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Vietnam Changes Visa Requirements for US Travelers

Sept. 01, 2016
3 min read
Vietnam Changes Visa Requirements for US Travelers
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Update 2/16/17: Vietnam has introduced a new e-visa option, which lets you know within 3 days whether or not you're approved. You must be a citizen of one of 40 countries, and the US is one of them. There's a flat $25 fee for a single entry, 30-day visa. To apply, go to the Vietnam e-visa page.

Update 10/7/16: Allied Passport reports that the Vietnamese government has reversed its decision to only offer one-year multiple entry visas to US passport holders at a cost of $200. Beginning October 10, the Embassy of Vietnam will once again offer US passport holders a range of visa options, including single-entry 30-day visas at a cost of $70.

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and travel to the Southeast Asian country is about to get simpler for US passport holders. The Vietnam Embassy in Washington announced that US travelers will soon only have to purchase a visa that will cover them for an entire year as opposed to needing a new visa for every visit:

On a basis of reciprocity, the Government of Vietnam will only issue 1 year multiple entry visas for US Citizens from September 6th 2016 with the fee being $200.

This new visa rule applies to both business and tourist visas, and it will take effect starting September 6, 2016. The new one-year visa grants US passport holders access to Vietnam multiple times throughout the year for a single fee, which is good for business travelers who may be frequently visiting the country but might not be the best pick for a traveler who's just planning to visit once. It's unclear how this change will affect Vietnam's visa-on-arrival program, but if there are no changes, that could potentially be the better option for one-time travelers.

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