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How to Reprice a JetBlue Flight When the Fare Decreases

June 07, 2019
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Jet Blue A321
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Most airlines give you 24 hours to cancel a flight without penalty after the fare is booked. After that, you are pretty much committed to the price paid. If a lower fare pops up after that time frame, you are out of luck and most likely disappointed that you didn't wait those few extra days to book. But without a crystal ball, there is actually no way of knowing how low the fares will go or if you are booking at the lowest price possible at that exact moment.

Fortunately, JetBlue has one of the better policies among the domestic airlines. Although it is not as forgiving as Southwest's policy, you have more than 24 hours to reprice a fare if the flight decreases. Whether you booked with JetBlue TrueBlue points or payed for your ticket, you might be able to get the difference back.

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The Five-Day Rule

If you have booked a JetBlue flight in the past five days and the price has decreased, you are eligible to receive a credit voucher or the points back for the fare difference. To process the difference, all you have to do is call JetBlue and speak to a representative. The process cannot be done online, and it is up to the customer to initiate the transaction — JetBlue will not automatically re-price your ticket for you. Within this grace period, there is no fee to re-price a ticket.

If you happen to find a lower price, you’ll either receive a voucher or your points back, depending on how you initially paid for the fare.

  • If You Paid for the Flight: You will receive a voucher for the difference in the fare price. The voucher will be deposited into your JetBlue TrueBlue travel bank and you have one year from when you receive the voucher to use the credit. One of the best benefits of JetBlue vouchers is that you can use your voucher to book a flight for any passenger, you just need to book through your JetBlue account.
  • If You Used Points for the Flight: The difference in points will go back into the account from which those points were deducted.

For example, earlier this year, my family received more than $100 back in our travel bank due to flights decreasing in price.

A Big Caveat

JetBlue runs fare sales quite often, so having a flight go down in price is not unheard of at all. However, there is one situation when your decreased flight price will not be honored. JetBlue often runs sales where you'll have to apply a coupon code to get the discounted fare. If the fare price is lower only when applying the code, this will not count as a price decrease. This holds true for both point and paid reservations and means you will not receive the difference back.

Bottom line: The actual flight has to go down in price without a coupon code applied.

JetBlue Mosaic Status

While all members have five days to reprice a ticket, those with JetBlue Mosaic status can reprice a ticket at any time up until the flight's departure. The process is the exact same as described above, but you'll need to call the Mosaic line to do so.

This is a terrific perk of JetBlue Mosaic status. Not only can you reprice a ticket if the fare drops, you can cancel any reservation at any given time for no fee. This is not limited to reservations booked with points, but with paid reservations as well. For family travel, this is huge as it is essentially a complimentary insurance policy.

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It also allows you to book speculatively and grab some of the best fare prices during peak times when the schedule is released, even if you are not 100% sure of your travel plans. If you think there is a chance you might cancel your flight, make sure you'll be able to use those vouchers within the year. Even on reservations booked with points, the taxes paid will go into your travel bank and will not be refunded back to the credit card used. For flights to the Caribbean, the taxes paid on point reservations can definitely add up, so make sure you have a plan.

Fortunately, everyone is eligible to earn JetBlue Mosaic status, without even stepping foot on a JetBlue plane. If you spend $50,000 in a calendar year on the JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business Credit Card you'll automatically be bumped up to this status.

Bottom Line

Family travel is expensive, but knowing you have some leeway to get the best possible fare is huge. All members should check their JetBlue flights on a daily basis during the five-day grace period. Those with JetBlue Mosaic status should check their fare price every single day, leading up to your flight's departure. Call JetBlue the moment you see the fare drop as the price could always increase later in the day if you wait. Try to make it part of your daily routine and, at the bare minimum, check during a JetBlue Fare Sale.

Jennifer Yellin covers family travel deals for TPG and blogs at Deals We Like. Follow her family’s adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

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