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Use This Trick to Avoid Delta's Horrendous JFK Security Lines

Aug. 31, 2017
2 min read
Use This Trick to Avoid Delta's Horrendous JFK Security Lines
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If you're a fan of waiting in hour-long first-class security lines, Delta's JFK checkpoints probably rank near the top of your "bucket list" — excruciating waits are the norm there, even for premium-cabin passengers and elites.

But as GodSaveThePoints notes in a recent blog post, savvy travelers have an interesting trick up their sleeves when it comes to avoiding Terminal 4's absurdly long queues. The secret to beating the long lines is to head to a TSA checkpoint on the first-floor arrivals level, instead of the overcrowded checkpoints at departures.

While most JFK flyers might not be aware of this (potential) shortcut, it's definitely known to Delta employees — during last month's "Silent Disco" flight, Delta reps shuffled the group through this very screening area. I didn't see the departures level on that trip, but our arrivals line was hardly speedy — with 100 or so passengers to get through, it felt like we waited at least 20 minutes before reaching a TSA agent.

Still, compared to the hour+ waits TPG has experienced at the much more crowded departures checkpoint, this "secret" screening area seems to offer quite an advantage, even with dozens of passengers in queue.

Do you have any airport "hacks" of your own to share?