MileagePlus Club Card and be reimbursed for the unused portion of your membership once approved for the Card. So if you are paying the same amount anyway, might as well get the other perks that go along with this card. 1.5 miles per dollar is a pretty strong earning ratio for day to day spending, especially since I think United miles are the most valuable miles out there today.

A potential play here if you have and want to keep your Amex Platinum card, but also get United lounge access, is to use the $200 fee rebate to purchase a membership for $475 (less if you have United elite status), and then once you get this Club card you’ll get reimbursed for the unused portion of the membership. So you only lay out $275 since you get $200 back from Amex and in turn you get back $475, plus get the $95 statement credit- all for a $395 annual fee. Of course the Amex Platinum has a $450 annual fee, but it’s easy to get more than that in value from the card, especially with the $200 fee rebate.

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  • HighlandsDenver

    Again, this credit card article reads like an ad. You fail to compare it to your old favorite to push, the Chase Sapphire, where you earn 2 points per dollar on all travel and dining, which is better than the 1.5 ratio you would earn on this card.

  • Anonymous

    Are there foreign transaction fees?

  • Afkabp

    Thanks for the info. After reading this I’m leaning toward this card. The 1.5 miles/$1 is great for department store spending which is not a bonus category on any of the other cards that I have. I hope they have some of the first year free codes left when I visit the United Club at IAD later this month. A nice sign up bonus would the the icing on the cake for me on this.

  • Prices12

    What the heck is “premier access” anyway?

    When using the MP Explorer card, it shows up on my no-status-having boarding pass as “premier access”, boarding group 5.

    Is the club card “premier access” only used for priority boarding before the kettle or does it allow for the fast security lines? If so, does that work for the explorer as well?

  • rvhdnewbie

    Use Sapphire 2X for travel and dining , Freedom for quarterly bonus- 5X groceries and movies, Amex gold for 2X gas and Explorer for everything else.

  • Kevin

    would this card’s united club or the priority pass select you get with the amex platinum have better choice of international lounges?

  • Dil

    Every website I visit have ads… Whats your problem? I sure hope you got a job and hope that job pays u money … Which is some shape or form is made from other people. Ever been on yahoo? CNN? All those add are actually un avoidable. In this case u don’t have to click on the thread if you are not interested. You don’t except new “once in a lifetime” deal everyday do you ??? Please get a realty check before bashing someone’s living

  • tassojunior

    Why is there no mention that you can get this card 1st year free if you drop into a United Club and get an application with an invite code this month?

  • Jedijood

    Does this card allow for additional card holders (additional fee, of course) where they get the same benefits and access to the clubs, just like the AMEX platinum?

  • Clicker


  • Alex

    Do you think they will end up pairing this card with some sort of sign-up/spend bonus? It might be worth waiting to pull the trigger until that starts happening given the annual fee cost

  • Pilotranger

    If you have this card, you are classified as Premier Access for boarding and fast security. And you’re in boarding group 4 with this card – just one notch above the Explorer.

  • Pilotranger

    The 1.5 earning ratio is very helpful. I recently paid my homeowners insurance premium and earned over 2200 points with the 1.5 ratio. If you purchase big ticket items through the year, it really adds up as well as everyday spend.

  • thepointsguy

    The CC companies generally don’t pair high sign-up bonuses with these premium cards, but you never know. If you don’t need the lounge access and benefits now, I’d wait for a potentially better offer

  • thepointsguy

    Reread the post.. its in the very first paragraph
    Note: Some United clubs are offering coupons to have the first year annual fee waived on this card, so it can’t hurt to check if you have a club visit planned anytime soon.

  • thepointsguy

    Priority Pass select/Amex have more total lounges, including Delta, American and US AIrways. However, if you fly United, this card is your best bet

  • Sam

    Priority Pass Select basically gets you in to any United Club out there – so what is the benefit of the this club card? Are there additional lounges that this card brings that Priority Pass misses out on?

  • Susan

    Do you know if you have to have a ticketed United flight to be able to access the club (like you do with Amex for American but not US Air)?
    @Kevin – Unfortunately Priority Pass does not work for all United Clubs as we discovered when trying to enter the one at DFW Terminal E which is where US Air flies of. This club opens at 5 am which makes it great for those early morning flights.

  • HighlandsDenver

    Dil, No need to get vicious… I’m merely pointing out a better option to earn United Miles that wasn’t published in this article. And yes, I did point out that it reads like and ad and not an article. It’s purely my opinion, and one thing I really respect about TPG is that he allows people to share input.

  • PJ

    not the way you said it ; sorry I was never taught to get the point cross the way you did it

  • PJ

    Priority Pass SELECT does NOT get in United lounge ; only Priority Pass ( no select)
    I was stuck in Starbuck lounge in Terminal C Newark Airport.

    Problem sovled: 6 lounge passes coming our way with 3 United Explorer cards and 3X 50 K United miles.

    a reminder, a no brainer to add on an authorized user within 2 months of approval.. ( no exception if you miss the 2 months cutoff)

  • Dil

    The first sentence sets the negative tone for me. My question is why does it bother u or others even if it is a ad? He makes a living providing great info … But surely there is not a great deal everyday. I hate for him to defend himself every freaking day!!!! All I know is checking points guys I assure myself of not missing a deal .

  • HighlandsDenver

    Dil, if you read my post it is much less negative than your highly fueled response. TPG doesn’t have to defend himself every day…. he writes a lot of solid posts. But recently some have become more of advertisements than true articles, and I’m merely voicing my opinion. And trust me, I’m not the only one who believes this… many of my friends read the blog and agree, as well as post comments.

    Just as I value your opinion that this article is solid, please respect my opinion that more objective writing could be done. If I didn’t enjoy this site I would just stop visiting it, instead of posting my feedback in hopes that the content will improve.

  • PJ

    right VISA and Master card are accepted to pay almost all insurance bills- ( also yes on CA Anthem medical insurance but NOT on NJ Horizon ) ; it is extra sweet when you have SPEND to meet

  • PJ

    I just bought $1000 grocery gift cards for $950 paid with $600 on Chase freedom and $300 on Discover ( all with 5 % rebate and additional 2% from Discover as birthday bonus) ; I then bought some gas gift cards to buy gas at CASH price. >>ie I am getting +5 % on grocery and gas MOST OFTEN year around. A lady was buying $1000 gift cards with AMex Pla; she was so delighted to learn what I was doing

  • Greg

    You can use this calculator to see which card maximizes your mile earning when factoring your dining / travel spend

    What’s often forgotten is the base Explorer card earns you 1.4 miles per dollar if you spend exactly $25,000 on it (and possibly more than 1.4 if you spend money on United purchases).

  • iFernando

    If you go into a United Club on your next flight, you can pick up an application that will waive the annual fee for the first year. I applied today at IAH and got approved and was able to use it the same day.

  • TheEfficientTraveler

    I have The Presidential Plus card which also gives full Club membership. They send you a club membership card; ie, you dont have to use your credit card to gain access. Therefore, you can enter the club at any time when flying any airline. I assume that will continue with the new card.

  • Ppager

    I have the Continental Presidential Plus card, and Gold Star Alliance status, which grants access to all Star Alliance clubs…so I’ve been looking at dropping the card and hence the ‘double’ club membership. The only disadvantage I can see is that I can only access the Club if I’m traveling on United using the Star Alliance Gold access. I often run into trouble internationally trying to access clubs. Based on my situation, any other disadvantages to dropping the card?

  • tivoboy

    that makes no sense. No way they would let you sign up for a card, that offered a year worth of CLUB access for free, and waive the first years fees.

  • Jeffros34

    Sense or not, they’re offering it. The United Club in EWR has signs for it all over the lounge. You just ask for an application and they happily give you on — no fee first year. The expiration date on mine was May 31, however, so anyone interested should pop their head into a United Club soon.

  • Johnwilliams

    I got it also. You need to spend less time in from of the Tivo or more at the Club.

  • Tj722

    FYI United Club/Prez Plus card members are now boarding group 3 – UA has collapsed some of the zones.

    I have had this card for 7 months and I would say it’s extremely valuable for those that fly UA often-ish at or just below the Silver level. I got the card free for the first year as well so they have offered it “free for the first year” at least more than once.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Can you apply for the Mileage Plus Explorer Card and then upgrade to this card after collecting your bonus miles?

  • Sewnqlt5147

    HI Bob,
    Most definitely. That is exactly what I did, but not what I ever intended. I didn’t even know about the CLUB card until more recently.
    You do have to meet a purchase criteria to receive the miles on the explorer card, so be sure to do that first.
    Definitely check out the offers for the CLUB card that are ONLY inside the United CLub!
    VERY happy with my card and wonderful perks it offers. The customer service at Chase is fabulous for both Explorer and this new CLub card.

  • Christian

    I’ve started to pay my rent with this card: 80k+ miles for $600 in fees works out to <= 0.75 cent per mile, or if you fold the annual fee in it's still <= 1.25 cent per mile.

  • thepointsguy

    What payment service are you using that has such low fees?

  • Christian

    My building uses, who have a flat fee of $49.95, which I think varies by property. Seems to be limited to $6k max per payment, so can’t pre-pay 2-3 months of rent ;-) But they’re already losing money as far as I can tell since that’s like 1.0x%, unless the rental company pays for the CC fee…

  • Gues

    I think you should not buy it if you want to use it internationally There site says you can use in Lufthansa Lounges but they do not let you use this card over there. I was told this on May 17 th that we have no information to honor United club card on Lufthansa Business Lounges whereas the site says otherwise.
    And the Lufhtansa people being the way they are did not believe the United Website and just were rude and trased their customer service too.

    Silly me paid 395 for this card to be treated rudely by Lufthana employees.

  • VictoriaWTX

    Has anyone else had trouble getting into Lufthansa lounges? I frequently fly through Frankfurt, and part of the reason I got this card was for access to Star Alliance lounges. Any advice? Thanks

  • Ackrach

    I just received an email that I’ve been approved for the card today. Does anyone know if and how I might be able to access the club right away-even before I receive my card? I have flights coming up very soon and would love to start using the clubs.

  • Christian

    I used my club membership 1-2 days after getting the email. Ticket or MP card, plus ID and “I don’t have my club card yet” is all you need.

  • Alpine

    Note that there appears to be some false advertising going on. You DO NOT get Hyatt Platinum Status nor Avis President Club status on those programs like you would with Amex (getting Starwood Gold for example). That is, you will not get a Hyatt Platinum Status card from Hyatt, nor a Avis President Club card from Avis, and you will not be recognized as having that status with those programs. What you do get (which I haven’t tried yet) is the same benefits as those programs if you book using your Club card. But Hyatt and Avis do not recognize you as Platinum nor President respectively when you call them. In fact, Club card doesn’t even ask for your membership numbers for those programs, and won’t even take it when you call them, saying it’s unnecessary (ie they are not linked). Sounds very different on the Chase Club Card Website. Anyway, found this out when I got the Club card and tried to “update my status”.

  • Ackrach

    Excellent advice, thanks Christian!

  • Christian

    Not true. Hyatt Platinum is automatic, but it takes 4-5 weeks. I called Hyatt a while ago, and after the CSR checked was told I’d have to wait until Chase sends the info across, which they did last week. My Hyatt account is now showing Platinum status. For Avis, you can sign up for a new account, which will be President Club (url in the info you get with the card), or you have to call to get your existing account updated.

  • United Club Card Owner

    Don’t waste your money on this useless card if you travel overseas. Almost every airline Star Alliance lounge will refuse to accept the United Club card. They aren’t supposed to refuse, but they have no idea what it is. United has done an appalling job communicating to their partner airlines that this card even exists. I’ve had Lufthanza, Air China, Austrian Air and Singapore Airlines all refuse to take it at their lounges. And these are the lounges that United’s own website will tell you to use. Star Alliance Gold status is the only thing these airlines recognize. When I complained to United they just blew me off and said it was the other airlines fault, not theirs. Save yourself the frustration and $395, just earn Star Alliance Gold status as quickly as possible. Preferably with any airline other than United..

  • Tim_Dick

    There is an error: this card DOES give 5,000 EQM miles per year on July 31.

  • IJustWantTruth

    i was just offered this card via mail with the annual fee ($395) waived for the first year.

  • Cyain2000

    I have had this card now for one week… VIP status when checking in, automatically on the upgrade list tho I have not got that yet (6 flights) but the one issue I have had is I have only been granted access to red carpet rooms domestically… Have now been denied from 3 star alliance lounges…. Wondering what affiliation this card carries for international travel… Anyone else had this issue?????

  • Almu

    This might be a silly question, but do you also get Economy Plus seats like you would when you’re a Premier member?

  • Klocw243

    FYI: The first-year-free offer that you get inside the Club HAS BEEN EXTENDED to June 30th. I was in two different clubs this week and both were flooded with updated application packets, fliers and posters. Consequently, the LAX club was packed to walls with people, you could hardly move or breath. This offer, combined with the flood of new Explorer 1-day passes is really making me reconsider if I actually want a Club membership. It’s less crowded OUTSIDE the club now.

  • CaliKent

    i got it completely free too. $395 waived. Got United Club access at both ORD Chicago and EWR Jersey. Was denied at Star Alliance lounge in Gdansk, Poland (i was there for Euro soccer), but got in anyway as a guy there brought me in as his “guest” …. would never pay $395 for a credit card, but if it’s FREE, it’s for me! Beers and food much better in Poland than America, far less crowded too… but can’t complain for $0 1st year

  • CaliKent

    you’re allowed 1 guest to the Club

  • Pajoan2000

    Guest must act, dress acordingly or they’ll be given the boot!

  • Ddbrucki

    Don’t waste your money on this useless card if you travel overseas. Almost every airline Star Alliance lounge will refuse to accept the United Club card. They aren’t supposed to refuse, but they have no idea what it is. United has done an appalling job communicating to their partner airlines that this card even exists. I’ve had Lufthanza, ,Austrian Air and Lot Airlines all refuse to take it at their lounges. And these are the lounges that United’s own website will tell you to use. Star Alliance Gold status is the only thing these airlines recognize. When I complained to United they just blew me off and said it was the other airlines fault, not theirs. They will overnight you the credit card bit fall short on the benefits. This is a rip off

  • Dan Davidson

    Do I have to sign up for Hyatt’s loyalty card or does the United Club Card automatically give me the upgrades?

  • JeannieU2

    I was just denied access to the Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt. They have a note in their system saying that they only accept the Chase United Club card with an additional United Club card with a star alliance logo. The Star Alliance and United websites say otherwise. United will be getting a phone call from me as soon as I get home – this is false advertising. -JM

  • Christian

    Not sure I follow, is your complaint about them requiring the Chase United Club card (i.e. the credit card) in addition to the United Club card, which has a Star Alliance logo? It surprises me that they would want/need to see the credit card, but I would expect that I would have to show the Club card, especially since that’s what the United website says: you need the Club card and a Star Alliance boarding pass departing from the airport you’re at.

  • Ms Light Burn

    Two [ieces of checked baggage is simply not true. I called and was told yes, if you bought your ticket with the card you get 2 pieces of checked baggage free. When I was traveling, a different story. i had to pay for my bags

  • OSQB

    The United Presidential Plus Card is a big disappointment to me. Always had the American Express Platinum Card and found it worked great. When Continential and United merged and Mileage Plus and the lounge benefits at the airports were taken away, we applied and received the United Presidential Plus. I am constantly discovering how little this card offers. Unless I travel with my husband I am not entitled to lounge privileges, luggage fee exemptions, Premier Access and I’m sure I will find out etc., etc., applies. We charge lots each month on this card – but unless United opens this up and provides the same service for me – then we’ll be shopping for not only another credit card but traveling on another airline carrier.

  • Al

    Explorer card offers 10,000 bonus miles for $25,000 spend. Is that offered with the Club card? I did not see that benefit listed.

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  • Chrisinpa

    Agreed. I was already Hyatt Platinum. A second card was issued as a result of the Chase program.

  • [email protected]

    Does anyone know whether this card will allow me to access USAir Clubs? I ask because I’m debating whether to get a USAir Club membership. While the chase affiliated club card United issued to me does have Star Alliance on it, it is physically different than those who get the membership card from United directly.

    I’m wondering whether this difference could end up being the same issue that people who held “priority pass SELECT” vs the directly issued “Priority Pass”. I suspect the fact that the chase affiliated membership has a different looking card in case affiliate clubs ever want to differentiate.

    In short, has anyone had experience using the chase related united club card domestically with USAir?

  • Simon

    You just need to get the actual United Club entry card which comes with the club card. That’s how I get into the Lou ges, not with the actual credit card but the United Club membership card.

  • Asully227

    This card is the BIGGEST SCAM ever!!!! I have so many points with them and they will never be able to get used. There is always some excuse! This time they say there is no room for a Mileage Plus person on that day. Well I just made my real reservation with cash and there seemed to be plenty of room! I would recommend staying clear of this company/card, go for the cash back on American Express. You can’t go wrong with cash!

  • Jttexas

    Simon you are absolutely correct. It is not the credit card that gains you access to the clubs it is the accompanying Club Card that gains you access. I have the card and use it constantly. It is expecially great on long international layovers.

  • International Traveler

    I do travel internationally three or four times a year. This past year I did not make my United Gold status, so purchased this card (with the $95 credit, so it was a $300 United Club Membership). I’ve been allowed in every lounge I’ve ever entered, including multiple spots in Africa and Europe. I’ve gotten the multiple luggage benefit, priority checking, and brought friends into the club with me. Sorry for “united club owner’s” experience, but I’ve enjoyed having the card.

  • SMT

    Not true – if you use the United Club card (not the credit card, the blue ‘membership’ card) you’ll be allowed in any club!

  • Morley Drury

    Why are you responding to someone who types “u” as his cutsey way of comment? If he can’t spell, how valuable can his opinion be?

  • Milovision

    This is accurate– no one accepts it. I have been denied acess at virtually every star alliance lounge overseas. It is an absolute wast of money.

  • Milovision

    They never sent me the other card. The whole idea (as advertised) was that the Mileage Plus Club card alone gets you in — you dont see adds that say The Club Card AND another card give you acccess to clubs around the world…..

  • Valle Harris

    It’s in the fine print the list of global star alliance partner airports that you can enter … It clearly said that there were only a few like Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc in the global realm that were Star Alliance and could be used … Domestically speaking in the US it works great, internationally it is much more restricted as most Star Alliance Gold lounges do not accept – which the Club card appliaction clearly stated, so I think you’re upset about not having read the fine print of international lounges you could access. This credit card is clearly not a Star Alliance Gold car equivalent and was not marketed as such.

  • JB

    Yes, Just did it this weekend. All these posts about NOT getting allowed in clubs are BOGUS. YOUR CREDIT CARD IS NOT YOUR CLUB ACCESS CARD. You received a separate card in the mail for the united club lounges. USE THIS CARD. This card states that your enrolled into the Star Alliance Lounge program.

  • worksforme

    I have no problem w/ Star Alliance lounges. Yes, it is true that if you show the Star Alliance Lounge your United Credit Card then they won’t accept it….but I have the United Presidential Plus Master Card from Chase & what they do is send me a separate United Club Card for the Star Alliance Lounges & it gives me Premier Access to get on the plane quicker too. Never had any country deny my United Club Card to access a Star Alliance Lounge

  • Lin, Mike

    For those who refused by star alliance partners you need to check the staff which one to go to when check in your flight which might not be the one airliner operate..TG is the best one among those allow the club member use their lounges….differently worth every penny.

  • Ilana Diamond

    This guy sounds like he works for United….total BS – the fine print is pages long and you need a magnifier to read it. Sounds like purposely misleading marketing disguised as “you didn’t read carefully enough”. Generates bad will with customers that are paying $400 for credit card.

  • jamar0303

    Seeing as how ANA offers a credit card that gives you straight *A Gold status I could see how some expect a United credit card with a much higher annual fee to offer the same.

  • jamar0303

    I hate to sound like a shill, but partner airlines are your friend with MileagePlus bookings. You’d be surprised what opens up towards Asia or domestically with US Airways, even within a month of departure.

  • Dutchess

    If you don’t want those miles, I’ll take them! I can find tickets all the time to most every destination. I paid for RT to South America last year, Europe the year before and I’m deciding where to go in a few months on some more miles. If you’re trying to book a few weeks out or during a holiday of course you’re not going to find award seats.

  • Dutchess

    From their website:

    Receive special treatment with Hyatt Hotels & Resorts® and Avis®

    -Accept our invitation to join Avis® First and also enjoy automatic Platinum membership in the Hyatt Gold Passport® global loyalty program.

  • thepointsguy

    Not true as others pointed out

  • gbagsco

    The way I understood it was United Club is for United Club lounges only. Star Alliance lounges are not United Club lounges…

  • Fhelicia Declues Ogbodu Callig
  • Fhelicia Declues Ogbodu Callig

    Not true. To my surprise. I just booked a Reserv and they listed all the babe I hv BC of the united club card I was surprised

  • justintime

    I agree with gbagsco that is how i understood it too.

  • Helper

    I found this the hard way too. Apparently you get a “United Club” card separately from your “United Mileage Club” credit card. Almost looks like a fake plastic credit card so most tend to through it away. Lufthansa should let you in with that.

  • EL

    If you have the Mileage Plus Club Card, but you book a United ticket with points using ThankYou points, do you know if you can still get the same privileges (i.e. priority boarding, 2 free checked bags)? Or do you only get those if you book your ticket online at

  • NoPurpleFlavorAid

    I actually didn’t read the application, I read the sell sheet at the bank which clearly stated it gets you into United Clubs AROUND THE WORLD and implies by use of the Star Alliance affiliation that you will be welcome with your card in their lounges too. I think they would have about a 20% chance of winning in small claims if you filed for $595 – $395 for you rmoney back and $200 for the hassle of filing and going to court. To top it off, the same beauty-school dropouts answer the phone with this card as with any card. As far as I can tell, the whole scam is that you are payng money to be SOLD things. I laughed out loud when I got the enormously fancy welcome kit that amounts to high-quality printing of sales materials. I happen to have gotten the annual fee waived and I still plan to slag off on it. If anyone asks me if it’s worth it, I will tell them “Absolutely NOT!”

    If it came with the service it implies, it would be valuable. But this is just a regular credit card.

  • djkim

    From Star Alliance website regarding access to their lounges… Seems like as long as you have the Club card (not credit card) with Star Alliance Lounge logo you are good to go.

    Paid Lounge Membership Customers: Eligible Paid Lounge Membership Customers have access to any Star Alliance member carriers’ owned Business Class lounges.

    -Eligible Paid Lounge Membership Customers include: United Club, US Airways Club, Air Canada Maple Leaf Club – Worldwide

    -Customer must present a valid eligible paid lounge membership card which displays the Star Alliance Lounge Logo

    -Customer must also present a boarding pass for travel on a Star Alliance flight departing from the local airport

    -Customer is entitled to one guest

  • Austin

    You need to show our club card or Star Alliance Status Card to get into the lounges guys. Come on now guys just showing off a credit card will not get you much but stolen credit card numbers!

  • Bostonia

    This is simply not true. When you sign up for this card, you get an actual United Club membership card in the mail. When you check in at any Star Alliance lounge, you show that card, not your credit card. I have been to Star Alliance (not United) lounges in Brazil, UK, Chile and have been to partner lounges in Brazil, UK, and Canada and have never had any issues whatsoever. Feel free to contact me personally (user sirrix on Reddit) if you want further proof.


    I have had this $450 card for two years hoping to use the buy one business class and get a companion business class free! That is the only payoff for me. Today, I try to use the free business benefit to fly to Paris round trip. The United website has many options for $4430 business/First flights. The United reservation agent says I must buy the $9000 ticket for one traveler to get the free companion ticket. I can buy two on the web for $8860. WHAT A RIPOFF! LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!

  • doctorofcredit

    It’s now possible to get the annual fee on this card waived if you have status with united.


    I have had this card for years, but now Chase is starting to NOT honor some of the benefits. I should have platinum status with hyatt, but my account is showing my platinum status with hyatt will expire in 2 days even though I have upcoming stays with Hyatt. I’ve called Chase 3 times, but no one will give me a straight answer. I called Hyatt. They stated Chase updates platinum status not them. What the hell am I paying $395 a year for? So I can be jerked around by a Chase? This is bullshit!

  • P1

    Two weeks ago, I was denied access at the China Air lounge in Beijing although I showed my United Club card. Dont understand how others get into Star Alliance lounge with silver premier access!

  • Daniel

    This card just paid for itself almost 5x over. It comes with primary rental car insurance with no country specific restrictions. I had a bit of a dust up in New Zealand that resulted in a $2000 repair bill. It was fully covered by this card.

    Amex Platinum (and many other cards) have rental coverage as well but in Amex’s case they exclude coverage in 5 countries (New Zealand being one of them). Very glad I have this card!

  • Past Card Owner

    Don’t get this card. When you pay off the balance, you will be charged interest for another month beyond the payoff amount. In fact, when I called to complain, they informed me that I may be charged interest for 2 months beyond the month in which it was paid off. What a scam.

  • United Whore

    You do earn 2X per dollar spent on Airline Travel purchases and 1.5 on all other purchases. Like every card it depends on your unique needs and may or may not be for you. If you are a united whore like me, then this card absolutely cannot be beat at 1.5X points for ALL purchases assuming your annual spend is high enough. If you prefer flexible travel rewards, then obviously this card makes no sense. Also, depends on how much you spend per year. If you spend 50K or less then doesn’t make sense to spend 395 per year. If you spend 200k+ and earn an extra 2 round trip tickets it absolutely makes sense.

  • united whore

    Untrue, saver awards (25k) are often available, 50k domestic awards are always available. I have had a signature visa for years and have never had an issue booking travel finding a 25k saver award is like winning the lottery, but does happen and is a bonus when it does.

  • United Whore

    Even when booking award travel you still have to pay a nominal fee fee $5.00 or $10.00, as long as you pay this fee with the card you get the benefits.

  • FlyChristo

    Has anyone had any luck getting into Star Alliance lounges internationally with the “digital” club card, that is the club card that shows up on the United app?

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