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We'll Take Austin to Reno for $20, Alex!

March 29, 2018
4 min read
We'll Take Austin to Reno for $20, Alex!
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Today Grandpa Points brings you a story of how his morning unexpectedly went from toast and peaches to Lake Tahoe and Carson City all thanks to moving quickly on a limited-time travel deal.

We consider ourselves to be travelers. We enjoy the experience and the reward. We enjoy the trips that take long-term planning such as our venture to Alaska three years ago and our future visit to Hawaii scheduled for June of 2019. These long-range excursions require planning and attention to details, but also allow for a corresponding build-up of excitement and anticipation. They serve as the carrot at the end of the stick, something to look forward to and something to aim towards.

The opposite of that scenario just occurred in our traveling life. We are always alert for the good deal that pops up and forces impulse and spontaneity. The kind of serendipitous occurrence that makes a distant, back burner trip come to life or creates a new fantasy previously not imagined or expected. An example of this was a trip to San Francisco a few years ago that came out of nowhere due solely to a Frontier sale of $13.49 each way that we stumbled onto at the right time and in the right place.

This morning, while going through the daily influx of e-mails, we noticed Frontier Airlines was advertising flights as low as $20 each way. Such offerings frequently catch our eye and attention and we normally peruse the flight options and destinations that are available. We do this out of a general interest in flight deals, but also with a specific interest in certain routes that we keep on a 'list' for future visits. Most of the time, we come up empty-handed, but today we got our hands full and ended up with tickets in our pocket.

One of the $20 Frontier flights available was a nonstop flight from Austin to Reno. While our home is near Houston, we have a frequent fellow traveling sister that lives in Austin. We owe her a visit, so Austin became an acceptable base for an almost free flight to a destination that we have often considered returning to. We visited Reno maybe ten years ago. While we must admit that downtown Reno was not our most favorite and most comfortable area to visit, we really loved Lake Tahoe, Carson City and other venues that Reno gave access to. Our first sighting of Lake Tahoe was one of those hair-raising, spine-tingling moments that make travel inspirational and memorable. We have often expressed to others how breathtaking it was and how everyone should witness it for themselves. We have longed to go back.

And now, all because of a $20 fare, $38.40 round trip if we are being specific, we are indeed going back. We found dates that worked for us and passed the word to our Austin relative for her consideration. She voted in the affirmative, so the three of us are all booked to go thanks to a ridiculously good fare, good timing and seizing an opportunity that was presented to us.

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We woke up this morning to beautiful and clear skies with nothing specific on our plate except breakfast toast and a cup of peaches. And now, a few hours later, we are looking forward to a buffet of travel delights on the shores of Lake Tahoe surrounded by the snow capped mountains of The Sierra Nevadas.

Ain't life grand. Safe travels to all!

If you are interested in snagging one of the Frontier Airlines $20 fares, they are on sale until March 30th, for travel on select dates from 4/10/18 - 5/16/18. Along with the Austin - Reno route my dad booked, here are a few other examples of routes all available starting at $20 each way.

  • Austin - Buffalo
  • Austin - Providence
  • Minneapolis - Colorado Springs
  • Raleigh - Orlando
  • Omaha - Philidelphia
  • Oklahoma City - San Diego