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Review of the Bellagio Suite in Las Vegas

May 09, 2016
7 min read
Review of the Bellagio Suite in Las Vegas
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I've shared the Comedy of Errors that was our recent trip to Las Vegas (here and here), but I want to share a few more details specifically about the suite our family stayed in at the Bellagio in case you are considering the same room for a future trip. I know I always like to get as many details as possible when deciding if a room or suite will meet my family's needs!

We used the American Express Fine Hotel and Resort program via The Platinum Card® from American Express to book the Bellagio Suite, which is the smallest true two-room suite I could find at the Bellagio. The FHR program got us things like $100 property credit per room that we used on dinner and at the salon, free daily breakfast for two up to $30 per person, and guaranteed 4PM late check-out. It did not get us an additional upgrade from the Bellagio Suite, but it theoretically can get you a slight upgrade on some room categories.

We booked a suite because wanted a separate room that could be used when the baby napped and slept in her crib at night (hahahahahaha, that didn't happen, but it was a good plan). Once our traveling crew grew to also include both of my children and two grandparents we actually needed even more room than that and booked a second separate connecting bedroom that wouldn't have normally been included in the 1020 square foot Bellagio Suite. Technically even the Bellagio Suite has a stated two person included occupancy limit. The connecting standard room we booked also got the same FHR benefits as the suite, so we now had two $100 property credits and breakfast for four daily included, and we used every penny of those perks.

Our Bellagio Suite was on the 31st floor of the Spa Tower. The Spa Tower is the one that is most removed from the casino floor. In fact, you don't go through the casino at all to get to the elevators for this tower. Instead you turn left at the conservatory with all the pretty plants, go past the Jean Philipp cafe, and then make another left to get the bank of elevators. In other words, it is on the Aria/Monte Carlo side of the property and not the Caesars side of the building.

As I mentioned in my previous post on our Vegas trip, our suite was dirty when we opened the door, which obviously wasn't a great way to start the stay, but they did come up to clean it very quickly after I called to let them know. Until then we all stayed in the connected standard bedroom that was not yet connected and still clean. Because of this and multiple other issues we eventually complained and got a $100 room credit, which in retrospect probably wasn't quite sufficient given the number of issues and that we had to proactively bring all the issues back up to receive anything, but it was better than nothing.

The living room portion of the Bellagio Suite was a really good size and included a writing table, a couch, coffee table, and two sitting chairs.

Bellagio Suite Living Room

There was also an actual door between the living room and the connected bedroom with a king bed, which is very important to me with suites.

Bellagio Suite Bedroom

The king bed was insanely comfortable, and I didn't have any complaints about noise (other than the noise coming from my own little one). The master bedroom has two full bathroom areas, one with a deep tub and the other with a walk-in steam shower, both with their own toilets and sinks/vanity areas. There is another half bath in the living area of the suite, so there is no shortage of bathroom areas!

We booked a second standard bedroom and called the day before check-in to have it also connected to our suite, the second bedroom had two queen beds and one full bathroom. It was cheaper in our case to book the suite + a second bedroom independently then to book one two-bedroom suite. In addition to the price being less, booking two rooms via FHR meant we got the benefits on both rooms which doubled our property credit and such.

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I found the space in the Bellagio Suite totally adequate for our purposes, and other than it not being clean at first, I had no real issues or complaints with the space at all. If I were to nit-pick I would say that the decor could probably stand an update at some point. I would prefer white bedding that seems to be the standard right now over the gold-ish ensemble this room has going for it. I also wished we would have lucked into a Fountain View upgrade through the FHR booking or my Mlife status or something, but we didn't pay the extra to secure that view, so it isn't a complain we didn't get it, just would have been nice.

If you are deciding between rooms, know that the suite smaller than this is the Salon Suite at about 850 square feet, but be aware it is essentially a Junior Suite in that the living area is in the bedroom instead of separate. It also only has one bathroom. The next size up suite from the Bellagio Suite is the 1500 square foot Tower Suite. This suite would have offered 500 additional square feet though one fewer bathroom. It does have a dining table in the living area wheras the Bellagio Suite does not.

For our purposes there is no doubt the Bellagio Suite was the right mix of enough space without upping the nightly rate too high (we paid about $300++ for the night) for the suite. Especially when you factor in the roughly $150 worth of Amex FHR perks we were able to utilize, I feel like we got our money's worth. Though if I would have known our baby wouldn't sleep anyway we may have just opted for two standard connecting rooms...

I also want to add that when you book the suite they may offer a "Chairman's Lounge Upgrade" that includes access to the Chairman's Lounge. I am not sure what that upgrade costs, but the lounge itself is almost certainly not worth it as the offerings in there are very, very meager. There are small bottles of water, coffee, and something like dried fruit, apples, and cookies. This is not a lounge like you would see at a Hyatt with lots of different offerings.

Bellagio Chairman's Lounge

However, the service you get in the lounge may be better and quicker than in the standard check-in line, and I believe limo transfer is also included with the upgrade (though our limo never showed up, so...). In other words, I don't recommend paying extra for the Chairman's Lounge upgrade in most situations, though I do recommend the Bellagio Suite if you need more room at the Bellagio than a standard room can offer.

Have you stayed at a suite in the Bellagio? What did you think of your stay?