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Lyft Introduces Features to Lure Drivers Away From Uber

Nov. 16, 2018
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Lyft Introduces Features to Lure Drivers Away From Uber
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In an effort to keep drivers operating with Lyft instead of the competition, the ridesharing company has taken to offering new in-app incentives. On Thursday, Lyft announced that it's added several enhancements to the app for its drivers, all in an effort to make the relationship between corporate and drivers stronger.

More specifically, Lyft is improving the driver experience by adding a default tipping option to the passenger interface, in theory, resulting in more tips for drivers. In addition, it's adding the option for riders to tip their driver while in the middle of the ride, when the thought might be at the top of the mind. The new tipping functionality will be rolled out for select riders in December, with a more broad rollout at the beginning of 2019.

Image courtesy of Lyft.
Image courtesy of Lyft.

Lyft is also introducing a way for drivers to maintain a high rating. Beginning December, Lyft will drop the single lowest rating for every 100 rides, exclude low ratings for things outside of a driver's control (like traffic) and default to a five-star rating if not explicitly selected by the passenger.

Finally, Lyft is introducing new functionality in the app to make it easier for drivers to see when demand is anticipated to be highest for the upcoming week. The app will take into account local events, busiest hours of the day and more to show drivers when they have the best chance of getting the most money on rides.

Image courtesy of Lyft.

The rideshare company is making these changes as a way to stay on par with its biggest competitor, Uber. Uber offers some perks for drivers, such as a points program that awards a free college education through Arizona State University's online program.

In July, Lyft announced that it was considering adding a feature that would allow passengers to notify the driver that they're not looking to make small talk. Earlier this month, Lyft announced a new benefit for riders: the introduction of a rewards program.

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