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The secret to getting more (and sometimes better) Amex Offers on your card

Aug. 10, 2022
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Saving money is on everyone's to-do list. I mean, just look around at the cost of things. The good news is that if you have an American Express card, it’s actually easy to do so with a few simple clicks.

From premium travel cards to cash-back cards and more, Amex has a diverse lineup of consumer and business offerings. And there’s one constant element that you can rely on across nearly the entire American Express cards portfolio: Amex Offers.

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Amex Offers is one of the best ways to save cash — or earn extra points and miles — even when you’re not traveling. There is one small (but mighty) tip to get even more (and sometimes better) offers to appear on your card account. Let’s find out how.

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What are Amex Offers?

Amex Offers are shopping, dining, travel or entertainment promotions that are tied to a specific card account. The exact offer depends on the merchant, but a lot require you to spend a certain amount by a specific date to earn a discount or a haul of bonus points. Others simply provide a bonus over the regular earning rate — like this one:

(Screenshot from

As mentioned, almost all American Express cards have access to Amex Offers — but the specific deal may vary from card to card.

To find these offers, log into your card account and navigate to “Amex Offers & Benefits” on the card page or on the “Offers” tab in the Amex app.

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How to get more offers to appear

Adding existing offers to your card

There are many ways to save money through Amex Offers — they don't even have to be used for travel. But first, you must enroll in the offers before you can use them.

The key here is scrolling through your “Amex Offers & Benefits” and adding promotions that you even potentially may be able to use. There is no harm in adding offers to your card even if you don’t use them. When a given offer expires, it’ll simply disappear from your account. Offers can disappear, so if you think you might use it, add it to your card. You aren't obligated to shop at a merchant just because you added an offer to your Amex account.

Unlock even more offers

And there is another added bonus to placing offers onto your card: more may become available (and visible) in your account when you add existing ones. That’s right — Amex caps the number of offers that you can see at any given time to 100 offers per card.

An Amex spokesperson told TPG that only “the top 100 offers available to a card member are displayed both online and in the American Express Mobile App.”

However, note that there won’t always be 100 offers at a given time for every card. For instance, my Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card only shows 32 offers currently, so adding more won’t unlock new ones. But Amex Membership Rewards-earning cards typically have more offers than 100 that are available — they’re just not all visible.

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An example: My American Express® Gold Card

Last week, I only had 11 Amex Offers added to my American Express® Gold Card. However, I went through and added as many offers as I could to my account.

(Screenshot from

Now, I have 108 offers added to my Gold Card and 36 new offers available. Those 36 new offers weren't visible previously — though they existed — due to the limit of 100 available offers at any given time. Now, I have access to these offers:

(Screenshot from

Clearly, if you continue adding offers, there’s a limit to how many Amex will give you at some point. However, Amex could introduce new offers at any time, and by adding existing ones to the card, you should be prepped for when new offers are released. Therefore, it’s likely good practice to add offers to your account to “free up” available space — and to check for new ones frequently.

Here's another possible strategy: add offers that are close to expiring. Some cardholders may not want the “Added to Card” section cluttered with offers that they have little to no chance of using. By adding offers that expire soon, that list will temporarily swell but quickly drop down to a more manageable level.

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If adding offers one by one seems too slow, there is a way to add them all at once. If you add this bookmark to your browser, the process can go faster.

Don’t forget about other promotions

Amex Offers can be a great deal on their own, but you can double- or even triple-dip to get an even better return. These are best practices for any online shopping that you do — no matter the retailer.

(Photo by John Greim/LightRocket/Getty Images)
(Photo by John Greim/LightRocket/Getty Images)

Always check online shopping portals to earn extra cash back or bonus miles on your purchase — Rakuten will even allow you to earn bonus Amex points at hundreds of merchants. Additionally, you can take advantage of any sales at that particular merchant along with bonus categories on a specific card.

Finally, there are Amex-specific credits — like annual statement credits at Saks Fifth Avenue (for The Platinum Card® from American Express, which offers up to $100 in credits annually) and Dell (for The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, which offers up to $400 in purchase credits per year). Enrollment is required for select benefits.

Both of these stores have had Amex Offers over the past year, making an already valuable benefit even more lucrative.

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Moreover, you can even use some shopping portals when making purchases in person, adding extra points, miles or cash back to your spending.

Bottom line

Aside from increased welcome offers, category bonuses and other monthly credits, Amex Offers are a surefire way to earn even more points (or cash back) on everyday purchases.

I personally have saved hundreds through Amex Offers across my five Amex cards, helping to recoup much of the annual fees on those cards. Now, with this nugget of knowledge, you can get access to even more offers on your account — and keep more dollars in your wallet.

Additional reporting by Ryan Smith.

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