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Google Announces 10x-20x Faster Speeds for Project Fi Users

July 12, 2016
3 min read
Google Announces 10x-20x Faster Speeds for Project Fi Users
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Update: TPG Editor-in-Chief Zach Honig is currently in the UK for the Farnborough Air Show, so he tested Project Fi's recently improved speeds, as compared to an EE SIM. All three tests were completed with the same unlocked iPhone 6 near Heathrow Airport.

First up, here's the EE SIM:

image1 (4)

Here's Project Fi connected to EE:


And Project Fi connected to 3:


Google's Project Fi is one of the best ways to stay connected when you're traveling abroad. The service allows you to make calls, send text messages and use data by switching between Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Wi-Fi networks — it even saved the day in Bali for TPG Editor-in-Chief Zach Honig.

Today, Google announced that it's increasing international data speeds, giving Project Fi users access to high-speed data in 135+ destinations and providing a more seamless experience when traveling abroad. Three, the UK-based internet service provider, is the latest addition to the Project Fi network, which will help to deliver speeds that are 10x-20x faster than the previous capability of Project Fi.

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Project Fi is a popular option for travelers using data when abroad.
Project Fi is a popular option for travelers using data when abroad.

Project Fi costs $20 per month for talk, text and Wi-Fi tethering domestically and abroad — now in more than 135 destinations. Beyond that, data costs $10 per GB in the US and abroad, and if you don't use all the data you buy for the month, you'll be refunded approximately $0.1 per MB. For example, if you budget and pay for 2GB and you only end up using 1.265GB, you'll get a $7.35 credit. Best of all, there's no annual contract required.

Along with this announcement of increased speeds, Project Fi is also offering $150 off the Nexus 6P for the next week when you buy and activate with Project Fi. Keep in mind that Project Fi only works with select Google phones such as the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6, but also works with an unlocked iPhone 6. This should be a welcome change for Project Fi users, who will now have even faster access to the internet while they're traveling.

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