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These Are the Worst Travel Habits, According to Expedia

May 04, 2018
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These Are the Worst Travel Habits, According to Expedia
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Everyone has a list of things they can't stand to see on a flight. Whether it's the passenger using the air vent to dry underwear or the one hogging the armrest, you've most likely witnessed some inexcusable behavior while flying. Although some behavior is more tolerable than others, there is a general standard of travel dos and don'ts. Expedia released its Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study and ranked the top travel offenders of 2018.

The study surveyed 18,000 people around the world and identified that the most annoying travel behaviors and passengers are the seat kickers, barefoot passengers and excessively chatty or loud travelers. Topping the list for the fourth year in a row was the seat-kicking passenger -- more than half of respondents (51%) identified that as the worst plane behavior. Additionally, more than 90% of respondents said that being barefoot on a flight is not acceptable. In fact, 75% of Americans said they always keep both their shoes and socks on while flying.

Here's the top ranked list of worst flight passengers:

  1. The Seat Kicker/Bumper/Grabber
  2. The Aromatic Passenger
  3. Inattentive Parents
  4. Personal Space Violators
  5. Audio Insensitive
  6. Queue Jumper
  7. Pungent Foodies
  8. Baggage Mishandler
  9. Armrest Hog
  10. Airplane Mode Violator

The study also asked people about the worst hotel habits and experiences. Inattentive parents were deemed the most annoying in hotels, followed by loud guests dubbed "in-room revelers" and "hallway hell-raisers." Rounding out the top five on the worst hotel guest list were "the complainers" and those who might over-imbibe, deemed "party-goers/ bar boozers." In addition to these findings, 82% of Americans polled said the worst thing to encounter in a hotel room would be bedbugs while 67% said finding a used condom or open condom wrapper would be disturbing.

Featured image by Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash