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T-Mobile Is Kicking Up Its International Coverage Options

July 17, 2018
2 min read
T-Mobile Is Kicking Up Its International Coverage Options
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The race to cover the world map is competitive among cell-phone carriers, and T-Mobile is pushing to be more travel-friendly for frequent globetrotters.

T-Mobile announced that it is expanding its international coverage to 70 additional countries beginning July 22. Plus, the carrier is introducing a new flat-rate "daily data pass" option – and the price is reasonable in comparison to other carriers' international plans.

Through T-Mobile ONE, customers can get unlimited 2G data and texting in international countries at no extra cost through the Simple Global plan. Once the carrier expands its international coverage in late July, that plan becomes a little more enticing.

On top of the coverage expansion to 210 countries, T-Mobile will also offer a daily data pass for $5 per day flat rate beginning on August 1 for those instances that you need faster speeds and unlimited talk. The pass includes high-speed data – 512MB of up to 4G LTE speeds – and unlimited calling abroad. Here's how that $5 pass compares to what other carriers offer:

T-Mobile's plan definitely seems competitive with other major carriers' international options.

Google as another good option for travelers who need an international cell plan. TPG's JT and Katie Genter rely on Google Project Fi for their continuous travels. A two-member plan is $35 per month plus $10 per GB for up to 10GB, then free data.

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