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Exciting New Airline Routes for April 2018 and Beyond

April 30, 2018
18 min read
Louvre Museum at Sunset, Paris
Exciting New Airline Routes for April 2018 and Beyond
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Airlines around the world launch and announce dozens of new flight routes and service changes every month. Today, we’ll share just a few of the latest flights that have taken to the skies this month, or will in the near future. Keep in mind that exact flight details (like schedules and aircraft, among other things) may change.


American Airlines Adds More Domestic Routes (launched April 3)

(Photo by Sean Pavone / Getty Images)
Flying to Philly from New York just got easier. (Photo by Sean Pavone / Getty Images)

Details — Earlier this month, American Airlines added six new routes to its network, with flights connecting New York (JFK) with Philadelphia (PHL) six times per day and New York (LGA) and Portland, Maine (PWM) twice a day — note that the equipment flown for both routes varies. Daily service between Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Oakland (OAK) with the carrier's A320, Washington Reagan (DCA) and Little Rock (LIT) on the Embraer 175, Phoenix (PHX) and Oklahoma City (OKC) and Phoenix and Amarillo (AMA) — both being operated by CRJ-900 aircraft — are all welcome additions.

Schedule (daily):

  • AA850 Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) 8:58am Departure → Oakland (OAK) 10:48am Arrival
  • AA837 Oakland (OAK) 11:41am Departure → Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) 5:11pm Arrival
  • AA3911 Washington Reagan (DCA) 6:00pm Departure → Little Rock (LIT) 7:48pm Arrival
  • AA3496 Little Rock (LIT) 7:20am Departure → Washington Reagan (DCA) 10:50am Arrival
  • AA5950 Phoenix (PHX) 12:10pm Departure → Oklahoma City (OKC) 4:18pm Arrival
  • AA5880 Oklahoma City (OKC) 3:43pm Departure → Phoenix (PHX) 4:15pm Arrival
  • AA5863 Phoenix (PHX) 6:40pm Departure → Amarillo (AMA) 10:22pm Arrival
  • AA5882 Amarillo (AMA) 8:57am Departure → Phoenix (PHX) 9:13am Arrival

2x per day:

  • AA3973 New York (LGA) 6:55am Departure → Portland (PWM) 8:12am Arrival
  • AA3349 Portland (PWM) 5:50pm Departure → New York (LGA) 7:22pm Arrival
  • AA3349 New York (LGA) 3:59pm Departure → Portland (PWM) 5:24pm Arrival
  • A3973A Portland (PWM) 9:32am Departure → New York (LGA) 11:00am Arrival

6x per day:

  • AA3878 New York (JFK) 12:45pm Departure → Philadelphia (PHL) 1:52pm Arrival
  • AA3810 Philadelphia (PHL) 6:30am Departure → New York (JFK) 7:40am Arrival
  • AA3817 New York (JFK) 6:15am Departure → Philadelphia (PHL) 7:29am Arrival
  • AA3571 Philadelphia (PHL) 10:10am Departure → New York (JFK) 11:27am Arrival
  • AA3845 New York (JFK) 8:20am Departure → Philadelphia (PHL) 9:34am Arrival
  • AA3809 Philadelphia (PHL) 4:59pm Departure → New York (JFK) 6:19pm Arrival
  • AA3807 New York (JFK) 10:55am Departure → Philadelphia (PHL) 12:03pm Arrival
  • AA3817 Philadelphia (PHL) 8:40am Departure → New York (JFK) 10:10am Arrival
  • AA3389 New York (JFK) 5:15pm Departure → Philadelphia (PHL) 6:34pm Arrival
  • AA3807 Philadelphia (PHL) 1:14pm Departure → New York (JFK) 2:32pm Arrival
  • AA3809 New York (JFK) 2:45pm Departure → Philadelphia (PHL) 3:58pm Arrival
  • AA3878 Philadelphia (PHL) 3:04pm Departure → New York (JFK) 4:21pm Arrival

Norwegian Launches Flights From Denver to Paris (launched April 9)

(Photo by Jon Sim / Twenty20)
April in Paris, anyone? (Photo by Jon Sim / Twenty20)

Details — If you already think Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, imagine seeing it all decked out in springtime flowers. As of April 9, Norwegian is offering nonstop flights from Denver (DEN) to Paris (CDG) with its 787-9, making it easier and more affordable for folks in Colorado and the Southwest to reach the City of Light.

Schedule (2x per week on Monday and Friday):


  • DY7176 Denver (DEN) 5:55pm Departure → Paris (CDG) 10:55am (+1) Arrival
  • DY7175 Paris (CDG) 2:00pm Departure → Denver (DEN) 3:55pm Arrival


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  • DY7176 Denver (DEN) 7:45pm Departure → Paris (CDG) 12:45pm (+1) Arrival
  • DY7175 Paris (CDG) 3:50pm Departure → Denver (DEN) 5:45pm Arrival

More Domestic Options on Southwest (Launched April 8 and 14)

(Photo by Davel5957 via Getty Images)
Escape to sunny San Jose, California. (Photo by Davel5957 / Getty Images)

Details — It's been an interesting month for Southwest to say the least, with a tragic fatality due to engine failure, a diversion after dealing with terrifying turbulence and an emergency landing brought on by a bird strike. The airline has since vowed to inspect the engines of its 737s and despite all that, managed to launch a bunch of new domestic routes this month, including service from San Jose (SJC), San Francisco (SFO), Oakland (OAK), Sacramento (SMF) and San Diego (SAN) to various cities across the Midwest, Southwest and East Coast. As always, the flights will be operated by the carrier's Boeing 737 aircraft.

Schedule (daily):

  • WN1732 Austin (AUS) 3:30pm Departure → San Francisco (SFO) 5:25pm Arrival
  • WN3392 San Francisco (SFO) 7:00am Departure → Austin (AUS) 12:35pm Arrival
  • WN2092 Sacramento (SMF) 6:30am Departure → Austin (AUS) 11:50am Arrival
  • WN608 Austin (AUS) 7:55pm Departure → Sacramento (SMF) 9:45pm Arrival
  • WN1517 Sacramento (SMF) 8:50am Departure → St. Louis (STL) 2:30pm Arrival
  • WN1093 St. Louis (STL) 1:40pm Departure → Sacramento (SMF) 3:45pm Arrival
  • WN1626 San Jose (SJC) 12:50pm Departure → Boise (BOI) 3:20pm Arrival
  • WN1958 Boise (BOI) 2:25pm Departure → San Jose (SJC) 3:05pm Arrival
  • WN1792 San Jose (SJC) 1:55pm Departure → Houston Hobby (HOU) 7:35pm Arrival
  • WN1770 Houston Hobby (HOU) 10:35am Departure → San Jose (SJC) 12:40pm Arrival
  • WN259 San Jose (SJC) 5:25pm Departure → Spokane (GEG) 7:25pm Arrival
  • WN1009 Spokane (GEG) 6:00pm Departure → San Jose (SJC) 8:05pm Arrival
  • WN1124 San Jose (SJC) 9:15am Departure → St. Louis (STL) 3:00pm Arrival
  • WN725 St. Louis (STL) 1:40pm Departure → San Jose (SJC) 3:50pm Arrival
  • WN390 Oakland (OAK) 8:00am Departure → Newark (EWR) 4:40pm Arrival
  • WN5589 Newark (EWR) 5:10pm Departure → Oakland (OAK) 8:25pm Arrival
  • WN642 San Diego (SAN) 9:35am Departure → Newark (EWR) 5:50pm Arrival
  • WN5401 Newark (EWR) 12:45pm Departure → San Diego (SAN) 3:45pm Arrival

3x per day:

  • WN6944 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 9:30am Departure → Jacksonville (JAX) 10:50am Arrival
  • WN1962 Jacksonville (JAX) 10:40am Departure → Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 11:55am Arrival
  • WN5810 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 1:55pm Departure → Jacksonville (JAX) 3:10pm Arrival
  • WN211 Jacksonville (JAX) 3:10pm Departure → Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 4:25pm Arrival
  • WN1382 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 5:50pm Departure → Jacksonville (JAX) 7:05pm Arrival
  • WN1381 Jacksonville (JAX) 7:40pm Departure → Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 8:55pm Arrival

6x per week, every day but Saturday...

  • WN6209 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) 6:30pm Departure → Kansas City (MCI) 8:05pm Arrival
  • WN6201 Kansas City (MCI) 10:00am Departure → Raleigh-Durham (RDU) 1:20pm Arrival

...with a slight deviation on Sunday:

  • WN6212 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) 8:10pm Departure → Kansas City (MCI) 9:40pm Arrival
  • WN6219 Kansas City (MCI) 11:15am Departure → Raleigh-Durham (RDU) 2:35pm Arrival

1x per week on Saturday...

  • WN4452 Oakland (OAK) 11:15am Departure → Orlando (MCO) 7:25pm Arrival
  • WN4712 Orlando (MCO) 3:10pm Departure → Oakland (OAK) 6:00pm Arrival

...then daily starting July 15:

  • WN1420 Oakland (OAK) 9:00am Departure → Orlando (MCO) 5:15pm Arrival
  • WN4357 Orlando (MCO) 6:10pm Departure → Oakland (OAK) 8:40pm Arrival

1x per week on Sunday:

  • WN2157 Austin (AUS) 1:00pm Departure → Indianapolis (IND) 4:20pm Arrival
  • WN2129 Indianapolis (IND) 4:20pm Departure → Austin (AUS) 6:05pm Arrival
  • WN6207 San Jose (SJC) 2:05pm Departure → Albuquerque (ABQ) 5:15pm Arrival
  • WN2518 Albuquerque (ABQ) 1:50pm Departure → San Jose (SJC) 3:15pm Arrival
  • WN6331 San Jose (SJC) 12:25pm Departure → New Orleans (MSY) 6:30pm Arrival
  • WN3740 New Orleans (MSY) 9:00am Departure → San Jose (SJC) 11:35am Arrival

Fly to Myrtle Beach on Sun Country and Elite Airways (launched April 5 and 6)

(Photo by traveler1116 via Getty Images)
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a fun place to visit all year long. (Photo by traveler1116 / Getty Images)

Details — Now through June 4, passengers in the Midwest can hop a 737 from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Myrtle Beach (MYR) in sunny South Carolina thanks to Sun Country's seasonal service, which officially began on April 6. Also making its way back to Myrtle Beach on April 5 for the first time since 2016 is regional operator Elite Airways, now offering nonstop service aboard its CRJ-200 aircraft from Albany (ALB) on Sunday and nonstop flights twice a week on Sunday and Thursday from Westchester County (HPN).

Sun Country (2x per week on Monday and Friday):


  • SY212 Myrtle Beach (MYR) 8:30pm Departure → Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) 10:25pm Arrival
  • SY211 Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) 4:00pm Departure → Myrtle Beach (MYR) 7:40pm Arrival


  • SY210 Myrtle Beach (MYR) 12:00pm Departure → Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) 1:55pm Arrival
  • SY209 Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) 7:30am Departure → Myrtle Beach (MYR) 11:10am Arrival

Elite Airways (1x per week on Sunday):

  • MNU62 Myrtle Beach (MYR) 10:00am Departure → Albany (ALB) 12:00pm Arrival
  • MNU63 Albany (ALB) 12:45pm Departure → Myrtle Beach (MYR) 2:45pm Arrival

2x per week on Sunday and Thursday:

  • MNU66 Myrtle Beach (MYR) 3:45pm Departure → Westchester County (HPN) 5:30pm Arrival
  • MNU67 Westchester County (HPN) 6:15pm Departure → Myrtle Beach (MYR) 8:00pm Arrival

Frontier Moves Forward With 56 New Routes (launched April 8 and 9)

(Photo by dennisvdw / Getty Images)
Colorful buildings in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Photo by dennisvdw / Getty Images)

Details — Earlier this month, Frontier Airlines launched a whopping 56 new routes, among them two daily flights from New York's Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) to San Juan (SJU) and Chicago (ORD). All flights will be operated by a mix of the carrier's A319, A320 and A321 aircraft.

Launched April 8:

  • Atlanta (ATL) — Providence (PVD)
  • Austin (AUS) — Buffalo (BUF)
  • Austin (AUS) — Charlotte (CLT)
  • Austin (AUS) — Cincinnati (CVG)
  • Austin (AUS) — Columbus (CMH)
  • Austin (AUS) — Jacksonville (JAX)
  • Austin (AUS) — Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP)
  • Austin (AUS) — Portland (PDX)
  • Austin (AUS) — Tampa (TPA)
  • Chicago (ORD) — El Paso (ELP)
  • Chicago (ORD) — Long Island MacArthur (ISP)
  • Colorado Springs (COS) — Atlanta (ATL)
  • Colorado Springs (COS) — Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP)
  • Colorado Springs (COS) — Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)
  • Denver (DEN) — Grand Rapids (GRR)
  • Jacksonville (JAX) — Cincinnati (CVG)
  • Long Island MacArthur (ISP) — Detroit (DTW)
  • Long Island MacArthur (ISP) — San Juan (SJU)
  • Omaha (OMA) — Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Orlando (MCO) — Albuquerque (ABQ)
  • Orlando (MCO) — Tulsa (TUL)
  • Philadelphia (PHL) — Madison (MSN)
  • Raleigh-Durham (RDU) — Houston (IAH)
  • Raleigh-Durham (RDU) — Milwaukee (MKE)
  • Raleigh-Durham (RDU) — Providence (PVD)
  • San Antonio (SAT) — Orlando (MCO)
  • San Antonio (SAT) — San Jose (SJC)
  • San Jose (SJC) — Cincinnati (CVG)
  • Trenton (TTN) — Charleston (CHS)
  • Trenton (TTN) — Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP)
  • Trenton (TTN) — Nashville (BNA)

Launched April 9:

  • Atlanta (ATL) — Long Island MacArthur (ISP)
  • Austin (AUS) — Albuquerque (ABQ)
  • Austin (AUS) — Cleveland (CLE)
  • Austin (AUS) — Detroit (DTW)
  • Austin (AUS) — Milwaukee (MKE)
  • Austin (AUS) — Omaha (OMA)
  • Austin (AUS) — Providence (PVD)
  • Austin (AUS) — San Jose (SJC)
  • Austin (AUS) — Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)
  • Denver (DEN) — Buffalo (BUF)
  • Long Island MacArthur (ISP) — Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP)
  • Omaha (OMA) — Philadelphia (PHL)
  • Philadelphia (PHL) — Grand Rapids (GRR)
  • Philadelphia (PHL) — Indianapolis (IND)
  • Philadelphia (PHL) — Memphis (MEM)
  • Providence (PVD) — Charlotte (CLT)
  • Raleigh-Durham (RDU) — Cincinnati (CVG)
  • Raleigh-Durham (RDU) — Kansas City (MCI)
  • Raleigh-Durham (RDU) — New Orleans (MSY)
  • Raleigh-Durham (RDU) — San Antonio (SAT)
  • San Antonio (SAT) — Colorado Springs (COS)
  • San Antonio (SAT) — Cincinnati (CVG)
  • San Diego (SAN) — Oklahoma City (OKC)
  • San Jose (SJC) — Atlanta (ATL)
  • Trenton (TTN) — Jacksonville (JAX)


Norwegian's Expanding Service to Scotland and Ireland

Fly from SWF to Edinburgh this winter daily on Norwegian. (Photo by Markus Keller / Getty Images)
Fly from SWF to Edinburgh this winter daily on Norwegian. (Photo by Markus Keller / Getty Images)

Details — Last month, we told you how everyone's favorite low-cost carrier, Norwegian, was doubling its service from New York's Stewart International Airport (SWF) to Dublin (DUB) later this year. Now we've learned that as of October 28, the carrier will be adding an additional daily flight from Providence (PVD) to Dublin, as well as daily service from SWF to Shannon (SNN) and Edinburgh (EDI), to its winter schedule.

Schedule (daily):

  • DY1822 Providence (PVD) 9:00pm Departure → Dublin (DUB) 8:10am (+1) Arrival
  • DY1823 Dublin (DUB) 2:55pm Departure → Providence (PVD) 4:50pm Arrival
  • DY1768 Newburgh (SWF) 9:00pm Departure → Shannon (SNN) 8:15am (+1) Arrival
  • DY1769 Shannon (SNN) 2:40pm Departure → Newburgh (SWF) 4:40pm Arrival
  • DY1601 Newburgh (SWF) 8:45pm Departure → Edinburgh (EDI) 8:05am (+1) Arrival
  • DY1600 Edinburgh (EDI) 4:15pm Departure → Newburgh (SWF) 7:00pm Arrival

Southwest to Start Flying Between Baltimore and Cancun

Photo by Federico Scotto / Getty Images.
Cancun is calling. (Photo by Federico Scotto / Getty Images)

Details — Great news for anyone in the Baltimore/DC area who's looking to plan a beach getaway: Starting August 7, Southwest will offer nonstop service aboard its 737 MAX 8 from Baltimore (BWI) to Cancun (CUN), making Mexico's gorgeous white-sand beaches closer than ever. It also means you'll be there in time to swim with the whale sharks, which can usually be found in waters off this part of Mexico until mid-September.

Schedule (daily):

  • WN1607 Baltimore (BWI) 8:55am Departure → Cancun (CUN) 11:35am Arrival
  • WN1608 Cancun (CUN) 12:35pm Departure → Baltimore (BWI) 5:05pm Arrival

Note that there’s a second already-existing flight on Saturday:

  • WN1611 Baltimore (BWI) 10:05am Departure → Cancun (CUN) 12:40pm Arrival
  • WN1620 Cancun (CUN) 4:25pm Departure → Baltimore (BWI) 8:55pm Arrival

Alaska's Planning More Transcon Service for Later This Year

(Photo by Alexander Spatari / Getty Images)
Go for a stroll in NYC's SoHo neighborhood. (Photo by Alexander Spatari / Getty Images)

Details — Traveling between the West Coast cities of Seattle (SEA) and San Jose (SJC) and New York City (JFK) is about to get easier. As of July 6, Alaska Airlines will offer more transcon service, including a third daily flight between SEA and JFK. Both new routes will be operated by the carrier's A320 aircraft.


  • AS1036 San Jose (SJC) 7:05am Departure → New York (JFK) 3:43pm Arrival
  • AS1037 New York (JFK) 4:45pm Departure → San Jose (SJC) 8:23pm Arrival
  • AS1020 Seattle (SEA) 7:05am Departure → New York (JFK) 3:35pm Arrival
  • AS1021 New York (JFK) 6:55pm Departure → Seattle (SEA) 10:26pm Arrival

Delta to Launch More Flights Between the US and Europe

(Photo by Javier Melgar via Unsplash)
Admire the architecture along Amsterdam's scenic canals. (Photo by Javier Melgar / Unsplash)

Details — On March 30, Delta launched a new route from Orlando (MCO) to Amsterdam (AMS), the stage for the carrier's April announcement of additional routes between the US and Europe coming later this year. You can expect daily service from Indianapolis (IND) to Paris (CDG) aboard Delta's 767-300ER as of May 24 and flights from New York (JFK) to Lisbon (LIS) five times a week on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday aboard the carrier's 757 starting October 27. A nonstop flight between Los Angeles (LAX) and Paris (CDG) will operate three times per week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, while service from LAX to AMS will run four times a week on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with both routes being operated by the carrier's A330 aircraft.

Schedule (daily as of May 24):

  • DL500 Indianapolis (IND) 6:12pm Departure → Paris (CDG) 8:35am (+1) Arrival
  • DL501 Paris (CDG) 1:10pm Departure → Indianapolis (IND) 4:26pm Arrival

5x per week as of October 27:

  • DL473 New York (JFK) 10:32pm Departure → Lisbon (LIS) 10:15am (+1) Arrival
  • DL273 Lisbon (LIS) 11:45am Departure → New York (JFK) 3:07pm Arrival

3x per week as of October 27:

  • DL156 Los Angeles (LAX) 11:52am Departure → Paris (CDG) 8:15am (+1) Arrival
  • DL157 Paris (CDG) 3:15pm Departure → Los Angeles (LAX) 6:51pm Arrival

4x per week as of October 27:

  • DL78 Los Angeles (LAX) 1:12pm Departure → Amsterdam (AMS) 8:30am (+1) Arrival
  • DL79 Amsterdam (AMS) 3:30pm Departure → Los Angeles (LAX) 6:43pm Arrival

Orlando to Amsterdam (daily as of March 30, with some variations):

Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • DL126 Orlando (MCO) 7:16pm Departure → Amsterdam (AMS) 10:35am (+1) Arrival
  • DL127 Amsterdam (AMS) 2:40pm Departure → Orlando (MCO) 7:09pm Arrival

Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • DL126 Orlando (MCO) 7:21pm Departure → Amsterdam (AMS) 10:40am (+1) Arrival
  • DL127 Amsterdam (AMS) 2:40pm Departure → Orlando (MCO) 7:09pm Arrival

Allegiant's Adding More Domestic Routes Starting in June

(Photo by NeonJellyfish / Getty Images)
Sick of the cold? Hit the beach in St. Petersburg, Florida. (Photo by NeonJellyfish / Getty Images)

Details — Allegiant Air announced earlier this month that it would be launching several new domestic flights on a mix of its A319s and A320s. New options include Monday and Friday service from Jacksonville (JAX) to Louisville (SDF), Sunday and Thursday service from JAX to Norfolk (ORF), Monday and Friday service from Myrtle Beach (MYR) to Kansas City (MCI), Sunday and Thursday service from Nashville (BNA) to St. Petersburg / Clearwater (PIE) and thrice-weekly service on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from BNA to Syracuse (SYR).

2x per week as of June 8:

  • G4899 Jacksonville (JAX) 7:02pm Departure → Louisville (SDF) 8:44pm Arrival
  • G4898 Louisville (SDF) 4:42pm Departure → Jacksonville (JAX) 6:17pm Arrival

2x per week as of June 14:

  • G4943 Jacksonville (JAX) 6:14pm Departure → Norfolk (ORF) 7:46pm Arrival
  • G4942 Norfolk (ORF) 3:48pm Departure → Jacksonville (JAX) 5:29pm Arrival

2x per week as of June 8:

  • G41114 Myrtle Beach (MYR) 4:48pm Departure → Kansas City (MCI) 6:20pm Arrival
  • G41115 Kansas City (MCI) 7:05pm Departure → Myrtle Beach (MYR) 10:25pm Arrival

2x per week as of June 14 (year-round service):

  • G4857 Nashville (BNA) 3:07pm Departure → St. Petersburg/Clearwater (PIE) 5:47pm Arrival
  • G4856 St. Petersburg/Clearwater (PIE) 8:04am Departure → Nashville (BNA) 8:51am Departure

3x per week as of June 14:

  • G4868 Nashville (BNA) 9:36am Departure → Syracuse (SYR) 12:31pm Arrival
  • G4869 Syracuse (SYR) 1:16pm Departure → Nashville (BNA) 2:22pm Arrival

Which of these new routes are you most excited about?

Featured image by Getty Images