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12 World Travelers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

Dec. 31, 2017
10 min read
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Before the door closes on 2017, there's one last thing to do: make your New Year's resolution.The odds are, you (and millions of others) have set great plans for 2018 — whether it's to lose weight, get more points, eat healthier or travel more. To help you out, we’ve asked these eclectic group of travel influencers and globetrotters what they're resolving to do in 2018. You may recognize some of these jet-setting globetrotters, solo travelers and AvGeeks, so be sure to follow this influential dozen on their journey into 2018.

1. J.R. and Kit, Orange is Optimism 

Home Base: J.R. and Kit have been on the road full-time for five years now, living in their ‘76 VW bus named Sunshine.

New Year's Resolution: "To spend time doing nothing every day. Since we’re constantly on the move, and the landscape outside our door is always changing, J.R. and I decided that 2018 will be our year of purposeful idleness. We are committing at least 15 minutes a day to doing nothing at all, no matter how many miles we traveled, no matter who we meet out on the backroads. Idleness has been a goal of ours for years now, since we hit the road back in 2012. We believe that time spent doing nothing is crucial to a life well lived. Next year, we’ll take our own advice and commit to a daily ritual of idleness. We’ve gotta balance all the movement somehow!"

Travel stats: J.R. and Kit have traveled through 45 states, up into Canada, down into Mexico, traveling over 100,000 miles total and coast to coast 8 times.

2. Jacintha Verdegaal, Urbanpixxels

Homebase: The Netherlands

New years Resolution: "My new year’s travel resolution is to continue traveling the world, exploring interesting destinations I haven’t been to before. But apart from planning where I want to go, my resolution is also to plan less for when I’m there. Opening myself up more for spontaneous experiences instead of already knowing what I will be doing and where I’ll be eating before I leave. As a travel blogger, you always feel that pressure of getting the most out of your time in a certain destination, but it’s important to remember that the reason I love travel and love sharing my travel stories is because of those experiences that you didn’t know before and weren’t expecting."

Travel stats: Jacintha visited 12 countries in 2017 and 45 countries in total so far.

3. Gloria Atanmo, The Blog Abroad

Home base: Nomadic

New Year's Resolution: "I want to be the dumbest person in the room so that I'm always soaking in the knowledge, culture, and wisdom of others. I want 2018 to be an acceleration year for my travels, my brand, my community and my education. I want to dive back into books, new languages, and unfamiliar territory to really test my limits and challenge the world. I'd like to reach my 80th country and more than anything, find ways to bring my readers along for the ride!"

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Travel stats: Glo has traveled across 60 countries and 6 continents so far.

4. Mike and Anne Howard,

Home base: The couple has lived out of their suitcase since 2012.

New Year's Resolution: "Our resolution is to travel slower. Over the past eight months, we've road-tripped over 20,000 miles to 38 US states, three Canadian provinces, and three Mexican states. We travel in a vintage RV that rarely crosses 55mph so going fast is relative — but we want to park it for longer so that we can take more hikes, meet more locals, and go beyond the highways and highlights. We always strive for this style of slow immersive travel but, as nomads, it's hard to resist the urge to move. The plan for 2018 is to build in more time and make deeper connections with every stop."

Travel stats: The HoneyTrek duo have been nomadic since January 2012, traveling to 7 continents, 53 countries and over 500 regions during this time.

5. Kristen Bor, Bear Foot Theory

Home base: Salt Lake City, Utah

New years resolution: "In 2018, I'm planning to take a seven-month road trip in my Sprinter Van around the US. I'm going to start in the Southwest in May, make my way up California for the July 4th High Sierra Music Festival, and then head east, including stops in Montana, the Boundary Waters, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and New England. I have a tendency to constantly be on the go, so this upcoming year, I want to travel a bit slower. I want to fully experience the places I visit, getting to know the locals and all the cool spots you won't find in the travel guides."

Travel stats: While a majority of her blogging-based travels have been focused on the US, Kristen's travels have also taken her to 9 countries: Tanzania, New Zealand, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Nepal, Canada, Indonesia and the Netherlands.

6. Brian Kelly, The Points Guy

Home base: New York City

New Years Resolution: "This year I resolve to visit Israel — I can't believe I've never been! And, of course, the perennial work-out-more-when-I-travel resolution too."

Travel stats: TPG flew around the world 9+ times in 2017. His longest milage run was 7,989 miles from (CAN) to (JFK) and his shortest leg was 212 miles from (EWR) to (IAD) — for a total of 234,722 miles this year.

7. Kate McCulley, Adventurous Kate

Home base: New York City

New year's Resolutions: "I have two major travel resolutions for 2018: to visit my final continent, Antarctica and to visit my final European country: Cyprus. I already have Antarctica booked for March, complete with kayaking and crossing the Antarctic Circle. I find myself in Europe a few times a year, and will be in the Netherlands in late May, so I think I could easily hop over to Cyprus from there! But as soon as you add Cyprus, it becomes easy to add on a side trip to Lebanon. And another side trip to Bologna to visit friends. And perhaps this could be the summer when I finally visit the Caucasus ... the more places you visit, the more you inevitably add to your list!"

Travel stats: Kate has traveled to 74 of 195 countries, 6 of 7 continent and 25 of 50 US states.

8. Steph Korey, Away

Homebase: New York City

New Years Resolution: “When it comes to travel in 2018, I’d like to be a bit more spontaneous! Being flexible and open to last-minute trips, even if it’s just for a quick getaway, is tough as the CEO of a quickly growing company, but I’d like to make a more deliberate effort to take advantage of those rare moments when I can.”

Travel stats: Steph has visited over 25 countries so far.

9. Jen Rubio, Away

Homebase: New York City

New Years Resolution: "Next year, I want to diversify on my loyalty programs, especially with airlines. That means status matching, doing more research (yes, on TPG), and being more strategic about where and how I fly, but it’ll be totally worth it when I have status on a preferred carrier on whatever route my travels take me."

Travel stats: To date, Jen has traveled to more than 70 countries.

10. Cindy Ko, Flight Attendant

Homebase: Dubai

New Year's Resolution: "In 2018, I'm excited to dive with whale sharks in the Red Sea of Djibouti, climb Mount Kilimanjaro and finally learn to ski! I'm a California girl, so I've only dabbled in snowboarding. My first trip this January will be hitting the slopes in Yinchuan, China. I'm longing for the most fascinating experiences in 2018! And to be captivated by the adventure of nature, both above and below the sea."

Travel stats: So far, Cindy has traveled to 83 countries and is currently based in Dubai.

11. Simeon Lüthi, @AvGeek

Home base: Zurich, Switzerland

New Year's Resolution: "As I’m only a student (well, actually I just applied for pilots training at SWISS), I don’t really fly too much compared to the avid trip reporters, but I still managed to fly 26 legs in 2017 and I became Star Alliance silver with Aegean. My goal for 2018 is to achieve gold status, so I’ll try to find a good deal with a partner airline that lets you earn a lot of miles. But for the time being, I just want to enjoy the perks of being able to go to lounges in 2018 — this is completely new to me."

Travel stats: Luthi traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe.

12. Christine Kaaloa, GRRRLTRAVELER

Home base: Honolulu, Hawaii

New Year's Resolution: "I'm hoping to do more responsible traveling and tourism in 2018. My goal is to work with companies that practice ethical tourism focused on eco-friendly habit that won’t endanger or manipulate the environment. Being that I am currently based in Hawaii, I am passionate about preserving the marine and animal life."

Travel Stats: Christine has visited 30+ countries and has extensive travel in Southeast Asia— specifically India, South Korea and Thailand.

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