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Exciting New Airline Routes for March 2017 and Beyond

March 29, 2017
8 min read
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Exciting New Airline Routes for March 2017 and Beyond
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Airlines around the world launch and announce dozens of new flight routes and service changes every month. Today, I’ll share just a few of the latest flights that will take to the skies this month or in the near future. Keep in mind that exact flight details (like schedules and aircraft, among other things) may change based on your travel dates.


Emirates received a water cannon salute when departing from Athens for Newark on March 12. Image courtesy of Emirates.

Emirates Begins Service from Newark (EWR) to Athens (ATH) (launched March 12)

Details — Emirates launched a new fifth-freedom route, with service from Newark (EWR) to Athens (ATH). The Dubai-based carrier landed its 777-300ER in Newark on March 12, starting daily service between the two cities. It will be the first carrier to offer year-round service between EWR and ATH, competing with Delta and United, which operate seasonal flights from JFK and EWR, respectively.

Schedule (daily):

  • EK210 Newark (EWR) 11:55pm Departure ⇒ Athens (ATH) 4:05pm (+1) Arrival
  • EK209 Athens (ATH) 5:30pm Departure ⇒ Newark (EWR) 10:00pm Arrival
You can now fly nonstop from Denver to Belize City on Southwest. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Denver (DEN) – Belize City (BZE) on Southwest Airlines (launched March 11)

Details — Southwest Airlines introduced nonstop service from Denver (DEN) to Belize City (BZE), becoming the only airline to fly between the two cities without a connection. The carrier will operate a 737 on the 4+ hour flight. Currently the carrier operates the flight on Saturdays, but will add Sundays starting June 4 through August 14.

Schedule (1x Week, 2x a week from June 4 - August 14):

  • SWA288 Denver (DEN) 10:30am Departure ⇒ Belize City (BZE) 2:50pm Arrival
  • SWA289 Belize City (BZE) 1:15pm Departure ⇒ Denver (DEN) 6:00pm Arrival

Sunday flights, which operate from June 4 - August 14:

  • SWA288 Denver (DEN) 10:55am Departure ⇒ Belize City (BZE) 3:05pm Arrival
  • SWA289 Belize City (BZE) 1:10pm Departure ⇒ Denver (DEN) 5:30pm Arrival
Norwegian continues to expand in the US, adding nonstop flights from Oakland to Copenhagen this month. Image courtesy of Benjeev Rendhava via Getty Images.

Oakland (OAK) - Copenhagen (CPH) on Norwegian (launched March 28)

Details — On March 28, low cost-carrier Norwegian commenced operations for its new route from Oakland (OAK) to Copenhagen (CPH). The carrier will fly a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner on the 10+ hour flight, which will operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Norwegian also flies nonstop from Oakland to London (LGW) and Oslo (OSL) and will begin flights to Barcelona (BCN) in June.

Schedule (2x per week):


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  • NLH7070 Oakland (OAK) 6:15pm Departure ⇒ Copenhagen (CPH) 1:35pm (+1) Arrival
  • NLH7069 Copenhagen (CPH) 2:25pm Departure ⇒ Oakland (OAK) 4:15pm Arrival


  • NLH7070 Oakland (OAK) 8:00pm Departure ⇒ Copenhagen (CPH) 3:20pm (+1) Arrival
  • NLH7069 Copenhagen (CPH) 4:10pm Departure ⇒ Oakland (OAK) 6:00pm Arrival
You can fly nonstop from New Orleans and Oakland to London on British Airways. Image courtesy of NiseriN via Getty Images.

British Airways Starts Flights From London to New Orleans (MSY) and Oakland (OAK) (launched March 27 and 28)

Details — British Airways is expanding in the US with new flights from Oakland (OAK) to London-Gatwick (LGW) and New Orleans (MSY) to London-Heathrow (LHR) this month. The airline will fly a 787 to the Big Easy and a 777 to Oakland. Each route operates four times a week.

Schedule (4x weekly):

  • BAW2278 Oakland (OAK) 3:10pm Departure ⇒ London (LGW) 9:30am (+1) Arrival
  • BAW2279 London (LGW) 10:25am Departure ⇒ Oakland (OAK) 1:20pm Arrival
  • BAW224 New Orleans (MSY) 9:15pm Departure ⇒ London (LHR) 11:55am (+1) Arrival
  • BAW225 London (LHR) 3:40pm Departure ⇒ New Orleans (MSY) 7:40pm Arrival
United will use a 737 on its new Newark to San Jose route.

United Expands on the West Coast With Flights From Chicago (ORD) and Newark (EWR) to San Jose (SJC) (launched March 9)

Details — On March 9, United launched daily flights from Chicago (ORD) and Newark (EWR) to San Jose (SJC). United will be flying a 737-800 from Newark and an A320 from Chicago.

Schedule (daily):

  • UAL1729 Newark (EWR) 4:30pm Departure ⇒ San Jose (SJC) 8:05pm Arrival
  • UAL2038 San Jose (SJC) 6:20am Departure ⇒ Newark (EWR) 2:50pm Arrival
  • UAL1883 Chicago (ORD) 7:30pm Departure ⇒ San Jose (SJC) 10:06pm Arrival
  • UAL1280 San Jose (SJC) 6:40am Departure ⇒ Chicago (ORD) 12:48pm Arrival


Starting in July, you'll be able to fly Norwegian to Bergen. Image courtesy of Thomland via Getty Images.

Norwegian Adding Flights From Northeast to Bergen, Norway

Details — Norwegian is ramping up its service from the smaller airports of Newburgh (SWF) and Providence (PVD) by adding flights to Bergen (BGO), Norway. It will fly its new Boeing 737 MAX on the routes with 189 seats in economy and no premium cabin. Flights will operate from Providence on Tuesdays and Saturdays beginning on July 1 and from Newburgh on Sundays and Thursdays beginning on July 2.

Schedule (2x a week):

  • IBK1770 Newburgh (SWF) 8:35pm Departure ⇒ Bergen (BGO) 9:55am (+1) Arrival
  • IBK1771 Bergen (BGO) 4:30pm Departure ⇒ Newburgh (SWF) 6:25pm Arrival
  • IBK1830 Providence (PVD) 8:50pm Departure ⇒ Bergen (BGO) 10:05am (+1) Arrival
  • IBK1831 Bergen (BGO) 5:20pm Departure ⇒ Providence (PVD) 7:05pm Arrival
Dallas (DFW) to Amsterdam (AMS) is one of many new routes for American. Image courtesy of Danilovi via Getty Images.

American Announces Slew of New Domestic and International Routes

Details — American Airlines announced more than 26 routes from hubs all across the country. You'll see new flights from Charlotte (CLT), Chicago (ORD), Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA) and Phoenix (PHX). Highlights include service from Dallas to Amsterdam (AMS) and Rome (FCO) as well as Chicago to Barcelona (BCN) and Guatemala City (GUA). Most routes begin this summer, and you can see every new flight here.

Schedule (daily):

  • AAL40 Chicago (ORD) 10:10pm Departure ⇒ Barcelona (BCN) 1:40pm (+1) Arrival
  • AAL41 Barcelona (BCN) 3:45pm Departure ⇒ Chicago (ORD) 6:35pm Arrival
  • AAL4771 Miami (MIA) 12:45pm Departure ⇒ Mérida (MID) 2:04pm Arrival
  • AAL4772 Mérida (MID) 2:44pm Departure ⇒ Miami (MIA) 5:45pm Arrival
  • AAL220 Dallas (DFW) 3:25pm Departure ⇒ Amsterdam (AMS) 8:15am (+1) Arrival
  • AAL221 Amsterdam (AMS) 10:20am Departure ⇒ Dallas (DFW) 2:10pm Arrival
  • AAL240 Dallas (DFW) 1:40pm Departure ⇒ Rome (FCO) 7:15am (+1) Arrival
  • AAL239 Rome (FCO) 11:05am Departure ⇒ Dallas (DFW) 4:15pm Arrival
You can reach the Big Island of Hawaii on Alaska Airlines. Image courtesy of Wildnerdpix via Getty Images.

Alaska Airlines Announces 13 New Flights From the Bay Area

Details — Alaska Airlines continues its rapid expansion after acquiring Virgin America, announcing 13 new routes from San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC) to a slew of domestic destinations. Highlights include service to Kona (KOA), New Orleans (MSY) and Baltimore (BWI) on the airline's A320s. The new flights will start from August through December and you can find the full list here. Flights may initially be operated under the Virgin brand, although it will be discontinued in 2019.

Schedule (daily):

  • ASA1041 San Francisco (SFO) 11:00am Departure ⇒ Kona (KOA) 2:30pm Arrival
  • ASA1042 Kona (KOA) 3:30pm Departure ⇒ San Francisco (SFO) 10:35pm Arrival
  • ASA1126 San Francisco (SFO) 8:30am Departure ⇒ Baltimore (BWI) 4:30pm Arrival
  • ASA1127 Baltimore (BWI) 5:25pm Departure ⇒ San Francisco (SFO) 8:42pm Arrival
  • ASA1390 San Francisco (SFO) 8:48am Departure ⇒ New Orleans (MSY) 3:03pm Arrival
  • ASA1391 New Orleans (MSY) 4:00pm Departure ⇒ San Francisco (SFO) 6:30pm Arrival
A rendering of LEVEL's livery on one of its A330s.

IAG Launches Low-Cost Carrier LEVEL Airlines, Flying From Barcelona (BCN) to the US and South America

Details — LEVEL Airlines has become the newest player in the aviation market and will begin flying from Barcelona (BCN) to Buenos Aires (EZE), Los Angeles (LAX), Oakland (OAK) and Punta Cana (PUJ). LEVEL was established as a discount carrier by IAG, which owns Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling. The new airline will use two Iberia A330s when its flights start in June.

Schedule (3x per week for Buenos Aires and Oakland; 2x per week for Los Angeles and Punta Cana):

  • IB2622 Oakland (OAK) 5:45pm Departure ⇒ Barcelona (BCN) 2:35pm (+1) Arrival
  • IB2621 Barcelona (BCN) 12:00pm Departure ⇒ Oakland (OAK) 4:00pm Arrival
  • IB2624 Los Angeles (LAX) 9:40pm Departure ⇒ Barcelona (BCN) 6:25pm (+1) Arrival
  • IB2623 Barcelona (BCN) 3:40pm Departure ⇒ Los Angeles (LAX) 7:55pm Arrival
  • IB2602 Buenos Aires (EZE) 12:00pm Departure ⇒ Barcelona (BCN) 5:45am (+1) Arrival
  • IB2601 Barcelona (BCN) 1:30am Departure ⇒ Buenos Aires (EZE) 10:15am Arrival
  • IB2612 Punta Cana (PUJ) 10:15pm Departure ⇒ Barcelona (BCN) 12:55pm (+1) Arrival
  • IB2611 Barcelona (BCN) 5:00pm Departure ⇒ Punta Cana (PUJ) 8:30pm Arrival
Delta will add flights from NYC to Rio. Image courtesy of Microgen via Getty Images.

Delta to Add Flights From New York (JFK) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG)

Details — Delta Airlines will add daily service from its hub in New York (JFK) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) starting December 21. The carrier will fly a 767-300, which has 36 Delta One lie-flat seats.

Schedule (daily):

  • DAL479 New York (JFK) 9:24pm Departure ⇒ Rio de Janeiro (GIG) 10:30am (+1) Arrival
  • DAL478 Rio de Janeiro (GIG) 10:15pm Departure ⇒ New York (JFK) 5:36am (+1) Arrival

Which of these new routes are you most excited about?

Featured image by Getty Images/iStockphoto