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5 of the Craziest, Most Random Travel Apps

Nov. 12, 2017
4 min read
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Travelers are using their smartphones more now than ever. Trip inspiration, planning, booking, maps and logistics have never been easier, thanks to helpful apps. Everyone knows about Kayak or Google Maps, but there's actually a bunch of quirkier travel apps to download that could make your vacation just a little more exciting. Check out these apps to spice up your next vacation and look for other posts in this series on useful apps for travel planning, travel logistics and getting around town.

Have a Spontaneous Adventure With Zufall

Zufall is a spur-of-the-moment way to decide what activities you want to do during your trip. The app is especially great for indecisive types, or when you're in a group and no one wants to be the leader or make plans for everyone else. You have enter parameters (or not) like mode of transport, maximum travel time and what kind of activity you'd like to do, like dining, sightseeing, shopping or enjoying nature. Then you shake your phone like dice, and — voila! — Zufall has an impulsive activity ready for you. Oh, and just so you know, spontaneity come with a small price: The app costs 99 cents.

Download for Android or iOS.


Never Be Without a Bathroom With SitOrSquat

This useful app created by Charmin helps you find public restrooms when you're traveling. Based on your location, SitOrSquat shows you where to find nearby bathrooms and lets you read ratings on them. Likewise, you can rate the restrooms you use to help others find the cleanest and closest spot to do their business. Download for Android or iOS. This app is free.


Get Home Safe When Hammered

It happens: the classic "I'll just have one more strawberry mojito" when on vacation. Seven more later and you've forgotten the address of your hotel or Airbnb. The Take Me Home, I'm Wasted app allows you to save your hotel address and helps you navigate home in case you get drunk and forget where you're staying or how to get there. Just don't forget to add your address before the party starts. This app is free.

Download for iOS.

Just don't forget your address in before you get wasted. Image courtesy of Socially Conscious Software.

Rock Out Like a Rock Jock

So you're a proud AvGeek who knows all about the skies and the planes that crisscross the world. But are you also down with your Earth-based knowledge? Whether you're simply polishing up your geology knowledge or want to learn the difference between tritonite and a trilobite, you should download Flyover Country — a mobile app brought to you by the University of Minnesota and the National Science Foundation. Using scientific maps, fossil databases and trusted Wikipedia articles, the app tells you all about the lands, waterways and other points of interest that you're passing over at 39,000 feet. All you have to do is plug in your flightpath before you depart; the app works offline, so you don't have to use up precious Wi-Fi data. Flyover Country is available on Android and iOS. This app is free.


Stay Healthy When Traveling

Hypochondriacs will love the Sickweather app, which alerts travelers when they are close to a "sick zone," an area that has concentrated cases of flu, pinkeye, norovirus or whooping cough. It will tell you your "sick" forecast based on your location and even alert you to problem areas for allergy sufferers. This app is free.

Download for Android or iOS.

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Do you plan to use any of these wacky apps? Do you swear by any random apps when traveling that make your trip just a little bit more awesome?

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