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Talking Points Episode 21: Heather McMahan, Forever Loyal to Delta

May 07, 2019
30 min read
Talking Points Episode 21: Heather McMahan, Forever Loyal to Delta
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On today's episode of Talking Points, Brian Kelly sits down with the hilarious comedian and actress Heather McMahan. Heather, who has aviation in her blood, details how two generations of family members influenced her love of Delta Air Lines.

Brian gets the scoop on Heather's plans for her own travel show and her flying pet peeves — like passengers who wear open-toe shoes and go commando under sweatpants. Plus, we learn Heather's tricks on what to pack for two weeks in one carry-on for your favorite global destinations.

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Full Transcript:

Brian Kelly: Hey, Talking Points listeners. It's your host Brian Kelly, The Points Guy. As you know, Talking Points is a podcast where I sit down with CEOs, executives, influencers, TPG staff and so many more to talk all things travel. On this episode of Talking Points, the hysterical and whip-smart comedian and actress Heather McMahan joins me. Heather, thanks for joining us.

Heather McMahan: Thanks for having me.

Brian Kelly: And for anyone who doesn't already, Heather is one of the funniest people on Instagram, so follow right now at heatherkmcmahan. heatherk M-C-M-A-H-A-N. Now that we have that out of the way, Heather -- so we met each other on Instagram.

Heather McMahan: Yes.

Brian Kelly: And then I think we first actually met at the TPG Awards on the red carpet. I think there's actually a photo of us-

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Heather McMahan: Yes, having that embrace.

Brian Kelly: Oh my gosh, so instantly we connected. I think we share a lot of the same interests: food, wine, and then, of course, travel.

Heather McMahan: I mean, I'm truly trying to live my best life these days, and I am on the go. You'll be so proud of me. I just got my Silver Medallion status on Delta.

Brian Kelly: And earned the hard way.

Heather McMahan: And I earned it the hard way, and I'm just-

Brian Kelly: Have you ever gotten to Gold?

Heather McMahan: No.

Brian Kelly: But, well, because before you met me you weren't a points girl.

Heather McMahan: No, I wasn't a points girl. I didn't even understand ... I've always been a Delta brat, so I just flew Delta. But I never tried to keep up with that stuff. And now that I follow you, I like a challenge. It's a goal. I'm like, "Oh, I'm just going to book." I've become very brand loyal to Delta, and I've become brand loyal to things that I actually am going to use. I now understand how points work.

Brian Kelly: Yeah, and you can be brand loyal to Delta and still earn other types of points.

Heather McMahan: Right.

Brian Kelly: That's what ... I think some people think that you just have to have a Delta credit card, but obviously Sapphire cards, Platinum cards. It can make sense to have both. Now, but why do you like Delta so much? So, yes, you're based in Atlanta.

Heather McMahan: I am based in Atlanta. Well, I'm kind of ... I grew up on Delta, like before I even could form a sentence I was thrown on a 747. So my grandfather was chief pilot for Delta for like 40 years. He won the Daedalian Safety Award in aviation. So I grew up ... That was just our second home. Now, granted, I don't get any kickback from Delta nowadays.

Brian Kelly: Could you travel for free as a kid?

Heather McMahan: No. Well, my parents could, but then as soon as he retired, as soon as I was born, we got nothing, and, I mean, they've written ... There's been articles about him in The Wall Street Journal about his heroic saving of this flight and all this stuff. But I just have always loved Delta. But here's the thing, when you have somebody who worked for specific airlines, like growing up, he would not allow us to fly certain other airlines.

Brian Kelly: Okay.

Heather McMahan: And I won't throw those under the bus now, because they've either gone out of business or they've been acquired or something.

Brian Kelly: Well, then he was obviously right.

Heather McMahan: Yeah, he would be like, "Listen, I know the engineers. I know who takes care of these planes. Don't get on those." With Delta you're probably spending a little bit more. That's my biggest thing. People are always like "Well, Delta is more expensive." I'm like "Yeah, but I'd rather pay a little bit more to know that I'm getting there the safest way possible."

Brian Kelly: And also Delta ... I mean, I've actually been flying Delta more lately. I know you appreciate me coming to the Delta side of things, but Delta -- they're just a better run airline.

Heather McMahan: Right.

Brian Kelly: Like, employee wise, flight attendants are generally nicer.

Heather McMahan: I got rejected from the flight attendant program.

Brian Kelly: Are you serious? Oh, I didn't know this.

Heather McMahan: Oh, yeah. So-

Brian Kelly: And you still love Delta?

Heather McMahan: And I still love them.

Brian Kelly: That is brand loyalty.

Heather McMahan: So three years ago, I was like "You know what, screw it. I'm just going to apply for fun." First of all-

Brian Kelly: You'd be such an amazing flight attendant.

Heather McMahan: So great, and they rejected me!

Brian Kelly: You could be going viral every safety video.

Heather McMahan: Oh, yeah.

Brian Kelly: They're like "Heather, enough."

Heather McMahan: Oh, no. I'd literally be so savage. Like, "Sir, if you don't turn off that iPhone, I swear to God I'm going to whip off my hoops and crack your neck. I don't play. Put your feet down." Okay, I was in first class, like two years ago, and this woman, I swear to God, got out fingernail clippers, and she started clipping her fingernails and then threw them on the floor. I lost my shit so bad. I said, "Are you really doing that right now?" Just very calm. She's like "Yeah, I mean somebody else is going to clean it up." I lost my shit. I said, "Yeah, some custodian is going to come in here and clean it up, and, guess what, that used to my dad who had to clean these planes," because my parents met working for Eastern Airlines back in the day. Oh, my dad-

Brian Kelly: Was your mom a flight attendant?

Heather McMahan: No, she couldn't. They weren't hiring then. She was a-

Brian Kelly: Gate agent?

Heather McMahan: Gate agent. And she and my dad met at Miami International Airport in baggage claim. He was a manager. He did grounds, and then he drove the lavatory truck.

Brian Kelly: So, if you follow Heather on Instagram you'll know Robin, her mom. She's a spitfire.

Heather McMahan: Crazy.

Brian Kelly: So when you think about a gate agent, I mean, there's no one better prepared for that job than Robin.

Heather McMahan: Oh, her stories are insane, and that's why I feel-

Brian Kelly: Oh, I bet she disarms people, too.

Heather McMahan: Oh, yeah, and she would shut stuff down. When people would come up and they'd say, she was boarding people in Miami that were trying to get back to Boston in the middle of January and people are bitching about the weather that they're delayed three hours for a blizzard. And she's like, "Do you not understand we can't control the weather? If you want to fly into the eye of the storm, that's on you, boo." That's why I just grew up with travel manners, and I don't understand when people have meltdowns, especially at gate agents. One, they can't control the weather. Also, when people are like, "Well, I'm afraid of flying." I'm like, "Well, did you not realize that the pilots and the crew want to get there just as safely as you want to get there?"

Brian Kelly: Yeah, and they actually are trained with degrees, whereas on the road on I-95 you don't know what that person's on. I mean-

Heather McMahan: Right.

Brian Kelly: So you've never been afraid of flying?

Heather McMahan: No, and I'm eerily very calm about it. So, I grew up in tiny airplanes with my dad. He had a Cessna 182 Beech aircraft and then the King Air. We were that family where-

Brian Kelly: King Air? That's a big plane. I mean-

Heather McMahan: Yeah, it's a bigger plane, and that was just our thing. And I know that sounds-

Brian Kelly: So would you go out on weekends, like flying?

Heather McMahan: Oh, yeah. We'd go to Hilton Head. We'd go to Charleston. So while everybody else's dad was driving a brand new Mercedes, we were like, "Well, we have an airplane." And not in like a real like ... And most people were like "Oh, was it a jet?" It wasn't a jet, but that was just what-

Brian Kelly: That's so cool.

Heather McMahan: Yeah, it was a cool way to grow up.

Brian Kelly: So do you think you'll ever get your pilot's license? I feel like it's in your blood.

Heather McMahan: Well, I really want to. I do.

Brian Kelly: But then you have to stop drinking.

Heather McMahan: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, and you have to pass drug tests and stuff like that, so I don't know if that's in my future. But if it is, yeah.

Brian Kelly: So, you just got back from Italy.

Heather McMahan: Yes.

Brian Kelly: You're going to get married in Italy. You're Italian, but what is it really that draws you to Italy?

Heather McMahan: Well, I'm marrying the Italian Stallion. What, the funny thing is-

Brian Kelly: Because your dad ... Your mom's Italian. Your dad's Irish.

Heather McMahan: My mom's half Italian, half Irish, and my dad's Scotch-Irish.

Brian Kelly: Oh, okay. So you're a quarter by blood or so?

Heather McMahan: Yes, but I just go to Italy, and I thrive there. I studied abroad there in Florence, and so we're going to get married right outside of Florence near Sienna. I'm just like, those are my people, you know?

Brian Kelly: Yeah.

Heather McMahan: You eat pastries all day. You black out on Chianti by noon. You know? It's just a better lifestyle. Limoncello...

Brian Kelly: So you've got tons of recommendations: Florence. I know you've got some very specific ones for meals and for desserts.

Heather McMahan: Yes.

Brian Kelly: What should people not do, in general, when going to Italy trying to find the right restaurant? Where do you go to get that real local recommendation? Because Trip Advisor is not really going to tell you, right?

Heather McMahan: Yeah, just basically don't go anywhere that has an American menu on the outside.

Brian Kelly: That's a good test.

Heather McMahan: Yeah, I mean, anything that's an osteria, like Osteria Della Nonna or something. Anything that's got ... You see a grandmother cooking in the back, you know it's going to be great.

Brian Kelly: Yeah.

Heather McMahan: I'Parione is one of my favorite places in Florence. Order the balsamic steak that's off the menu. It's amazing. My favorite restaurant in the world is Acqua Al 2, and they have one in Florence and then they have one in DC and one in San Diego.

Brian Kelly: And is it pretty similar to what you get in Italy when you get it in DC?

Heather McMahan: Yeah. Yeah, it's very similar. I don't know. I just really like Tuscan food. I've been all over Italy, but for me I love the flavors and I love ... You can actually get vegetables in Tuscany. That's the thing. People don't realize, Italians don't eat vegetables. If you get a mixed salad, like an insalata mista, it's literally like iceberg wedge and then with like a little-

Brian Kelly: Ice? I mean, it's like water.

Heather McMahan: Yeah, with corn and one shaved carrot. So people think that you're getting like broccoli rabe, creamed spinach. That's not a thing in Italy. They just eat cacio e pepe and, you know, bread. That's it.

Brian Kelly: And they're not obese.

Heather McMahan: No. No one's obese, and that's the thing, as a larger woman, I lost 15 pounds when I studied abroad for six months. My mom thought I was going to come back with no neck because I already have a thick neck, but she thought my body was just going to absorb my head. And I came back thin as anything.

Brian Kelly: And with ankles as thin as ever?

Heather McMahan: I had the thinnest ankles. I just need all the listeners to know that my ankles are so thin they're about to snap.

Brian Kelly: Now, when you're traveling how do you ... jet lag. Jet lag hits us all.

Heather McMahan: Okay, I'm not a light napper. When I go down, it might be four days later. So, when people say, "Oh stay up. Stay up." No, I have to take a nap. I'm also not a morning person. I don't know about you. I'd rather take a night flight anytime, any day of the week.

Brian Kelly: Yeah. But red eyes are killer.

Heather McMahan: Red eyes are killer, especially because I'm still at the place where I'm still at the back of the bus. You know what I mean? I'm actually in cargo. I'm not at podlife yet.

Brian Kelly: Yet.

Heather McMahan: But I'm about to get there. Yeah. Yeah.

Brian Kelly: You're on the cusp. But, well this flight you couldn't sleep because you were looking at your Ring (security system), and there was someone trying to steal your car. Now, was that actually ... Did you do that for Instagram or was that actually someone trying to steal your car?

Heather McMahan: No, okay. This is so crazy, and this is the first place that I'm telling this story. So, yes, if you were following along on Instagram you saw that I have one of the Ring security systems at my house. My mom's house actually. And my car was parked outside and it looked exactly like there was a guy with a backwards baseball hat, a hoodie on, and he was standing right next to the car. So I'm looking at the live Ring feed, and I'm yelling at him. I'm on the plane connected to Wi-Fi yelling. He's not moving.

Brian Kelly: Wait, can you yell through a Ring?

Heather McMahan: Yes, yes. You talk to them, and I'm like "Get the fuck off my property." So then I send the photo to my sister, who's a criminal defense attorney, and she's like, "Oh, my god. There's somebody at the house." I said, "I'm in the air. I can't call 911. Can you call 911?" So my sister calls the cops, so the cops show up. I'm watching this live from the Ring video.

Brian Kelly: Talk about in-flight entertainment.

Heather McMahan: Yeah, exactly, and I'm freaking out.

Brian Kelly: Did you tell the people around you? Did you wake up the people all sitting around you?

Heather McMahan: Well, I asked the flight attendant, I was like "Is there any way I can make a call in the air?" And they were like "No." And I showed them the Ring, so everybody sees this and they're like, "There's definitely a man standing next to your car." But, so the cops show up. The cops walk right by the guy, and I realize it's a shadow. It's not actually a man standing there. So the cops come up to the Ring. I can see them going around the perimeter of the house. They go in the back yard. They come up to the Ring, and the lady she's like, "Hey, we secured the premises. No worries."

Brian Kelly: This is all while you're over the Atlantic Ocean?

Heather McMahan: All while I'm about to land in Italy.

Brian Kelly: When you're packing for the airport for a week in Italy, what's going in the suitcase?

Heather McMahan: So I'm a carry-on only kind of girl. I like to move efficiently.

Brian Kelly: But that means you really ... So what shoes do you bring? Because that's a big thing with packing. Do you only just bring ...

Heather McMahan: Well, I'm carry-on only, and then I end up buying three suitcases when I'm there.

Brian Kelly: Right.

Heather McMahan: And then checking everything on the way back. I start off with really strong, lofty goals...

Brian Kelly: Because H&M is good in Italy, right?

Heather McMahan: H&M is so good. Whole outfit H&M Italy. I always ... I pack one pair of really great walking sneakers, which everyone's going to argue with me on this, but I'm a Converse girl. I've got a thin ankle but a very wide, almost like block of cheese sized foot. So Converse...

Brian Kelly: But aren't they like really flat?

Heather McMahan: They are flat.

Brian Kelly: I'm just such a Nike guy.

Heather McMahan: Okay, but the Nike's are too narrow for my damn foot. In fact, I was at the Nike store in SoHo, tried on these Air Force 1s, because I want to be cool. They guy literally was like "Nah, those aren't for you." He is working on a commission, and he literally looked me in the eyes and was like, "Nah, girl. That's not for you." Yeah.

Brian Kelly: So you've got your Converse?

Heather McMahan: I've got my Converse. I bring a pair of heels and then some sort of bootie. You know what I mean?

Brian Kelly: So like how long ... What's the longest you can pack with one carry-on?

Heather McMahan: Two weeks.

Brian Kelly: Oh, two weeks? Do you do laundry and stuff?

Heather McMahan: Well, I mean, I just bought new underwear at Victoria's Secret yesterday because I came straight from Italy to New York, and I'm based out of Atlanta right now so I literally just went and bought new shit.

Brian Kelly: So what are the other items? So in flight, you've got your inflight bag. When you sit down in a seat-

Heather McMahan: I have my Trtl pillow. The Trtl pillow. They're from Scotland.

Brian Kelly: Also we gave them away at the awards.

Heather McMahan: And I'm obsessed with them now.

Brian Kelly: Everyone's obsessed.

Heather McMahan: It's the best pillow.

Brian Kelly: If you haven't used one it's like ... You can put different settings.

Heather McMahan: It has this weird, almost neck brace quality to it. But I'm a front sleeper. I sleep face down, so I can just put the little harness in the front and just put my chin down and fall asleep.

Brian Kelly: And it is comfortable. You can sleep like that?

Heather McMahan: Yeah, absolutely.

Brian Kelly: So you've got your Trtl.

Heather McMahan: Yeah, because when I'm in cargo, again, when I'm down with all the pets flying abroad in a cage I need to make sure that I'm comfortable.

Brian Kelly: And what are you comfortable ... Are you comfortable or looking chic now that you're Internet famous/real-life famous?

Heather McMahan: Well, because I'm an airline brat I do not show up to the airport in sweats.

Brian Kelly: Not in your Juicy Couture?

Heather McMahan: Never Juicy Couture.

Brian Kelly: No flip-flops?

Heather McMahan: No flip-flops. If you wear an open-toed shoe on an airplane, you're an asshole. First of all, I know enough about flying that ... The airport is one of the germiest places in the world. If you want to change into a sock and maybe a shower slide, your Adidas slides for when you slip into something more comfortable on the plane. That's fine, but keep your feet covered.

Brian Kelly: Yeah.

Heather McMahan: It's wild to me when people get off or get on an airplane. They're sitting in booty shorts. How many other asses have sat in that seat? What are you? It's a raw seat.

Brian Kelly: So do you wipe down the seats?

Heather McMahan: I do wipe down the seats.

Brian Kelly: With what, like a Chlorox?

Heather McMahan: Yeah, I bring little Chlorox wipes. I'm not OCD about germs. I just figure, let's start with a clean palette because we're ... or a clean slate because we are going to be consuming everybody else's germs anyways.

Brian Kelly: Yeah. All right, now we're going to take a quick pause to hear from our sponsors.

(Commercial break.)

Brian Kelly: Now, you travel with your mom. You love traveling with your mom. What are some tips for traveling with a crazy, fun mom like Robin?

Heather McMahan: Bring Benadryl because you've got to put 'em down sometimes. For sure.

Brian Kelly: Do you tell her when you give her the Benadryl?

Heather McMahan: Absolutely not. I go into the galley. I say, "Hey, Claire," the flight attendant, "You and I both know she's lit right now. I need you to put this in," and we just have a system, like everybody knows. The funny thing is because my mom worked for the airlines, as soon as we get on ... And my mom's 71, like a firecracker. But as soon as we get on a flight, doesn't matter where we're going, she's like, "Just so you know, if you need anything, I used to work for the airlines." It's just this thing that she does to let people know.

Brian Kelly: Do you think she gets better treatment because of that?

Heather McMahan: For sure, but it's also funny because she acts like she's an air marshal. You know what I mean?

Brian Kelly: Robin could take someone down.

Heather McMahan: Easy.

Brian Kelly: She's no BS.

Heather McMahan: No BS.

Brian Kelly: The world needs more Robins.

Heather McMahan: We sat on that flight to Italy, and we laughed our asses off just looking at the ding dongs that were coming on that plane in flip-flops. And, you know what, listen. These men who wear these gray sweatpants with no underwear, it's inappropriate on a flight. If I'm sitting...

Brian Kelly: Why? I don't understand what you're talking about.

Heather McMahan: Yeah, well, listen. Everybody likes to look every once in a while, but I need you to wear underwear. Just wear underwear. That's a simple request.

Brian Kelly: So what are some other rules that the general public needs to .... What are your ... Obviously feet up on bulkheads.

Heather McMahan: Yeah, that's an absolutely not. Don't bring weird food on the flight. I get if you have certain dietary restrictions. If you're bringing hot spicy chicken. If you're bringing a tuna fish sub... Let's just be courteous of the people around you. It's also wild when you see people just put their trash on the ground. It's just common courtesy. It's like we're all sharing this air space.

Brian Kelly: Why do you think that is that the minute that people step onto that tube that all ... Or do you think that people in general are just out of touch with...

Heather McMahan: I think people in general are just the worst, but also when I grew up ... I mean, I'm only 32 -- "when I grew up" -- but being with family that worked in the airlines, traveling was a luxury. It's not a luxury anymore. Well, it can be a luxury, but it's basically like Greyhound in the sky. That's why I won't fly Spirit. I won't fly Frontier. I flew Frontier on my way back from Vegas. You know that witching hour in Vegas where you're like, "I just got to get on a plane and..."

Brian Kelly: "Got to go."

Heather McMahan: Yeah. So the only flight I could get on was this Frontier flight. I was like "How bad could it be?" It was red-eye Frontier. You're basically on lawn furniture. Literally. I got out of the seat, and my ass had the imprint from when you sit on a wicker chair out by the pool. That's what I had.

Brian Kelly: Well, because you were wearing booty shorts.

Heather McMahan: I was.

Brian Kelly: Tell the truth, Heather.

Heather McMahan: Yeah. I was out there for work. Don't tell my fiancé. And then when I flew Spirit I saw two women actually get in a physical fight before we were about to take off. They had to be escorted off because they were going down to a Georgia Florida game in Tallahassee. And I was like, "Just kill me now." It had Subway ads in the overhead bins.

Brian Kelly: Did they serve Subway on the flight? That would be positive, wouldn't it?

Heather McMahan: No. They didn't serve Subway, but it was ... And I had to learn this the hard way. So you buy your ticket for, what, 75 bucks. You're like "Oh, this is dirt cheap. I just need a one way from Baltimore down to Atlanta." And then you get on and they're like, "Oh, you want to bring a Tic Tac on the flight? That's $50. Oh, you brought..."

Brian Kelly: "You want to sit?"

Heather McMahan: Yeah. "You want to sit? That's $64. You got a purse? Oh, you got a purse and a pair of sunglasses?"

Brian Kelly: The flight attendants have adding machines.

Heather McMahan: Yes. Yes. And then these two women got in a fight and then water wasn't free. And I just said, "This was not worth it." I was like, "What was this?" I should have paid the 350 bucks and flown a better airline and just been able to bring my carry-on on.

Brian Kelly: As my dad always said, "Cheap is expensive."

Heather McMahan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brian Kelly: Now, we were just talking there's a lack of women in travel ... There's a lack of good travel TV shows, period.

Heather McMahan: Yeah.

Brian Kelly: And especially women and fun travel, so your dream travel show. What would it be?

Heather McMahan: It's called The Best Life with Heather, and I'm looking for producers right now. So just putting it out there. No, it's just, when I was on my trip to Italy people were like, "I never want this trip to end" -- because it's me being honest and real. You never see women on travel shows unless they're like, "So, I'm taking $30 and I'm going to stretch it." No, can't you just send me to Thailand and see me hung over? Getting a Thai massage and then I end up with like six new bridesmaids, the lady who just rubbed me down. Like, that's the travel show.

Brian Kelly: One of my best ... That reminds me a year ago in Costa Muj getting this woman. I know that she looked at me because she was 4'8" and I'm 6'7"...

Heather McMahan: She's like, "This is a challenge."

Brian Kelly: And she cracked my back so hard it reverberated across the lagoon. It was one of the best massages ever.

Heather McMahan: Yeah. Absolutely. I love being a chameleon. I thrive in awkward situations. Put me in some tiny town in Macedonia, and I'll figure it out. I'll end up running for mayor. You know, that's just how I hustle.

Brian Kelly: Now, you love Turks and Caicos... so I went twice last year.

Heather McMahan: It's my favorite place on the earth.

Brian Kelly: So you were staying at Wymara, which looked stunning.

Heather McMahan: Yeah, and they just built new villas, and they're unbelievable. Turks and Caicos, I've been going down there since they had limestone roads. It's different than all the other places in the Caribbean because Grace Bay, specifically where Wymara Resort is, it's protected by a natural barrier reef, so there's no waves. So it's perfectly calm.

Brian Kelly: And the water. Why is the water so blue? Is there a reason for it? It's like Maldives when you fly in.

Heather McMahan: Yes, it's crystal clear. There's no intense waves. It's just, to me-

Brian Kelly: The locals are nice. It's easy to drive around. There's a little dinky casino, which I love.

Heather McMahan: There's a dinky casino.

Brian Kelly: Da Conch Shack. Are you-

Heather McMahan: "Da Conch Shack, man. You got to go to the fish fry. The fish fry on Thursdays." I go to the fish fry and literally live my best life. Last time I was there they had a band. It was a local band, and they were playing this song. "She's fat. She's wild. She's fat. She's wild." And I was like "This is ... Can I walk down the aisle to this song?"

Brian Kelly: Like Tatiana.

Heather McMahan: Like Tatiana. And it's just the Caribbean way. Nobody cares. Everybody's in good spirits.

Brian Kelly: It's a very Heather McMahan kind of island.

Heather McMahan: Right. If you can't cure something with some ceviche and some rum punch and a speed boat, then I don't need you in my life.

Brian Kelly: Wise, wise words. So where are you dying to go that you haven't been? Where are you going to go on your honeymoon? I mean, you get married in Italy...

Heather McMahan: We're getting married in Italy. Jeff wants to do the French Rivera, and I'm going to sound like such a snob. I've done it. I want to hit those ... I want to do Sicily. I want to do Southern Italy. Not just necessarily just Positano, Capri. I want to go to the other side. Apulia. I want to do all those.

Brian Kelly: Oh, Apulia is so nice.

Heather McMahan: I want to do those little islands. Down to Lecce and Bari. I want to do that.

Brian Kelly: So who's going to win out on this one? Like I even need to ask the question.

Heather McMahan: Well, I mean I always do. Doesn't matter. You know what I mean? I crack the whip with him.

Brian Kelly: And that's why the Italian Stallion is the man.

Heather McMahan: Right.

Brian Kelly: All right, Heather. Are you an aisle or window girl?

Heather McMahan: Aisle, for life. I will have a panic attack if I'm in near the window.

Brian Kelly: Don't you like looking out the window?

Heather McMahan: No. I want to look at it when I get there. I'm also 5'9", okay? I cannot cross my legs in an economy seat. I can't. I have the longest legs on the planet.

Brian Kelly: We've got to get you in that podlife.

Heather McMahan: I need the podlife. I mean, I hope I'm going to start getting upgraded because I'm Silver Medallion. I'll be Platinum by the end of the summer, I swear to God.

Brian Kelly: And now that you've been on this podcast, anyone at Delta -- Heather McMahan, I can provide you with her SkyMiles number.

Heather McMahan: Yes.

Brian Kelly: Direct message me. Heather, thank you so much for joining us.

Heather McMahan: Thanks for having me.

Brian Kelly: I like to leave it open for any self-promotion. What would you like to self-promote today?

Heather McMahan: Follow me on Instagram: heatherkmcmahan. And I have a movie out called Family. Just came out in April, and you can see it nationwide starring Taylor Schilling and Kate McKinnon, so go see it.

Brian Kelly: Go see it right now. Heather, thank you so much for joining us and safe travels.

Heather McMahan: Thanks.

Brian Kelly: That's it for this episode of Talking Points. A huge thanks to the hilarious Heather K. McMahan. Again, I'm your host Brian Kelly, and this episode was produced by Margaret Kelley and Caroline Schagrin, with editing by Ryan Gabos. Our theme music is by Breakmaster Cylinder. Special thanks to Christie Matsui, my legendary assistant. And if you've been enjoying Talking Points so far, thank you, and please leave us a quick review on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. This episode may feature offers that are subject to change and are offered by our advertising partners. is a free website, so we do advertise in order to generate revenue. For a full listing of our advertising policy, go to

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