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United Victim's Lawyer Will Also Represent the AA Stroller Woman

April 24, 2017
2 min read
United Victim's Lawyer Will Also Represent the AA Stroller Woman
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It's been just about two weeks now since #BumpGate first made headlines when passenger Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight. And just this weekend, American Airlines made news when a flight attendant allegedly nearly hit a baby with a stroller, causing a chaotic scene on the plane. The one thing tying the two incidents together (besides the fact they were both on an airplane)? The lawyer representing them.

This morning, Thomas Demetrio, the lawyer representing Dao, confirmed on the "Today Show" that he'll also be representing the mother who was seen crying on a plane after a flight attendant allegedly nearly hit her and her baby with a stroller. Demetrio said that the woman contacted him, and he also confirmed to the "Today Show" that neither the woman nor her baby were actually hit by the stroller.

During this appearance, which followed a press conference from the lawyer and Dao's daughter last week, Demetrio said that Dao is not in talks to negotiate a settlement with United, but the party does plan on filing a lawsuit. As for the AA/stroller case, however, Demetrio said he doesn't know yet if there will be a lawsuit. Since the incident, AA has responded and apologized to the passenger and suspended the flight attendant in question.

As TPG says, all of these incidents could be the result of Mercury being in retrograde. And it looks like Thomas Demetrio will be a busy man because of it.

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