Maximizing Amex Post 4: Platinum Card Review

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This is another installment in my Maximizing Amex series where I examine the benefits of American Express cards and Amex’s Membership Rewards Program. The articles include; Post 1: Understanding the Card Offering. Post 2: Understanding Membership Rewards. Post 3: Understanding Transfer Bonuses. Post 4: Platinum Card Review. Post 5: SkyTeam Transfer Partners. Post 6: Oneworld Transfer Partners. Post 7: Star Alliance Transfer Partners. Post 8:Understanding Emergency Travel Assistance and Travel Accident Insurance. Post 9: Purchase and Return Protection and Extended Warranty. Post 10: Car Rental Benefits. Post 11: Gold and Premier Rewards Gold Card Comparison.

Update: The offer mentioned below for the Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here

This post is all about the American Express Platinum charge card and the multitude of benefits that come along with the card. While there are a ton of benefits, the card does come with a hefty $450 annual fee, so you should evaluate whether it makes sense for you.

High level details:
Annual Fee: $450
Card type: Charge card, which means there is no pre-set spending limit, but you have to pay it off every month or else you get hit with serious fees and high interest rates.
Points: Membership Rewards First. 1 point per dollar spent, 2x points for travel, 4x through Amex Bonus Points Mall
Foreign Transaction Fees?: No
Qualification: There’s no definitive qualification criteria, but you generally have to have good credit. A positive history with American Express helps too, but is not required.
Current Sign-Up Bonus for New Cardholders25,000 points after you spend $2,000 within 3 months. Those 25,000 points can be transferred to a number of airlines and hotels, as highlighted in my Membership Rewards Overview post. Note: the 25,000 points are only available to first time Platinum Cardholders who apply using the link. If you call Amex to upgrade an existing card you might get a lower bonus. Make sure you are logged out of your Amex account when you apply via the link, or else it won’t show. Once you apply fresh, you can combine accounts under one Amex login.
Additional cards: $175 will get you up to 3 additional cards. That fee is flat, so the price for 1 additional card is the same as getting 3 more. Additional cardholders get all benefits of the card, except the $200 airline credit.

Key benefits of the card in Addition to Membership Rewards:

Update: Beginning March 22, 2014, American Express Card Members will no longer have access to American Airlines Admiral Club and US Airways Club airport lounges through Airport Club Access / Airport Lounge Program. This means that Card Members will no longer be able to gain complimentary access to the American Airlines airport lounges (known as Admirals Club lounges) or the US Airways Club airport lounges as a benefit of their Platinum Card Membership. Cardmembers will continue to receive access to participating Delta Sky Club lounges, Priority Pass Select (enrollment is required), and Airspace lounges in JFK, CLE and BWI airports.

Airport Club Access Program: Showing your Platinum card will get you access to Delta, American Continental (Until September 30, 2011) and US Airways lounges. You must be traveling on that carrier and show a ticket, except for US Airways, which allows entry even if you are flying on a different carrier. You can bring two guests or your spouse and any children under 21 are covered.

$200 Airline Fee Credit: Every year you can select an airline and American Express will automatically refund you up to $200 throughout the year when you incur any fees. The marketing materials about this benefit state that baggage, in-flight food and drink, flight change fees and lounge day passes, but people have also reported receiving rebates for airline gift card purchases, full lounge membership, award ticket fees, and even cheap flights. Yes, you heard that correctly. As with all IT, many of these reimbursements probably shouldn’t have been reimbursed, but the system is not programmed well enough to decide what is eligible or not. In general, this benefit is pretty flexible and if you do any amount of traveling, you should have no problem getting the full $200 in value. American Express also has phenomenal (in my experience) customer service, so even if your charge doesn’t automatically get reimbursed, you can ask them to consider it and many people have gotten Amex to reimburse using this method. This feature was only rolled out about 6 months ago, so it is still evolving. And we are still learning the limits of the program, but so far reimbursements have been generous.

Priority Pass Select Membership
: In addition to the Delta/American/US/Continental lounge access program, you also get Priority Pass Select membership, which gets you free access to hundreds of international and independent airline lounges. All guests are $27, though some lounges allow family members in for free. This includes Alaska Airlines lounge access.

Global Entry Fee Rebate: The US government charges $100 to get Global Entry (which I raved about in this post), but if you pay using your Platinum card, Amex will automatically rebate you that $100 dollars.

25% Bonus on Pay With Points: A benefit of Membership Rewards First is a 25% bonus when you redeem points to pay for airfare directly with Amex travel. Normally 1 point = 1 cent, but with the Platinum card 1 point = 1.25 cents. So a $500 flight which would normally cost 50,000 points, would only cost 40,000 points if you have a Platinum card. Plus, you earn miles (including elite miles) on Pay With Points purchases, so this can be a valuable benefit if you want to save money on airfare, but still earn elite status. Other programs that allow Pay With Points/Miles redemptions (like Delta) do not allow you to accrue miles or elite status on those redemptions.

Starwood Gold Status: Once you have a Platinum card, just call Starwood at 1-888-625-4990 and tell them you have an Amex Platinum card and want SPG Gold Status. They’ll make you fax in proof that you have the card, but once you send it, they’ll upgrade your Starwood account to Gold status. Starwood Gold (normally attained after 25 nights or 10 stays) gets you a 50% bonus on Starpoints, room upgrades, 4pm late checkout and overall better customer service.

Fine Hotels & Resorts Program: When you book hotel stays through this program and pay with your Platinum card, you get room upgrades, free breakfast for two, late check-out (4pm) and other amenities like spa credit and free golf. Overall, FHR rates might be a little more expensive, but the breakfast benefit alone can save you over $50 a day. I also love the 4pm late check-out when I’m staying at a hotel where I don’t have elite status. Booking as a FHR guest allows you to differentiate yourself from the masses and get enhanced customer service.

Purchase Protection: I don’t think people realize how valuable this benefit can be. American Express prides itself on customer service, so if you purchase something and it gets stolen/broken/lost, Amex will refund you. I remember reading a post on Flyertalk about someone’s hat blowing off on a cruise and Amex instantly refunded them the $70 since they bought it with a Platinum card. I’ve generally only heard good stories about this benefit, so it can easily save you more than your yearly fee if you ever need to take advantage of it.

International Premium Companion Ticket: If you buy a full-fare first or business class ticket, you can get a second for free. This benefit isn’t hugely valuable unless you frequently buy super-expensive tickets. However, this can be very valuable for people who can book full-fare business class for work and thus you can get your spouse/partner to come along for free in the same class of service.  Click here for a list of participating airlines.

Premium Car Rental Program: With the Amex Platinum you enjoy elite status with Hertz, Avis, and National. Elite status allows for quick checkout and upgrades as well as a 4-hour return grace period when you use the Platinum rate. There’s also an option to buy premium insurance directly through Amex for about $20 a rental, which can be a huge savings over buying it from the car rental company directly.

Equinox Fitness Benefits: If you sign-up for Equinox gym membership with your Platinum card you get: Special membership pricing, 4 Personal Training sessions, 1 50-minute Signature massage or facial. Equinox is pretty expensive, but if you are going to sign-up anyway, this can be a really valuable benefit.

Bonus Points Shopping Mall: Earn 4x the points for spend when purchasing from select retailers with your Platinum card through Amex’s secure shopping portal. Bonus Points Mall includes more than 160 online retailers such as Target, Barnes & Nobles, Godiva, Spa Finder, FTD, Staples, Best Buy and Home Depot.

Cruise Priveleges Program: Up to $300 per stateroom shipboard credit or a two-category stateroom upgrade, exclusive amenities that vary by cruise line, double Membership Rewards points and $100 Annual travel  benefit. Partners: Azamara, Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, Holland, Paul Gauguin, Princess, Regent Seven Seas, Silversea, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, Windstar and Yachts of Seabourn. Book by calling Platinum Travel Service at 1-800-443-7672. I personally haven’t used this benefit yet, but TPG reader John tweeted me that on his most recent Celebrity cruise, he got $100 onboard credit, a bottle of premium wine (~$85) and two specialty restaurant covers (~$60).

There are some other smaller benefits like exclusive event invitations and even random gifts from Amex, but I think the ones highlighted above give you a sense of what the Platinum Card is all about.

If you are considering getting a Platinum card for the first time, but you aren’t sure about the $450 annual fee, the 25,000 point sign-up bonus is so lucrative that this deal is a no-brainer in my opinion. Those 25,000 points can instantly be redeemed for $300+ in airfare, so that one benefit alone almost pays for the annual fee. The great thing is that you can try out the card, get the bonus and if you decide it’s not the right card for you, you can downgrade to a cheaper Amex card or cancel before you have to pay the next year’s annual fee and you get to keep the sign-up bonus and all points earned (note: if you do cancel your Amex account, I recommend using/transferring all points before the account is canceled.) Note: The sign-up bonus is even more valuable for Delta flyers because there’s a promo available until May 31st where you can get a 50% bonus and 25,000 MQMs when you transfer 50k Amex points or more to your Delta Skymiles account. This will not only get you 75,000 Skymiles, but also earn you elite status until February 2013!

As far as keeping the card year after year, that’s only something you can decide is worth it for you based on your travel patterns and needs. For me, it’s an easy decision because I love the flexibility of Membership Rewards and I absolutely depend on the spending power and customer service of the Platinum card. Plus the lounge access, free Global Entry and hotel upgrades help take my travel a lot more comfortable.

If you do decide to get a Platinum card, please consider applying through my link. I can guarantee it will take you to a secure Amex application that has the 25,000 point sign-up promotion attached to it. I get a commission, but that is what keeps this site running and allows me to write these posts and answer any questions you may have about the deals.

Feel free to ask questions or share your Platinum experience below.

Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

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  • Glen

    Gravelly Point! Glad you enjoyed watching the planes from there! And I hope you enjoyed my hometown of Wash, DC!
    Thanks for this post! I may wait a little while, but I might try out the Platinum Card later this year. Some good information here.

  • Jay

    So, to clarify, when does the annual fee get charged? So you could theoretically not pay an annual fee at all if you downgrade or cancel prior to the first annual fee being charged?

  • Mike

    Is the $175 additional card fee a one-time or annual fee? Thanks.

  • Chris

    I got the Plat card specifically for the Delta promo. As a first time Amex card holder, I could not “advance” the points…I had to complete the $1000 spend, and wait for the first statement to cycle. I had called Amex earlier to ask about getting the points advanced, and that’s how I learned about the first statement needing to cycle. However, they did a “rush” to get the points credited to my account, along with a 1000 pt “goodwill” bonus! Wow. Great customer servicer. I then tranferred to Delta, and immediately got the FF miles posted, along with the 25K MQM miles that made me an instant Silver Medallion. I’ve never had status at an airline before…I know Silver isn’t supposed to be worth a lot, but let me tell you…on my flight from CVG-ATL-SAV…I got upgraded to 1st class on both segments! Wahoo! I don’t think I can ever go back to non-status again.

    Damn you, pointsguy. Now I too am hooked on this “game”. The travel rewards game. Waaaay more fun than Xbox. :)

  • The Points Guy

    @glen- I had a great time in DC!

    @jay- the $450 fee gets charged soon after getting the card, so there’s no way getting around it for the first year at least

    @mike- it’s a yearly fee

    @chris- welcome to the club! Once upon a time when I was silver I snagged quite a few upgrades. A great benefit considering you got it from clicking a button to transfer points! Good luck on gold- it’ll be here before you know it!

  • Bill

    How will additional cardholders be able to take advantage of the Priority Pass membership? It appears they send you a personalized Priority Pass membership card after enrollment which is used to access the lounges worldwide. I don’t think the Priority Pass lounges accept your AMEX Platinum as does DL, AA, and US….

  • The Points Guy

    @Bill- you do indeed get a physical card that is valid until 2014. The additional cardholders each get cards as well :-)

  • newdeltaSM

    I have an existing Amex (small) Business Gold card with 300k MR points. What is the best process to follow to get this Platinum card, cancel my existing card and make sure my existing MR pts are still good in MR?

  • Matt

    Brian, I’m not seeing any indication of the 50,000 bonus points when I click the AMEX link on your site, and this offer was originally supposed to expire on 3/31. Are you 100% sure we will still get the 50,000 bonus points if we signup?

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  • The Points Guy

    @Newdelta- don’t cancel anything. Simply apply for a Platinum card and get the bonus and then merge/downgrade your other cards if you want to use the Platinum as your primary. The 50k bonus is only for new applicants, so make sure you are logged out when you apply.

    @Matt- you need to log out of your Amex account and possibly clear your cookies/use a new broswer. Once you do that, you will see the offer. I can guarantee this offer is still valid for new Platinum Cardholders- you just need to apply as a new applicant. Once you log out/clear cookies, you should see the offer and be able to apply. Many TPG readers have done this and I haven’t heard of a single case of someone not getting the points. Let me know if you need anything else.

  • Matt

    Ok thanks Brian, I closed FireFox and opened a new Internet Explorer window. I saw the bonus when I clicked the link and just got approved. Thanks!!

  • LArry Brenner

    Great info Brian. I have a Costco cash rebate card and it says it is platinium though there is no fee as long as I have a Costco Membership. Will I be able to get this card?

  • Mike T.

    I got my Plat card about two months ago under this bonus and have loved the benefits so far. In addition to the Priority Pass membership, I also really like the rental car insurance packages Amex offers. What I didn’t originally know was the Plat card provides secondary insurance. I live in NYC and don’t have a car, so I also took advantage of the enhanced rental protection that you can add on to the Plat card coverage. It’s $19.95 per rental but gives primary and secondary coverage for LDW, personal injury, theft, etc. Another cost, yes, but cheaper than the daily rate at the car companies.
    Anyway, there are lots of great benefits from this card–thanks for the info, PointsGuy!

  • pianodude

    @TPG — Do you have any indication when this 50K bonus offer may end?

  • John

    If I get an additional card for my partner, will his Global Entry enrollment fee be credited back too, or is there a limit of one per account? Thanks!

  • The Points Guy

    @Larry- you can get a Platinum card, you will just have to apply as a new card holder through the link (make sure you are logged out of your amex account and you may need to clear cookies). Once you have the Platinum card, you can consolidate or cancel your Costco card.

    @Mike T Good to hear your experience. Mine is similar- as a NYC resident I don’t have a car either, so paying a flat $20 saves me a TON of money since insurance can be $30+ per DAY

    @John- I just confirmed with Amex, additional cards ARE eligible for the GLobal Entry rebate

  • Larry

    Thanks Brian, just applied and got accepted for both the wife and I! (used your link)

  • Eli

    First time AMEX member with a credit history of about 2.5 years probably won’t be accepted, right?

  • Chris

    Do you know for how long the 50K MR upon sign up lasts?

  • Brad

    Just to clarify, the $200 airline credit is per account but fees incurred by additional card holders are reimbursed. Only the primary card can register the airline choice but all cards can make reimbursable charges up to the combined $200 total.

    Also, we did have two Global Entry charges reimbursed…and it happens very fast, I think within a day of applying.

  • Ken P

    Great recap – just took advantage of Priority Pass (my partner is primary holder) for both of us, Global Entry AND just registered him for CO so I can use the card for BOB when I don’t get upgraded! Love the update and clarification on all benefits (like car rental). great post – keep up the good work

  • The Points Guy

    @pianodude- the bonus can end anytime so id recommend getting in right away. While the BA promo has a projected end date, I’m not aware of one for the Amex platinum. Better safe than sorry and apply today if you want the 50k

  • t

    FYI, i didnt get the MR 50k credit automatically, after 4 months of statements… had to call in, get transferred to MR desk, and after a bit of a wait (albeit they were very polite the whole time), they finally applied my bonus.

  • The Points Guy

    @T glad it worked out! I think they’ve streamlined the links, because most people are getting the points automatically shortly after they hit the $1k spend (and the others once their statement closes)

  • Nate

    I clicked the link after clearing my cache and it only shows a 25,000 point bonus. I have a Gold Premier Rewards Card.

  • The Points Guy

    Nate- it looks like the offer is now expired and Amex is only offering 25,000 points. I’ll get confirmation in the morning, but it doesn’t look good :-(

  • Nate

    Shucks. I was just going to apply for it after reading through your various posts.

    Question. Will the $450 fee that’s charged be counted towards the $1000 spend in the first 3 months to get the points bonus? I’ll reach the $1,000 minimum with or without the fee no problem but I’m just curious.

  • The Points Guy

    @Nate- nope- the $450 doesn’t count toward the $1,000 spend unfortunately

  • The Points Guy

    At 25,000 sign up points its still a decent deal, though not nearly as good as 50,000 (obviously)

  • Jordan

    Hey Brian
    Just wanted to say I (finally) took advantage of this yesterday through your link, hope that even that little bit helps keep the site going strong… I appreciate all the work you do!

  • Sandy

    Bonus 50k MR points still avlaible on amex plat website

  • moe

    First of all, thanks for all your clear info you always spell out everything so clearly! Nobody else out there is as good as your stuff! I was wondering if you know if the “priority plass” membership would stay valid if the plat card is canceled (after enrolling)? also, if cancelled within a certian time fraim, will i get the $450 waived? Also, about the purchase protection, do you think it works even after 90 days? like 2 years later? and doesnt it work for all amex cards like the gold as well? 1 more thing, do you know which airline i can get $200 gift cards for the credit? thanks in advance!

  • The Points Guy

    Moe- pretty sure priority pass will get canceled when you cancel
    I’ve heard you can get a prorated fee rebate if you cancel the card
    Not sure about purchase protection- I’d call Amex and ask about that
    Gift cards can be done on AA and possiy others

  • Josh

    You also get tripit pro for free with the amex platinum. I didn’t realize until I downloaded the amex travel app, and it automatically gave me tripit pro. Nice.

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  • Mike

    I’m curious about how you would compare this card to my CO Presidental Plat MC? I’m really getting fed up with the CO/UA megamerger and am looking to jump ship after I make 1k this year but nobody else offers an airline card quite like CO. I spend ~$100 -125k per year on my card and use a lot of miles for reward tickets to Europe. Do you think this card and membership rewards is comparable to what I have already with CO?



  • The Points Guy

    Amex has the ability to transfer points to each alliance plus a ton of other partners. If you accrue with a Continental/United card, you are stuck with only Star Alliance points. You lose major flexibility, but Star Alliance is the biggest with 27 airlines, so its not terrible. I’d personally stick with amex, but if you only fly Continental/UA, I can see why the Presidential Plus would make sense (from a lounge access perspective)

  • Margaret Dodd

    Hi..I just got the plat card, hoping it will make a planned trip to Europe on a tight budget (very tight) smoother and more fun, will be travelling with my 2 teenage sons, and my husband so got 3 additional cards..which I am now wondering if it was necessary. I read that children and spouse may get access to lounges just being with a card holder (the main reason got them cards was so we could enjoy the pampering together!… I asked amex about getting the extra cards so they could have lounge access and the lady said yes do it…so was it unnecessary? is it worthwhile them having cards? can I ask for the money back for the extra cards if its not worthwhile..Thank You!!!

  • Margaret Dodd

    sorry..could you let me know by email if you respond..hopefully!

  • Margaret Dodd

    sorry..could you let me know by email if you respond..

  • pc8488

    Amex bonus points – I just applied for the Amex Plat via the 25,000 point link and after completing the first page of application info, I clicked on the verify page and got to the review information. On the left side if the page it stated I would receive 50,000 Membership Rewards bonus points after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months, looks like the offer is still around.

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  • pc8488

    Just got the Amex Plat card yesterday. In the cardmember agreement states $0 for the first year, then $450. This card is turning out to be a winner, no fees and 50,000 points. Going to call to try and get the extra 50,000 points.

  • Margaret Dodd

    what bonus id did you use for the fee waive??!

  • Pc8488

    Just used the link in this story. I was surprised when I got the card agreement. I see that a couple of others had the same thing happen.

  • Margaret Dodd

    not sure what I did wrong. I also followed the link and called to ask for the waived fee…no luck!..

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  • TennisFan

    The link above that you provided to sign up for the Platnium card does not say anything about the 25,000 sign up bonus. Is that still in effect? Thanks.

  • The Points Guy

    @tennisfan- yes it does. You are probably logged into your Amex account, log out and click the link again

  • TennisFan

    Got it, thanks. I used your link so you should get the referral. I was accepted for the card. Do I have to activate it to get the points forwarded to my account or can I do that tonight?

  • itsjaypeg

    Thanks for the tips! I just got approved for a Platinum a couple weeks ago and my Advance Points went from 15k to 60k upon activation.

    I also took advantage of the Delta promotion, thanks to your site. Thank you!

  • Debra Zimmerman

    Is it worth it to spend the $450 to get the 25,000 to go from Silver to Gold Elite? Jus wondering if anyone (Brian?) has any thoughts….

  • The Points Guy

    @TennisFan- you need to have the account active in order to get the ability to do a points advance. I’d recommend them expediting the card so you have the account active by May 31.

    @Debbie- I totally think its worth it. That $450 will get you a ton of other benefits like Global Entry (which you NEED as a NY based international traveler), lounge access, $200 in airline credits and more. PLUS if you can go from Silver to Gold- that gets you a 100% bonus on all Delta flights, upgrades, Skyteam elite plus (lounge access internationally) and ability to same day change your flight for free. I think its a no brainer since you travel so much.

  • debra

    thanks Brian. I took your advice as I always do! I already have Global Entry (more than 2 years ago….is it worth asking Amex for a rebate? I guess it can’t hurt! I think I willl cancel my Biz Platinum and see if I can get the $450 partially rebated….and try for the extra 50,000 as per your other posts. And I found the answer about transfer from my boyfriend’s after the mem rewards transfer to his. Thanks!!! You are amazing as usual.

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  • mkePediatrician
  • MKEPediatrician

    Also wanted to ask you…what do you think of the event ticket protection plan? It says a covered loss includes “Lost Ticket” in addition to a number of other damages…

  • lance

    thanks for all the great info on this card! I was holding out for a big offer, and I just got the best offer I’ve seen so far! 100k for the platinum amex business, and another 75k for the gold amex business. I was over the moon, after applying for both at the same time, and receiving instant approval. I am considering now, converting those right away for BA miles to get the 50% bonus and turn the 175k into 262k :) There are some pretty good redemption opportunities on LAN for south america, or Cathy Pacific. We’ll see. I did sign up to receive offers somewhere for AMEX, and these two just finally rolled in, and I jumped on both.

    Happy Flying :)

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  • Malki

    Hi Points Guy …. great site, thanks for the info! I tried the link for the Amex Platinum 25k offer … the offer is no longer available :(

  • The Points Guy

    @malki- its definitely still available. Log out of your Amex account and then try the link again- it will work (if not, then clear your cookies)

  • Malki

    @the points guy … thanks for that; I had to delete the cookies!

  • DP

    Brian – I live in Atlanta and only fly Delta. I signed up for the Delta Amex Gold card a few months back (first year annual fee waived) and am considering upgrading to the Delta Amex Platinum once my free year with the Gold is up. Since I only fly Delta I’m trying to decide if the Delta Amex Platinum at $150 a year is a better fit for me than the Amex Platinum charge card with its $450 fee. Any thoughts on this? By the way I love your blog, I just discovered it a couple weeks ago and I’m addicted!!

  • The Points Guy

    @DP It depends. If you really need the MQMs, the Delta Platinum might make more sense if you spend the necessary $25/$50k spend requirements. If you want Delta SkyClub access and would rather have points that can also be redeemed on Star Alliance/Oneworld and other partners, then I say go with Amex Platinum.

  • jlscribbles

    Hey there. After reading your post and signing up, I noticed that MR only gives 20% back to Plat card holders, not he 25% stated above. Is that what you’re seeing as well? Thanks.

    Edit: Apparently I can’t do math. The 20% “rebate” makes each MR point 25% more valuable. Got it :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey- its a 20% rebate, which is the same exact thing as a 25% bonus.

    For example if you book a $100 flight it’ll cost 10,000 points and you get 20% (20,000 back). Your net outlay is 8,000 points.

    You could also look at it as 8,000 points = $100 in value = 1.25 cents a point- a 25% bonus.

  • marina

    hello, I never posted hear, but solid 2 days to read all information on this site. Thank you. I could not sign for the catd by using your link. I clear the cookie, but still it said we are preaproved and could upgrade from gold to platinum. I was not on my site. No mention to the bonus of any kind. I also have another question. I jsu recently transferred all our MR points to Delta on may 31 for the promotion with 50% bonus and 25 MQM. As I understood the promotion was stated that in order to additional 25MQM you should never transfer any miles to delta and transfer over 100.000 miles. My husband transfer miles to delta before, so we did linked acoounts on AM ex and I spent almost 30 min on the phone with membership reward representative to confirm what I am getting. So I transfer 114.000 points, recieved instantly 50% bonus and just now recieved 25.oooMQM, but they are not additional miles, they are just status miles. I did not care about status, I do not fly nearly enough to use it or keep it, and silver really did not get you much anyway. I called to MR program, they were very unhelpful, and i am considering drop our gold card that we had and paid for fore 20 years. I read when you explain somebody on this blog, that if person sign up for platinum with 25000bonus and before may 31 could make it 75.000 by transferring to delta, it is simly not the case. I was burned by MR and this delta promotion. I could of transfer it to BA that I need milesbadly( missed the BA card promotion, only husband did it), or transfer only part of the points and still get 50% bonus because I did not need to transfer over 100000 and do not care about status anyway. Just want your comments on that, please. thank you

  • marina

    I am so sorry, I did not re-read my post, it contains too many typos. I will be much more clear and more careful next time. I hope you understand both problems and could comment. Thank you, again

  • CCHuang

    Hi TPG, you promised in the part 4 that we will have a Premier Rewards Card review but I couldn’t find that. Did I miss that? Thank you.

  • Michi Kunugi-Wang

    I just read through this because I’m looking for info on international club access. I have to add though, this card is definitely worth the fee. I don’t even know where to begin. My husband got one about two years ago. For starters they offer travel insurance for $10, this is a hit or miss but since we travel frequently with our business this has proven to be invaluable. The first year we received over $1,000 in compensation. If your flight is delayed by 3 hours it $250 if it’s more than 3 hours or past 9pm it’s $500. The club access has been amazing as well. You quickly learn what lounges are better, some have free alcohol if you like to drink. Either way the laid back quietness and the clean bathrooms, sometimes showers, are the best. Then we also have the perks with the hotels, we get automatic upgrades about 80% of the time and always get early check in and late check out. Now there are a few other perks that I don’t believe were mentioned. They have this amazing concierge service that can save you a ton of time. We have used this quite a bit. You can call them and tell them where you are and what you are looking for, Maybe a restaurant, club, concert, etc. and they will do all the searching for you. Depending on what it is you want they have even let me go and called me back one the work was done. They also have special offers with certain concert and there is actually special seating in the front reserved just for platinum, members. They even got reservation into a restaurant one time that our friends couldn’t get us into and they supposedly didn’t even take reservations. I can’t rave about this enough. Oh yea, I almost forgot. They also sent my husband a $500 suitcase that had another $500 worth of travel accessories like Boss noise cancellation headphones and an iPod Nano just to name a few as a thank you for being a customer. Also my card was actually free since I’m his spouse. I think you get up to four cards for free and then it’s an additional $100 per card after that, I am not completely sure on this. I can also add that I truly enjoy the change and expression on peoples faces when I pull out the card for purchases, it’s like they suddenly take you more seriously. You just have to get one to fully understand that you get more than your moneys worth.

  • Seattle Girl

    Hello Points Guy – We’ve been AMEX people for more than 20 years; they keep trying to get us to go for the Platinum. We were actually thinking about it; but the 25k points seems like a crappy deal to us…after having been offered the companion ticket deal for so long….but of course that’s gone. Any word on whether Amex will do better than 25k points for long-term members with outstanding credit? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    They do offer 100k from time to time- in fact, many people are currently getting it. The key is to apply for a new card (not upgrade) my link is then once you get the card, call and ask for the 100k bonus. Read the comments in this thread for proof it has been working. Bonus code 5748 seems to be the most successful. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
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  • Bmgarry

    Can you explain why I would keep my card when rewards points can no longer be used for Continental airlines? I am in a hub for Continental and a Gold Elite, but after September 30 I cannot use Amex MR, I need to move all my points b4 that date? What other card can I get?

  • Anonymous

    You can still use Amex points for Continental (and any other Star ALliance carrier) by transferring them Aeroplan, ANA or Singapore airlines frequent flyer programs- all are at a 1:1 ratio.

    Otherwise, if you only want Continental miles, the new OnePass plus might be an option, though most of the benefits of that card would be duplicitive for a Gold Elite, though 40k points isn’t bad

    The Presidential Plus card is an option if you want elite miles and lounge access

  • Bmgarry

    Thanks for the fast reply. I am looking at it from a business standpoint. I believe Continental also offers a Business version of the Presidential Plus correct? What other card comes close to Amex Platinum?

  • Anonymous

    I have booked a trip to Kauai through Delta Vacations. I have already made the $300 deposit and paid for it with my husband’s Cabela’s Visa Black Signature Card. If I were to open up a AMEX Platinum card, and pay for the remainder of my trip (approx $900, due in Jan 2012) with the Platinum, would I recieve all of the benefits of the Platinum card (ie lounge access, $200 credit, etc)? Also, I have been told by 4 different Delta Agents that I can use up to 65000 Delta Skymiles as partial payment of the remainder of my trip. I am not currently a Amex cardholder, and I am not a frequent flier so I have only accumulate 11oo0 skymiles so far. Miles are truly not important to us, as we fly no more than once every 5 years. Would it be wise to pay the $450 fee to open up the card, transfer the miles to Delta and have all the benefits of platinum, or will I not receive the platinum benefits if not paying in full with the amex platinum card. Thanks so much for all you do for those of us trying to vacation on a budget!

  • JMSL

    Just got an offer in the mail for 100K bonus for a first-time sign up. The brochure does cite Bonus ID 5748, and it says the offer expires September 2. $1,000 spend in first three months.

    I had sort of written this card off due to the high annual fee. I don’t fly very much (maybe 5 trips/year) so the travel benefits (Global Entry, lounge access, no foreign fees) aren’t as valuable for me as they’d be for a more frequent traveler. But with the 100K bonus and low minimum spend, I’m thinking I’ll go for it. The points alone would probably be worth the $450, and it would be nice to have the chance to take advantage of the transfer bonuses and other promotions that Amex runs. Currently don’t have an Amex or any Membership Rewards points.

  • Victoria Plum

    I recently signed up for the platinum card, and used it to pay the fees and taxes for a last minute first class rewards ticket American Airlines JFK-LHR. Amex posted a $100 airline fee credit to my account 3 days later. Nice!

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  • PJ

    hope you already have the Platinum and is going to be 100K MR points richer but $450 poorer minus other big benefits ie good deal with 100K bonus ID 5748 until sep 16

  • PJ

    ahh I did not know $ 200 credit covers booking fees on the designated airlines

  • PJ

    any hassel to book a continental flights with points transferred over to other atar alliance carriers? I notice AA flights are NOT that accessible to BA miles holders

  • PJ

    indeed bonus ID 5748 good until sep 16 i think they go with application date GO FOR IT of course with Brian’s link :) cheers

  • PJ

    Brian told me it is a no brainer

  • PJ

    if you dont have gold premier sure go for that one if u want to have both 450 is a small price to get them ALL

  • Kakakhel

    PJ – which link did you use? Also, do you have to wait for $1000 spend before applying for the bonus code or can you apply for the bonus once approved for the card?

  • Anonymous
  • Kakakhel

    Thanks TPG! I am about to apply using your link.

    Can you please confirm that the spend limit is $1000 during first 3 months? Also do I still have a chance of getting the 75K bonus points? What are the latest invitation codes you have come across?

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  • Anonymous

    Confirmed $1,000 in spend within 3 months for 25,000 points. I just updated the ad in this post to confirm that.

  • Anonymous

    Confirmed $1,000 in spend within 3 months for 25,000 points. I just updated the ad in this post to confirm that.

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  • Tristan

    Similar concierge service can be gotten completely free via any Visa Signature card (such as the Chase Freedom that I have). It also has purchase protection as well.

    The AMEX Platinum card is really only good for people who travel a lot. I take about 4 flights a year but the Platinum card is not even worth it for me.

  • Pingback: 50K Membership Rewards signup bonus for AMEX Platinum Card is back - UnRoadWarrior()

  • Tristan

    I’m having a tough time determining whether or not the Platinum card is worth it for me or not. I don’t travel much but might if I could get some free flights (since I can work my job from anywhere). I currently spend about $30.k year on my AMEX Blue Cash cash back credit card.

    Anyone have any input? Another option for me would be go to for the Gold card I suppose. Or, just keep using my Blue Cash card…

  • Uk2nycmist111

    Hello – the 25000 pts link takes you to a existing member sign on page – you either enter your login info or cc number, how can you sign up for the Amex platinum + 25000 pts?
    Also a recent post in the comments says the code (5748) for the additional 100k expires Sept 16th, do we give this on the phone/online

  • Anonymous

    I’d probably recommend the Premier Rewards Gold

    You get 3x points on airfare, 2x gas and grocery and a 15,000 point bonus when you spend $30,000 in a calendar year. $175 fee, waived for the first year plus 15,000 points for applying (plus other bonus opportunities. )

  • Anonymous

    You need to log out of your Amex account before clicking the link

    Any bonus bump codes are done over the phone, but note that they are getting more strict with RSVP codes

  • Uk2nycmist111

    Thank you! Any recommendations on how to request or use RSVP codes?

  • Carwag25

    One other lesser known benefit is the free membership to TripIt Pro. It will monitor fares on booked flights and notify via email if the fare has decreased. Since we fly WN domestically, this saved us $100 within the first month! Our ROI for this card paid for itself within the first two months.

  • Spencer Wheelwright

    Now that I have my Platinum card, how do I get elite status at Hertz/Avis/National?

  • Anonymous
  • Misterj

    *off topic question pointsguy – sorry – I have the Amex Plat, and I have a couple of flights coming up – booked with British Airways but are codesharing with American Airlines (essentially i’ll be flying on a American Airlines plane – but paid for the tix to British) , can i use the $200 airline fee credit towards American Airlines?

  • CU

    Wow, am I upset. I had an Amex Gold card for years. Then I saw the Amex Platinum offer and the bump-up bonus for 100K — I called back in July, and they said yes, you are eligible (bonus ID 5748) and that I should call around now to have it manually adjusted. I called and they refused, saying that I was not eligible because I had a prior Amex card. I am SO MAD. As I recall, there was at least a 25K sign-up bonus at the time and now they are giving me NOTHING. Zero points. Even though the rewards person on the line said that yes, they saw it was noted in my account that the prior rep told me I was eligible for the 100K. Grrrrrrrrr. Any thoughts?

  • pete838

    They pulled the same shit on me. Confirmed my eligibility over the phone when I signed up, then after $450 fee was paid and spend was met told me I do not qualify for the offer. Bastards.

  • pete838

    You have to select the airline you intend to use the credit with BEFORE the charge posts.

    Go here to choose:

    I use mine with DL, and have used the credit to upgrade my seats to Economy Comfort, extra baggage fees, and in flight meals, bevs, or entertainment. The charge HAS TO originate with the airline you pre-selected. If you are on AA metal, though, and buy a gin & tonic on your Platinum card, it will work. If you selected AA, though, and pay the BA ticket agent for an extra bag fee it will not work, even if you actually fly on AA metal.

    The credit, for me, always appears within a couple days of the charge.

  • infomofo

    Can anyone clarify what the equinox “special membership pricing” for amex platinum members is in New York City?

  • GDDD

    I believe its a 20% Membership Reward Bonus now

  • Anonymous

    Its a 20% rebate, which equals a 25% bonus

  • Anonymous

    Its the same price (I think $180 for all access), but if you pay with platinum card the enrollment fee is waived, you get 4 personal training sessions and some other assorted goodies

  • justtryin2get2sydney

    Has anyone had success buying Delta gift certificates and being reimbursed the $200 airline fee credit?

  • Anon.

    Regarding the $200 airline fee credit…I signed up with American Airlines and bought 2 500 mile upgrades two weeks ago for $60 and did not get reimbursed. I bought one $50 gift card and got reimbursed 3 days later. They also reimbursed me for the gift card shipping charges.

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  • Kris

    Hello TPG ..I have an AX platinum and am not planning to travel anymore this year..Any other ways or idea how I can collect my $ 200 Airline Fee credit ..I have still not even registered for any airline this year ..Thanks.Kris..

  • Anonymous

    While technically not allowed, if you designate AA you can buy 4 $50 gift certs that should get rebated.

  • Kris

    Thanks for yr quick response..Really appreciate it ! How and where do I register and get the $ 50 AA gift certificates and how long will they be valid for?..Thanks. Kris

  • Anonymous

    When ordering the AA gift cards should they be physical cards or virtual cards?

  • Anonymous

    Hey TPG, in a couple of months from now my platinum card will be coming up for renewal. If I have Amex downgrade me to a zync with it show up on my credit report that I closed one account and opened another or will it look like one continuous line of credit? Thanks so much.

  • Kris

    Thanks TPG ..I got the AA gift certs on Dec 06 and the credit for $ 200 was posted on my account on 9th Dec ..Very quick indeed …Pls see below the details..Thanks a lot !!

    AMEX Airline Fee Reimbursement 12/09/2011

    12/09/2011 Fri AMEX Airline Fee Reimbursement
    AA MISC SALE/ TAX/ FDALLAS TX 12/06/2011

    12/06/2011 Tue AA MISC SALE/ TAX/ FDALLAS TX

  • Kris

    I got the virtual cards and the credit for $ 200 posted back to my account in 3 days..Thanks..Kris

  • guest

    How different is this in Thailand? Any info would be appreciated

  • Jim

    Would love some advice: spend about $75k a year. $45k is goods (primarily electronics as we are an IT company) and maybe 15k in restaurants. Don’t see any card that gives anything above 1% back on Electronics. Some seem to have restaurants as an option. I have an Amex Gold (the regular one as the never pitched me this new Open Biz one). They are pushing the Platinum hard and I hope to travel 4-5 times this year but no more. Having trouble weighing the costs of membership, versus possible cash back opportunities etc. Any and all advice appreciated!

  • Guest
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  • Anonymous

    Do the additional cardholders need to have the same address as I?

    btw – Great site, TPG. I’ve been reading through all of the AmEx Plat reviews so I can make the most of it.

  • Anonymous

    No need to have the same address

  • Anonymous

    thx for the prompt reply. safe travels!

  • health_consult

    Just got AX Platinum Card. Speaking with SPG & AM Plat customer service. No one seems to be able to upgrade my account at SPG to Gold. I once read about an email I can send a screen shot too. When I call the number for SPG, they can’t find “how to do it” in the system

  • guest

    just upgraded from amex business gold rewards to amex business platinum, is there any way i can get a bonus point signup in doing so?

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  • Guest
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  • Laurent

    I have Flying blue Amex Platinum card issued in France and I had it for several years already. I will move soon and relocate to the USA : is there a wayto transfer my AMEX credit history so that it can be taken into account for my future credit rating in the US ?
    Thanks for your insight

  • Jose Carlos Garcia Franco

    According to my AMEX Travel app that benefit (free TripIt pro) is ending March 31, 2012

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  • joshua northrup

    Question: I’ve been offered a chance to receive 50,000 bonus points for $1,000 spent with the gold premier rewards card, but I like the travel benefits of the platinum they offered me. Can I use the gold card and receive the 50,000 bonus points, then upgrade to the platinum card and transfer points? Or can I apply for both and just use the platinum over seas (no foreign transaction fees), and use the gold here in the US for the better point multiplier?

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  • Ticketembo
  • thepointsguy

    I have both and use Platinum for abroad and Gold for US spend

  • thepointsguy

    Amex does have a process for transferring accounts internationally- you have to call

  • thepointsguy

    Not in advance- you need to apply for the Business Platinum as a new application to get the current 25,000 signup bonus

  • thepointsguy

    Call Amex again.. they should be able to do it on the phone with SPG

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  • guest

    I have a question about the $200 credit. Last year I allowed about $50 of it go unused, which is a big waste. Now that I think about it, could I have purchased miles and been reimbursed with any balance that was set to expire? Also, does this benefit cycle on the calendar year? As I recall, they initiated it on December 1, 2010, which might indicate a Dec to Dec benefit cycle.

  • TPG Intern Ryan

    The $200 airline fee credit is from Jan 1st to Dec 31st so resets each calendar year.

    Purchased miles are indeed one of the things that is reimbursed as long as the merchant is the airline and not a third party such as

  • Steven

    It only seems to work for new memberships, not renewals, at least when I’ve tried at the 92nd St location.

  • Steven

    I’d love to have TripIt Pro for free. How do you get it? I have the free version now. Thanks!

  • Cl

    Thanks or your review. How solid is the benefit to get one family member into Alaska Board Room through priority club. I can’t find it written anywhere. Is it one of those unwritten benefits or does it just depend on luck.

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  • Ryan

    I got a targeted offer for in the mail for the Premier Rewards Gold card with 50K points after $1000 spent in 3 months, and when I entered my code on their site, it also offered the Platinum with 100K points after $3000 spent in 3 months.

    I’m assuming that if you thought the platinum card was a good deal with only a 25K point bonus, I should be choosing it over the gold?

    Is it possible to get the gold as well, later on? How long should I wait?

  • Rob

    I had the worst experience with the Platinum card. I applied via the link here. Booked a cruise and other travel so quickly met the spending requirement. Months went by and no sign up bonus rewards were ever credited to my account. After about 5 months I inquired about it and they said that there is no current sign up bonus program. Even, when I received my welcome call from AMEX when I got my card we discussed the sign up bonus. We went back and forth over this and they would not budge. I ended up cancelling my account. Very disappointed

  • Tony

    Ryan, I received the same offer in the mail and I am not sure which offer to apply for, the Platinum or Premier Rewards Gold? Any suggestions

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  • Randy Ohara

    I just got my card and spent my 1k in the first month; the bonus points are already showing showing up in my account. Although I got my card through the new Morgan Stanley program (50k bonus points with 1k spending in 90 days).



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  • Travis

    Is the Starwood Gold Status still one of the benefit of the Platinum Card? I looked through the benefit page but I can’t find any information on Starwood Gold status. Also does all Platinum card give this benefit (Personal / business)?

  • thepointsguy

    Yes it is

  • Austin

    Risking that you are just a troll, I’m going to respond anyway. Assuming you’re referring to your FICO score, high 800′s is impossible as the max is 850. As such, the highest you could say is mid 800′s. I’ll chalk this up to a little hyperbole.

    Here’s where you clearly show your ignorance. Stock price in and of itself means nothing. If you look at market cap (which is a better but still not perfect way of comparing company size) as of today (11/27/12), Amex is worth just over 60B while MasterCard is just under. Looking at just revenue, in the trailing 12 months, AXP approx 24B whereas MA somewhere around 7.5B. Your assertion that AMEX is just hype and that causes them to have a lower stock price than MasterCard is clearly a fallacy.

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  • Fred how can I subscribe to your emails an info fred /[email protected]

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  • Rc

    After reading all the bad experiences about american express custome service on this site,i really wonder how much of the excellent customer service of american express is hype… I am an amex customer in mexico and to date (4 months) the service has been horrible,i am yet to see the excellence in the service. The us platinum card is only 450 bucks the same card in mexico is advertised at 800 bucks and is stripped down in terms of benefits. Wonder why people in mexico have to pay twice the amount for less benefits for the same product. Thats customer excellence for you…..

  • paul ash

    Austin, your post rebuts absolutely nothing that Andrew has said. It’s almost like hearing a republican answer accusations from a democrat, with a story about his dog

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  • roconor40

    “Additional cardholders get all benefits of the card, except the $200 airline credit.”

    Does this mean additional cardholders get club entry when traveling on their own?

    How about mileage points for pay with points purchases?


  • thepointsguy

    Yes to lounge access and yes to points accrual on Pay With Points flights

  • FD

    I have been an AMEX cardholder since 1999 and just this year signed up for the Platinum Card. I can echo the comments from others who did not get the bonus points that teh company offered. I confirmed shortly after sign up with AMEX that I would be given 25k bonus points after I spent $2,000 in teh first 3 months. An employee and a manager confirmed that I was eligble for the promotion and would receive th points once I spent the $2,000. I completed my end of the bargain 4 months ago and AMEX has not awarded the points. I called and Amex gave me the run around telling me that it was a refer a friend promotion that I was signed up for and not the $25,000 bonus points for spending $2k. I am currently being told that it will take 30 days for Amex to get back to me on a final ruling. The company should be ashamed of itself. This is teh type of treatment that you get for a Platinum card with an annual fee of $450 per year. They are willing to give a long time cardholder the run around for a pathetic 25k membership reward points? If these points are not awarded, I will cancel my platinum card immediately. In fact, I may cancel it for the headaches. Believe the warning and do not sign up for this card expecting to get the 25k bonus points without a fight.

    I will also say that the platinum travel services are a complete joke. You wait onhold longer than any other travel service. the fine hotels perk is great if you can use it, but beware that Amex may find a way to screw that up also like they did for me by failing to punch in the correct bonus code. Overall, I am very very disappointed with the platinum card customer service.

  • LilPK

    Their travel services are atrocious and I would NEVER recommend them unless you want to be purposely deceived by Amex. I had previously purchased a cruise online through their travel services that confirmed all my Platinum cruise benefits in writing, guess they couldn’t renege on that. Having had a great time on the cruise and an overall good experience with Amex’s Platinum online travel booking, I decided to book another cruise but had to speak to a cruise representative (Herminio Ramirez) to get both the cruise line and Amex Platinum travel benefits. BIGGEST MISTAKE I could have made! After going on the cruise and realizing that I had not received any of the benefits I received last time in booking with Amex Platinum travel, I called Amex after returning home from vacation overseas. After much back and forth, I was told that they had listened to “all the recordings” and on there I had ASKED to confirm what additional benefits I would be receiving as a Amex Platinum card holder and was put on hold until the representative could confirm. When Herminio Ramirez came back on the phone, he went right into validating the order and completely ignored my initial question – the one he put me on hold to find out. So instead of owning up to THEIR error and purposeful deception, they said they would offer $100 back to cover the dinner for two and $20 bottle of champagne as a COURTESY. It is so ridiculous to say that $100 courtesy makes up for the $300 onboard credit that I will not be receiving. I have been a card holder for 10+ years and am now thinking I NEVER want to use my Amex Platinum to purchase anything since I don’t not want to give another penny to a company that would condone such practices. I know I will NEVER be using Amex Platinum Travel services again, if I even decide to use my card again. For $450 a year, they could provide REAL customer service and have reputable travel agents. Herminio Ramirez – you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. People like you are why customer service representative are considered scum.

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  • HerrinSchadenfreude

    I have the gold card and they keep trying to get me to upgrade to platinum but when I look at the fee difference I think I should go gold preferred instead. I don’t travel as much now (used to be on 3-5 trips a year on business), so a lot of these benefits won’t be redeemed anyway.

    For the platinum card to be so revered I have a hard time figuring out how they pre approve me for that and tell me I can do the pay over time thingy yet I can’t get a Blue Sky Preferred, Blue Sky, Blue, or any of their other cards of that level. Sort of makes me sad and sure I am some sort of loser to Amex :(

  • Marc

    Good job points guy. Here is a question I haven’t seen answered. I have two Amex biz cards, a delta platinum and a gold. I like the delta platinum for lounge access and the 30k MQMs. I have half a million delta miles and about the same number of MR points on the gold card. Here’s the question: when I reach the $60k spend threshold on the delta platinum in February and get my 30k MQM miles, can I switch to the regular business platinum for the remainder of the year without any penalty or loss of benefits? The regular platinum gets me lounge access even if I am not on delta, and I can transfer the MR points to delta if I need more points. Will they allow me to switch back and forth between cards once a year?

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  • Msigurus

    I’ve had this card since June of last year. I’ve already got $200 airline credit & thinking about closing my card. Can you please tell me how long after closing Amex Platinum, i’m eligible to get the same bonus?

  • disqus_REt0YAuJgl

    Forget the Platinum card. American Express has a glitch in their fraud-control system that at its worst stopped me from filling my rental car with gas… at a Costco where I had already scanned my membership card with the same name! I almost missed my flight. Amex Platinum’s response? Our systems are fine the way they are. Who cares about the perks when the card gets in the way of your life?

  • Johnny Platinum

    The Platinum pre-approval means nothing from the standpoint of being guaranteed of actually obtaining the card. It only means you are pre-approved for the opportunity to apply. Said differently, there’s no benefit there, as anyone can apply.

    Don’t believe me? Just try applying and see that you’ll have to wait. My credit score is in the low 800s and I didn’t receive an immediate (60 second) approval; it took three days before they approved it.

    It’s all a marketing scam, and I was plenty pissed-off when I fell victim to it, as I pay off my credit card THROUGHOUT THE MONTH so that I have zero balance upon statement cycle closing date. Done that for 10 years. Plus make nearly $200k/year, never have carried a balance, and wads of cash in the bank (which is not measured on a credit report).

    Really pissed me off!

  • Michael Bogle

    I applied for this card back in January for the intro bonus – I recently called to inquire about switching to a lower annual fee card (Gold or Green) and it turns out they’ll refund a prorated amount of the $450 annual fee. The benefits aren’t terribly valuable to me – we only take 1-2 vacations per year b/c of young kids and fly business class, so airline lounges aren’t an issue – the $200 travel credit would be nice, but I probably wouldn’t use the bulk of it. any reason not to take the $375 prorated annual fee refund and convert? Just wondering if I’m missing something. Thanks!

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  • MDD1

    Hi! I would like to apply for the Platinum card but am curious as to whether it will be an issue that I was approved for an Amex SPG card around 3 months ago? My credit is above 780. My concern is the timing. Hope you can help.


  • MDD1

    Hi! I would like to apply for the Platinum card but am curious as to whether it will be an issue that I was approved for an Amex SPG card around 3 months ago? My credit is above 780. My concern is the timing. Hope you can help.


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  • Amanda

    Signed up for the Platinum card and already loving the travel benefits. BUT…a week after signing up I got an offer in the mail for 100,000 bonus points after spending 3K in 3 mos. Called to see if they would change my offer award to apply to my current card and was told no. Bummer! Any experience with talking AmEx into giving you a retroactive offer?

  • Rob_Mer

    His was a reasoned response sandwiched between the two nonsense posts of Andrew and Ash.

  • Jerry

    Here is what just happened to me today 6/28/2013:
    Last week on Jun 15th,2013 I received an approval for the Amex Platinum Card. Of-course it sounded too good to be truth so I decided why not take a chance right? So, the credit card states that it has “a NO PRE-SET LIMIT” which later I found out that was NOT true…Then I called Amex, told them I was going to be traveling to a business meeting with clients and I needed to make sure I was not going to be get decline on any of my travel transactions. The representative from Amex told me that I “may” get declined and if that happens to please call them back…!

    *My response to the Amex rep;

    “Wait a minute, are you telling me I can get declined even though I have another credit card through Amex and my credit limit is $12,000 dollars…? as proof of been an excellent business client with Amex???”

    *The Amex Representative response:

    “Yes!!! You can get declined Mr.XYZ and there is no guarantee you will get approved. Just call us back……

    * My response / million dollar question to the rep;

    “Why in the world I would take a chance to be embarrassed in front of any of my clients on a dinner table at a restaurant and the minute I pull the “amazing platinum Amex” I get a declined in front of them for????? Not only that but, in top of that, I have to PAY $450.00 yearly fee! On the other side of the coin…….Listen to this, I already have another Amex
    card with a $12,000.00 credit line!, paid in full every month!, and no worries of any embarrassment in front of any of my clients at any restaurant while conducting my business! Why should I use the “amazing platinum Amex” for then????

    * The Amex Representative response:

    “So what would you want me to do Mr.XYZ? Just call us back WHEN that happens and we take it from there…………


    It’s up to you if you want to be played like a
    fool….$450.00 yearly fee, no guarantee if you get a “dinner approval or
    not”,False advertising; No Pre-Set Spending Limit3
    Get the flexibility of a Charge Card – with no pre-set spending limit!!!! …I am cancelling the AMEX Platinum Card by tomorrow and pay my current pending balances off and be done with it!!! Now, with respect to my other AMEX card with a $12,000.00 limit and ZERO annual fees! I’ll keep that one…Is a good card from AMEX Costco, pays you cash back on purchases and NO WORRIES of been declined in front of my clients!!! “Rest in peace AMEX PLATINUM”. I won’t take the chance!!! About YOU???????????

    When I went to the AMEX website to write my review
    here is their response!!!

    Welcome, Select a Card to rate and review We’re sorry. We are no longer accepting reviews for particular cards.

  • Daniel Stephens

    Can you use this card to get in to Air France or other Delta partners’ lounges? Ive called amex, delta, and air france, and none of them seem to know the answer. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!

  • atlantax

    Gas stations are the largest trigger of ALL credit card fraud systems. Criminals regularly steal cards and then “test” them at Gas Stations because there is no one there to check the card or ID. If the card works, the criminal rushes somewhere else and makes larger purchase. This is not an Amex issue – this is an industry issue. In your case, there was probably several issues going on that tripped the alert and shut down your card. If you sign up for Amex alerts, they will immediately text you and ask if the charge is valid, you text back yes, and they will release your card. Amex goes way above and beyond in this department. And don’t EVER expect a credit card company to apologize for their fraud control algorithms.

  • disqus_REt0YAuJgl

    The Costco incident was one of many. I was also stopped from making a $100 purchase at Barnes and Nobel as well as purchasing entrance tickets to a local amusement park. I used my card all of the time and never had fraud issues or disputes, but suddenly I was being blocked from every day purchases on a regular basis. Customer service was plastic (no pun intended) in their responses.
    Kind of a moot point now. I’d been a loyal AXP user since 1986. Chase Sapphire is now more than happy to have my business, and I’m thrilled to give it to them.

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  • Thomas Norton

    The “no foreign transaction fees” does not apparently apply to the Canadian American Express Platinum card, where the fine print says ” Conversion rates are based on interbank rates selected from customary industry sources on the business day prior to the processing date, increased by a single conversion commission of 2.5% of each charge”

  • elisa321

    Thank you for the information. I am considering it and if I do I will certainly come back and click on your link. Websites like this really help.

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  • Biana

    To get the fine hotel upgrades and benefits – do you have to book your hotel through Amex travel or can you book through any site and just use your Platinum Amex

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  • sean

    like Austin said. Amex is actually doing better then Mastercard… You cant compare stock prices. And depending on what you put on your app, they may have needed your taxes- like if you claimed to make$200,000 or somehting

  • Nate

    I like both benefits of Amex Platinum and Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card(PR Gold). I was about to apply for Platinum and request PR Gold Card as additional card but it only shows Gold card(not PR Gold) as an option. Is it possible to request for PR gold card after I get approved for Amex Platinum ?

  • Billy

    I think $12k isn’t a big deal. I charge 150k to 200k (doable if you prepay to Amex account), and found out that apparently, most machines only take up to 5 digits ($99,999). There is also a “limit” which is usually $35,000 (at least that’s what I started with), but it went up pretty fast as long as you have good payment history for a couple of months. Now, I am at close to $200,000 limit mark. There’s no such thing as a no pre-set limit, since someone would then simply charge more millions of dollars that month (preferably to a relative’s business) and then declare bankruptcy. The no pre-set limit refers to normal people, and $12k should still be considered as normal.

  • mcdish

    Love the platinum card. I have used many of the benefits without any problems.

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