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A Look at British Airways Kids Meals

Aug. 16, 2016
4 min read
A Look at British Airways Kids Meals
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Using a mix of money and Avios to score an overall pretty great deal, our family recently flew in British Airways business class to and from London. While it probably sounds strange to those who haven't don it, I'm a big fan of business class for international trips with kids because even though the parents may not get to relax as much as they would without the kiddos along for the ride, the kids themselves are as comfortable as possible...and a rested kid is almost as a rested parent.

One element of a long international flight with kids that is always interesting to see unfold are the kids meals they serve on-board. If you are flying with your little ones and want them to be served a children's meal instead of whatever the standard offering for the flight is for adults, you must request their special meal ahead of time. You cannot assume that just because you booked the ticket for a child that the information will translate to a child's meal being available. Requesting the special meal 24 hours before departure is a common cut-off, but I would do it as soon as you book the flight if possible. You can do this online with British Airways or you can call in.

Just like with adult meals, airline kid's meals aren't always five star masterpieces. We've been served some strange things before with the in-flight kid's meal, but this time around the British Airways kid's meals didn't disappoint. My six-year-old didn't love everything on the meals, but she found plenty to fill her belly. Since there isn't tons written about airline kid meals, I thought I'd share a look at the British Airways kids meals we experienced on our recent flights.

A Look at British Airways Kids Meals

On the afternoon outbound flight from Houston to London the kid's meal served consisted of a large bowl of grapes, Lay's potato chips, a ham and cheese sandwich, carrot and celery sticks, chocolate pudding, a kit kat, and a juice box.

British Airways Kid Meal Houston - London

She was happy quite full enough enough with just the grapes, sandwich, and chips, but then we found out that was just one course?!

A second hot course of chicken fingers, peas and carrots, and mashed potatoes came out about 30 minutes later. She didn't put much of a dent in the hot course, though the vegetables on this plate were perfect for my one year old lap infant who didn't qualify for her own meal as she didn't occupy her own seat.

British Airways Kid Meal second courseHouston - London

For what it's worth, I tried the chicken on this plate and it was soggy and not my favorite. Still, put enough ketchup on it and at least you won't be hungry I guess.

Breakfast was offered shortly before landing, but she wasn't interested in that meal so I have no idea what it was other than knowing a kid's meal was available.

On the return afternoon flight from London to Houston there were again two courses to the children's meal in business class, but the first course wasn't quite as substantial this time. The first course consisted of fruit, a roll, yogurt, raisins, and a chocolate candy. You know, snack food.

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London - Houston British Airways kids meal first course

The second course was again chicken fingers, green peas, and mashed potatoes.

British Airways Kid Meal London - Houston second course

My daughter and I both thought the chicken fingers tasted a little better this time around than on the outbound flight. In all cases the kid meals came out towards the beginning of the meal service, which we were grateful for. Thanks in part to requesting and receiving kid meals that kept our six year old happy, at no point were any of us left hungry on these British Airways business class flights.

What has your experience been with kid meals on British Airways or other airlines?