$100 Global Entry Fee Now Waived for Amex Platinum Card Members

by on April 5, 2011 · 22 comments

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here

Have you ever gotten off a long international flight and then had to snake through a brutally slow line at US immigration? To me that’s worse than waiting in a security line upon arrival at the airport, because I’m already tired after an international flight and you can’t even use cell phones when queuing for immigration. Luckily the US government has rolled out the Global Entry program for low-risk travelers, where you can bypass the lines and use a kiosk to process your entry into the US.

This program comes with a $100 fee and Amex, who has been amping up the benefits on their Platinum Card, just announced they will now reimburse the $100 fee if you pay for it with your Amex Platinum Card. As I wrote about, I actually applied and paid for Global Entry two weeks ago, so it looks like I’m out of luck, but hopefully this offer will still be around in 5 years when it’s time to renew :-)

If you want a rundown of Amex Platinum card benefits, check out this post – as I’ve said many times before, this card is great for the frequent traveler and for me, the $450 annual fee has paid  for itself many times over. And even if you aren’t a frequent traveler, the 50,000 point sign-on bonus on the Mercedes-Benz Platinum when you spend $1,000 within 3 months is worth well over the $450 fee. Even if you redeem those 50,000 points directly for “anytime” airfare, you’d get $625 in airfare – and you earn miles (elite and redeemable) on the flights.

On my Global Entry note, I applied on March 21 and received an email on April 1 that I was conditionally approved and need to schedule an interview. I just scheduled one for JFK this Friday since I’ll be there anyway for my Stockholm trip. I’ll report back on the process, but I’m hoping it’s painless since the interview is only 20 minutes long.


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  • Josh

    Great tip, thanks! Now I just hope all my travel in the middle east doesn’t come back to haunt me on the application!

  • nsfw

    For folks in NYC, a trip to JFK is a PITA. Time off from work. $100 in taxis. Probably at least 3 hours round trip.

  • Wandering Aramean

    Take the train to JFK. An hour each way from mid-town, consistently and only $7.25 (at most; it can be done for under $5) each way. I do it nearly every time I’m flying to/from JFK and it is phenomenal.

    And now it is time for me to apply for Global Entry.

  • Russ

    Is the registration good for 5 years?

  • Russ

    Found my answer. For the lazy, this is on the Amex Platinum site: “Save time and bypass arrival lines at most major U.S. airports when you return from international travel. Global Entry is a U.S. government program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved travelers. When you use your Platinum Card to apply for Global Entry membership, we’ll credit the fee, and if approved your membership will be valid for 5 years”

  • Michael

    I LOVE Global Entry. On a recent LHR-DFW-LAX flight, it took me 8 minutes from the moment I left the plane at DFW to arriving at the Admiral’s Club — and that includes going through customs! A friend of mine who did not have Global entry, arrived to join me at the AC club 40 minutes later!

  • The Points Guy

    @Nsfw- I take the Long Island Railroad from Penn Station to Jamaica and then Air Train to the terminal- takes 45 minutes door to door and if you buy a 10 trip ticket, the Air Train is only $2.50 a ride instead of $5.

  • Richard

    @tpg: As I wrote about, I actually applied and paid for Global Entry two weeks ago

    You and me both Brian… :-(. My interview is tomorrow (PHL).

    I applied last Monday and got my “make your appointment” email this afternoon. I’ll post back a “review” tomorrow…

  • ynuders

    Been a Global entry user since November 2009 and use it at least 15 times a year (including my 2 back-to- back JFK LHR runs – thanks guys). The interview is pretty straightforward, they pick a few “suspect” countries on the travel list, ask why you went there (and trust me I had suspect countries) and then the rest of the time is showing you how to use the kiosks

  • Michael

    Haven’t heard back on the interview yet but just applied yesterday. Seems like a great deal for five years of access. Did anyone opt for the AMS Privium option? Wondering if it’s worth it.

    @nsfw I take the E from 53rd/Lex to the AirTrain. 1 hour from my office near Grand Central to the SkyClub at Terminal 2 (depending on security). Not too bad…

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  • Steve W

    I signed up the day this was posted and just got my invitation for an interview. I naively thought I could just go to the airport (IND). There isn’t even an interview spot in my STATE.

  • Richard

    @Steve W – you’ll need to “game” the interview process. The pending part will take about 2-3 weeks. You have 30 days once you’re conditionally approved to do the interview or you’ll lose your $100 and have to start over. Once you’re conditionally approved you can schedule your appt. on the web – both time & location. So…. tie your application so you can do the interview on your return home – it only takes about 10-15 minutes so allow for that in your connection – it’ll probably be the baggage handling delay anyways…..

    @tgpg – I zoned on posting back here about the process and just saw your tweet. A beer shouldn’t be a problem. :-) My interview was the officer basically reading my app back to me and confirming my answers. She seemed to not comprehend “self-employed” as an employer but that added only about a minute to the 10 minute process. Little sticker in the back of passport and a quick run through on the demo kiosk and we’re done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy….

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  • Bridiemarley

    Applied online for Global Entry and received conditional acceptance next day; scheduled interview in Atlanta off airport location and it took only 10 mins. for the interview and final acceptance. Charged it to my AmEx Platinum card so it will be free. Will test it on trip abroad next week.

  • Gumbleina

    Applied for GE online on Sunday. Wednesday was approved to schedule interview. Friday interview. (@IAD)

  • Jim

    does anyone know if Amex will reimburse this every year (for different people) or only once every 5 years for the card holder?

  • ayya

    Is the reimbursement for the card holder only or can spouse get it instead of the card holder if it is charged to the card?

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