Delta Jacks Up Sky Club Membership Fees – Slashes Guest Policy

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Delta sure is a fan of devaluations. They’re increasing the amount of miles needed for awards not once but twice this year, but apparently that’s not enough for the airline’s bean counters. The airline sent out an email to its flyers today announcing that it has created a new pricing level of SkyClub membership called Executive Membership that will cost $695 per year and will include access for two complimentary guests (as a regular membership currently does), while a more basic $450 Individual annual membership will get the member access but guests will cost $29. If you are an existing Club member, you have an Executive Membership for the duration of your current membership agreement.

UntitledHere are the changes in short:

1. Increase membership prices from $450 to $695 annually. Executive Membership will continue to allow two complimentary guests.

2. For those who rarely bring guests, beginning in the Spring of 2014 you can purchase an Individual Membership for $450 annually and you will be charged $29 per visit for guest access.

3. Beginning May 1, 2014, all customers who receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access as a benefit of their eligible credit or charge card will no longer receive complimentary guest access. A $29 fee per guest will apply.

Delta justified these changes by claiming that they have invested $50 million in lounge renovations and their members have been complaining of overcrowding in the lounge – so naturally they’re raising prices for access! It just doesn’t make sense – and let’s hope the other airlines don’t follow suit.

Currently, SkyClub membership costs $450, so to get the same benefits now, you’ll be paying $695, you’ll be paying 54% more! Just a footnote, Gold Medallions get a $50 discount, Platinums are $100 and Diamonds get a $100 discount – whereas membership for Diamonds used to be free. They will still get free Individual membership. Here’s a fee breakdown:

The New Delta SkyClub Fee chart.

The New Delta SkyClub Fee chart.

The other major blow is that, according to Delta, “Beginning May 1, 2014, all customers who receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access as a benefit of their eligible credit or charge card will no longer receive complimentary guest access. A $29 fee per guest will apply.” That’s a major blow not only to Delta Reserve cardholders, but also to cardholders of the Amex Platinum and Business Platinum cards. Previously, you could guest up to 2 other people in.

That’s another big, negative development for the Platinum cards, which just last month announced that access to American Admirals Clubs and US Airways Clubs would no longer be a card benefit as of March 22, 2014. I am interested to see how American Express responds because they will really need to rethink the benefits packages of their premium cards and add some major new perks in order to keep them viable as good options in the travel credit card marketplace.

You get 10,000 bonus miles for a new SkyClub membership, though it's expensive.

Want SkyClub membership? It’ll cost you a lot more now!

Bottom Line

Having a club lounge is a nice perk to have, but let’s not get too twisted over this. From my experience, Delta SkyClubs aren’t that great. For instance, the only free beer is Bud Light and Bud, and the snacks are dry carrot sticks and hummus. I personally won’t be missing those much. In fact, when I travel domestically, I am usually operating on razor-thin time frames so that I have to spend as little time as possible in the airport and I don’t use lounges that much. Sure, they can be good for a hit of free WiFi or if there are flight delays or issues, but their usefulness can be pretty limited.

If you are a SkyClub member, I’d encourage you to calculate the cost of these new memberships based on your visit habits, and if it is working out to something like $65 per visit, I’d suggest dropping your membership and spending your money elsewhere. Go to a nice restaurant at the airport instead and buy a top-tier Boingo WiFi package – in fact, that way you’ll probably have better, faster, more wide-ranging WiFi than the spotty club lounge WiFi usually is anyway!

This is another reason I’m happy that I’m unwinding my loyalty to Delta, because it’s becoming clearer and clearer that flying with them is not about the passenger, but solely about the buck.

Airlines are businesses, we get it, but at a certain point, Delta is going to cut away so many benefits that it alienates some of its most profitable passengers, and that can’t be good business. After all, loyalty goes both ways.

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  • FriendlyOtto

    On one hand, I’m sort of OK with this. Delta lounges DO tend to be too crowded, and I sense that a lot of that is because AmEx Platinum members bring in friends & family, since it’s free. On the other hand, Delta should take a page out of Hyatt’s book and mix in some good news — as you suggested, perhaps it could be, “We’re going to be offering more/better appetizers/food/drink in the lounges going forward.”

  • davep

    That’s just one more reason to cancel my AmEx Platinum. No AA lounge access and now I have to pay $29 each for my wife and son for crappy food and drinks. For $58 we can have a nice lunch somewhere.

  • Santastico

    I won’t waste my time in giving my opinion about Delta. They are plain the worst but as a MSP hub based I have no choice. Regarding Amex, I am getting tired of them. First no more AA lounges and I got nothing from them in terms of credit as many customers did. Now no more guests at Delta lounges. I usually use Delta lounges by myself when traveling for business but at least twice a year I use them with my wife and two kids. Yes, their lounges are a joke but it is better than sitting in front of the gate. Now, I cannot take my family in. I called Amex and they suggested that I take a Platinum card for my wife. WTF!!!! Maybe I will get one for each of my kids as well. They also suggested that I use the $200 airline credit to pay for my family to access the lounges. I am canceling the card right before renewal date.

  • Jenny

    My husband changed jobs this year and now has to use personal cards for expenses, previously he used a Corp Plat Amex. We loved the access to the delta sky club, especially when traveling as a family. I was seriously considering upping him to the Delta Amex Reserve. Now, absolutely not. He can just use the gold card and get into the club for 25/29 bucks if he needs it. What is Delta thinking?

  • fordpickup

    Last year they reduced the complimentary liquor offerings to frat party tiered liquors. If they even just bring back the old liquors that would be an “improvement”.

    Also, my husband and I pay a hefty fee for our Platinum AmEx, there is nothing free about it.

  • sn

    love all the Delta changes. Great for people who actually spend real money on Delta.

  • BEM

    Delta is a Huge Let Down, they keeps slandering AMEX and makes them look really stupid!! Since AMEX broke up with Continental over two years ago, AMEX had a huge opportunity to come down hard on Delta to lure in customers. Chase/ United really did a great job in luring in former Platinum AMEX customers with their mileage purchase bonuses such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred (2X miles on dining and travel and No foreign transaction fees) and the United Club Card ( 50% mileage bonus on all purchases and access to Star Alliance Lounges). Not to mention, AA/US dropping out of the Lounge Access Program, I was hopeful that Delta would give Platinum AMEX members Skyclud Membership so they would access all Skyteam Lounges. THis is another huge letdown and I cannot wait to downgrade my Platinum AMEX.

  • eli104

    What’s missing in the announcement (and I’m wondering if there will be more later) is whether someone who has a Delta Amex Platinum or Reserve card will get a discount (or individual access). I have been in clubs where they are overrun with kids or people stuck during weather delays (think Chicago and Orlando). But overall, it’s more about allegiance and payback at this point. I do NOT fault Amex for this issue! BUT I will call AMEX platinum to see if I can get some more added to my $200 airline credit (actually $300 since the Admiral’s club was dropped). A couple more like this, and the Amex Platinum card will be free ;-)

  • Garrett

    While their points may not be worth much, I like Delta as an airline. They run a pretty solid operation, and they treat me well. I never go to Europe without first having to do a bit of business in Amsterdam, so having Skyteam Elite Plus is almost worth as much to me as my Platinum status.

    I am going to keep the Amex Platinum card, because most of the time I travel alone. If I’m with my colleagues they all have either the Reserve or the Platinum, so no worries there.

    I kind of appreciate that they’re thinning the crowd a little bit. I’m also perfectly happy to keep my Platinum Amex until they decide how to “make it up to us.”

    If there’s anything I’ve learned in my experiences with this stuff, it’s to not react so quickly. I think it’s beneficial to sit on the sidelines while the dust settles.

  • LA Dave

    I currently have a 3 yr membership ending mid year 2015. It looks like they got rid of the multi-year renewals/discounts. I only have the option to extend another year for $695 now. They better provide better food for this ridiculous upcharge. The international skyclubs like Narita have better food options. These lounge memberships are not MQD right? It’d be nice if they were.

  • Garrett

    “Beginning May 1, 2014,all customers who receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access as a benefit of their eligible credit or charge card will no longer receive complimentary guest access. A $29 fee per guest will apply.”

  • PHLFlyer

    If the problem was too many AMEX platinums and their guests crowding the lounge, why not just take away guest access for AMEX platinums and leave the people actually paying Delta directly for club access to have the perks of “full membership”?

  • ReevesJB

    Stinks, but at least the clubs might not be so crowded (and have fewer kids). But for such a hefty price hike, I’d like to at least be offered something in return instead of “supply and demand, suckers!”

  • nsk

    Does anyone think the lounges have been overcrowded in 2013 compared to past years? If so, the masses need to be thinned OR the lounges need to be expanded. Expansion is often physically impossible given the lounges’ location in sterile gate areas. The most efficient way to do thin the masses is to raise the bar of entry. This is manifested here in the form of raising fees.

    Personally, I’m GM, Amex Plat, and DL Reserve. Since my wife has her own Amex Plat, this change means I’m going to have to pay $29 to bring my 16-month-old into a DL lounge. As long as a lounge has fewer smelly, drunk, middle-aged men, this is fine with me. I will gladly pay more to have a less-crowded lounge.

  • Phil

    They seem to make it clear you will still get individual access with AmEx Platinum or Delta Reserve, but will have to pay for guest access.

  • Robert Barron

    I pretty much never fly Delta, so it’s not an issue with me/for me….but it just boggles the mind as far as how a business- which is what they are- treats its’ customers. Even after the AA-US Airways merger, Delta will still have competitors. And everyone has a choice vis-vis what airlines they fly. That being the case, why do you want to antagonize/drive away your customers?

  • Kort

    Good for Delta, AA and United Clubs are way too over crowded and if you think the cost is worth it then people will pay for it. As for Amex Plat. I bet this will be the last year with Delta lounges or we will be limited to just ourselves as with the basic membership.

  • eli104

    So now we need to lean on Amex a bit. It’s not their fault, but I just had an initial call with the Amex Platinum Business line, and the agent told me that they are NOT considering offering anything extra due to the loss of “guest access” to their card holders. It’s not the same as American where the lounge was (will be) pulled completely from the roster. So for now, or until they get many more calls/complaints, Amex is not offering the same “bump” in airline credits for the loss of Guest access. Really a big bummer for those who travel with their families (especially the kids…).

  • mrcandoit

    Pesos to pesos, ashes to dust, see you later Delta, you’re dead to me like rust.

  • Brian C. Lee

    TPG, I’m confused by your statement here: “Delta justified these changes by claiming that they have invested $50
    million in lounge renovations and their members have been complaining of
    overcrowding in the lounge – so naturally they’re raising prices for
    access! It just doesn’t make sense”

    Why doesn’t it make sense that they want to recoup some of the $ they spent on renovations? Why doesn’t it make sense that they’re responding to their members’ complaints by reducing crowding? Makes sense to me.

  • eli104

    Part 2: For those who use SkyBonus to buy club access (I did this last year):

    Effective immediately, the Delta Sky Club Annual Membership reward price will increase to 160,000 SkyBonus points. This Executive Membership will continue to allow two complimentary guests.

    For those customers who rarely need guest access, an Individual Membership will be introduced Spring 2014. This membership will allow guest access for $29 per guest Club visit.

    The Delta Sky Club One-Day Pass pack will increase to 60,000 SkyBonus points and will include five One-Day Passes.

  • Ben

    Isn’t it now the case that if you have a US Air or American lounge pass you can use both facilities? If so, this makes the Delta Sky Club look less attractive. I get it though, it depends who you fly with, where you live and where you are going. I’m MSP based and tired of putting up with the Delta BS. Still trying to figure out who to use in 2014…

  • Seth

    I am responding to the change in the lounge benefit for AmEx cardholders.
    I called AmEx this morning and told them to give me a significant credit because they have changed the terms of the agreement for which I already paid my $450 annual due for the AmEx Delta Reserve card. As they should have, they gave me a significant credit. All these changing airline-related benefit policies are confusing everything. Next year, I will obviously not be renewing my Reserve credit card at the $450 annual rate unless a significant replacement is offered.
    Specific info: For Reserve card members, there will not be a change, so card holders will still get lounge access at no cost. However, the change is that the cardholder’s family will no longer get free access and will now have to pay something like $25 or $29 to enter the lounge. The policy is ridiculous and isn’t much of a benefit. I explained, “What, when I go on our next family vacations in March and July, I’m going to use the lounge while the three other members of my family wait by the gate? You bet…nah.

  • Richard_in_SD

    I’m disappointed by this change. I’ve got the Delta Reserve AMEX, and a major feature for me was the Sky Club access – Without that, I’m not certain the $450 annual fee for the card is worth it…the companion ticket notwithstanding.

  • GetToThePoints

    Good, the lounges are far to crowded!!

  • Ryan

    For those thinking about canceling, you can do it before your membership renews and receive a refund pro rata. Don’t forget to cash out your reward points and $200 airline credit (Happy New Year!). Personally, I’m waiting to see if I’ll be offered anything for AA clubs being taken away. If not, they’ll be losing my $450/year membership fee.

  • Juno

    Well, I was planning on getting the Reserve Delta AmEx card this month but not after this news. And this also nixes my thought of getting the MB AmEx Platinum as well. see ya Delta.

  • Ron

    This is a huge blow to the Amex reserve card there is not really any other way to justify the $300 extra it costs over the platinum card. Having lounge access and the extra 5K in MQM at 30K was def worth it but now only getting the 5K isnt worth it when i use the guest access with my wife. Its even worse that we were going to use this alot next fall when we goto hawaii and have some long layovers! what a crock! I know i will probably be downgrading my reserve card back to the platinum

  • russr

    I’m a 2 million miler with Delta, based in Minneapolis and have a combo paid/complimentary Sky Club membership that doesn’t expire until Feb 2016. With this change in Club pricing/benefits and with all of the other changes which the airline has imposed on their frequent fliers, there is a point at which it becomes an economic decision to move to other options. I’ve just applied for a Southwest VISA and I will leverage all other options as much as I can. (Delta controls 70% of all flights in and out of MSP.) At the end of the day, our moaning and groaning is useless. We need to vote with our feet and perhaps the airlines will recognize there is a limit to their fee structures.

  • tigres013

    Never seen a smelly, drunk middle-aged man in a DL lounge myself.

  • tigres013

    Enjoy AMEX Plat Bus card since 93′. The Delta Access was a helpful perk this year traveling a lot with my family. But, I am looking for a new airline to be loyal to, Delta’s greed is officially too rich for little old me. Remember when an airline was to fly, now it’s a stupid club. Offer the perks or don’t, it should not be a cash cow.

  • DMinATL

    Such a great change! All the people complaining here are probably those that have a credit card and bring in their entire family. As a DM, tend to find that they’re often crowded to the point of being not much of a perk… can find other gates that are often less crowded and quieter than the lounges.

    Shouldn’t this reward those who actually travel / spend a lot? Very much in line with the other MQD change… glad to see that Delta is fixing some of the broken parts of their programs.

  • Jason Arroyo


  • Josh

    I know I’m not worth THAT much, considering I’m only a Gold Medallion and carrier of the Plat Delta Amex, but I’m wavering between DL and AA, and as much as the idea of Doug Parker taking over AA scares me, seems like DL is not much better afterall…

  • Jason Arroyo

    Help me understand why you are at an airport lounge, close enough to another man to be able to smell him? Perhaps a guide in maintaining proper personal space may be all that you need to reap the benefits of airport lounges!

  • josh

    they’ve never been THAT crowded when i’m there… I mean there are a lot of people sometimes but I never have trouble finding a seat

  • Alex

    Centurion Lounge in DFW is definitely worth it if you fly through there often. I’m done with Delta anyways, got my status match to Alaska mvp gold.

  • Santastico

    I am also MSP based and very tired about Delta. If you find a solution, please let me know. I got Gold for life before moving here but cannot find a way to not become a slave of Delta.

  • Steve

    So you asked for a credit and they said …?

  • thepointsguy

    I guess that wasn’t clear- considering they did away with free decent alcohol and have the same sort of veggie snacks- I don’t see why they’re justifying a huge price increase. Skyclubs really aren’t all that special

  • thepointsguy

    Right- bring back decent alcohol and get better food options and then I could see the increase making some sense for consumers

  • tpup

    I’m Platinum on Delta and have paid for skyclub membership for 3 yrs; I was planning to renew next month (when my term expires), now, I’m not so sure. I am have been really put off by the changes Delta has made over the last few months. I am going to change my primary to Alaska

  • GL

    Yes, it’s true that it’s great for people who spend real money on Delta. However, as someone who spends real money, I’d like some loyalty in reciprocation. Let’s face it: Delta, AA and UA all fly the same planes, have the same service so it’s monkey see, monkey follow, monkey do. Which is why as bad as UA’s devaluation has been, I’ll keep my loyalty to UA and AA cause it’s still the same flat-bed seats coast to coast (LAX/SFO from JFK and vice versa)

  • applehazar

    Amex Platinum needs to step it up – not much reason left to pay $450 for a silver looking card with little benefits

  • Ivan M.

    It looks like Delta is trying to position itself as more premium and I’m fine with that. Less perks means better service for those who do get them (or pay for them).

  • Ryan Ekins

    Hey if they put in some decent food. I’m all for the change…

  • Paddy

    It sucks for the consumer but it makes sense. They have the muscle and arrogance to do it now. They are the big dog. They have the best management team around. DAL keep going higher!! One of the hottest stocks around.

  • Richard

    Delta Amex Reserve is of little value without the noted club benefits.

  • Ben Price

    Couldn’t care less if Delta lounges are crowded or empty (and I’ve been in both, of course). The bottom line is DL lounges suck. No amount of money is worth the celery and carrots and yogurt/pretzel mix and shitty WiFi.

    Even if/when the DL lounge was free, I’d rather stay outside with better food options and just scope out some quiet seats somewhere else.

    DL lounge –> an assault of the senses!

  • Slee

    Please provide the link for the no annual fee AmEx Platinum card. Thank you.

  • JL100

    TPG – I can tell you’re not a fan of Delta and I really appreciate that. What I mean is, I think it gives you more credibility as a blogger to call out these companies on their moves, good or bad. Personally, I plan to cancel my platinum card after getting the $200 in credits in a few days and get a prorated credit on the annual fee.

  • Slee

    Love they are charging you more for nothing? Wow. I wish I had customers like you!

  • eli104

    Yes, “no longer receive “guest access”. But Amex Platinum DOES allow guest access to the clubs as of today. So we are LOSING the ability to bring a guest into the club on the Platinum card (that we paid $450 for). This is where I say that Amex might want to think about upping the ante for the “reduced access”.

  • DD

    For Amex platinum, be sure to call them and complain. I valued the lounge access and told them I was considering switching to Black Card or Sapphire. After a series of questions to verify I travel a decent amount, and trying to sell me on the other benefits, I told them it was still a takeaway and not worth $450. They offered to give me 50,000 award points to renew, which I gladly accepted. That’s a $500 value and well worth it if you can use the points!

  • Andy Shuman

    Please tell me this is all about captive hubs. I am at loss why so many choose to keep paying and encouraging this behavior by the second most horrible domestic loyalty program after Spirit. If this is not the time to push back with your wallet, then I don’t know what is.

  • Andy Shuman

    LOL, this might be one more reason to cancel Amex, but I know 450 other reasons that come before this one.

  • Jon

    Sounds great. Call me when that “better service” comes along on DL. Chances are i’ll be ice-skating in hell when that happens.

  • Dont Tread On Me

    Lounges should be 21 and over only.
    Create an elite section of lounge for most valued customers

  • Darth Chocolate

    It is nice to know that there will be more space and fewer whiners in the lounges and competing for upgrades.
    And for the ignorant among you who are mad at AMEX, please remind me how they were complicit in pushing Delta to make this change?
    He who lives by the Credit Card Perks, dies by the Credit Card perks.

  • avw

    The renovations to the Sky Clubs ruined them. Whoever designed those high seats with no back support should be fired. I have left Delta lounges because they are so unwelcoming. Don’t think I will miss them. But I will miss the US Airways Club. Probably will cancel my AmX Platinum. Just not worth it anymore. Haven’t been able to get cruise benefits out of them either in the past two years.

  • Icarus

    What sort of credit did they give you?

  • lkm

    Interesting about getting more points if you call and say you are leaving! I was also disappointed to learn with the Amex Platinum they no longer give you 20% back when you redeem points. I was so lucky in 2012–redeemed 300,000 and made out like a bandit!

  • Andy Shuman

    Just curious where my other comment has gone. One moment it was there, and then poof, it’s gone. Hope I was not too disrespectful to Delta.

  • ma

    I am in the same position. Personally, I’m getting really frustrated and upset with Delta. I’ve never been so upset about a loyalty program before. I feel like I’ve truly wasted my time and literally tens of thousands of dollars on delta.

  • John Johnson

    So sad…I left United years ago because they had horrible service. I flew Delta and liked it except that they screwed us over all the time on award tickets(I live in Hawaii). With the devaluations and now the lounge access, I’m really disappointed in them. But who the heck can I go to? I just flew United because I got 4 tickets to the east coast for a crazy $480, but the service was so infuriatingly horrible, there’s no way I will do that again.

  • Jason

    TPG – Has guest access been modified for members of affiliated club programs that current have SkyClub privileges?

  • Jonathan Hasson

    Remember that AMEX immediately added a $200 credit for AA/US Airways lounge access when they downgraded the AMEX access. I suspect they’ll do the same for Delta now. You certainly can get better food for $58 elsewhere than in the Delta lounges though!

  • Jonathan Hasson

    I suspect the problem really is too many Delta branded AMEX cardholders with access. These credit cards have effectively killed the availability of any upgrades on Delta, with upgrade lists being 40+ people long in some cities. I cannot see how the AMEX Platinum (non branded) cardholders are overcrowding the lounges. It’s all about the money. The more Delta branded cards in circulation, the more money Delta makes. Therefore, punish the non-branded AMEX cardholders to try to push them to the branded card. AMEX definitely has some work to do to increase the value of the Platinum card now. I hope they make it worthwhile.


    I called AMEX to clarify. .. Cardholders still get access, they just lose free “guest” access. Meaning you have to pay the additional $29 for those traveling with you that don’t have card or membership.

  • Paul Goecke

    Why? I have a 6 year old who likely behaves better than you in public. He flies first class around the world with me and if I happen to buy him a 1K domestic ticket in first class he’s likely more entitled to be with me in that lounge than you with your Amex.

  • Christian

    Exactly – that’s what this article explains and, again, the measure defeats the purpose of having the AMEX Platinum to benefit people with families. I am not going to drop $58 to get access to my wife and daughter. So, to recap: 2 (!) or eventually plus Centurion lounges does not make up even 1% of the lost benefit in AA/US lounges + lost benefits with DL. Not good, and every day is getting worse!

  • Paul Goecke


  • Guest

    Guess your just cheap and that sucks for you!

  • Kort

    I guess if you read the post, then this only applies to memberships, if you can afford the domestic F class then you can pay 29 dollars more for lounge access. Don’t be cheap

  • Seth

    $100 credit. Honestly, it is more symbolic than anything. I won’t renew any card for $450 any longer.

  • russr

    My two key points are:
    1. My membership which is through Feb 2016 was unilaterally changed. The benefits should be maintained until the membership is concluded.
    2. Investing in improvements does not force an increase in pricing. Businesses are always fixing, adding and enhancing. Actually, in these inflation-free times, prices do not increase in most situations. Most restaurants and stores remodel every 5-7 years; they almost never use that as an excuse to increase prices. These expenses are built into their P&Ls.
    If The Points Guy moves to a different/better blog platform, I don’t think he would raise his prices. (Oh yeah, he doesn’t charge for his site!)
    The key thing is if a company says we have to charge for our improvements, they almost always mean ‘we need to make more money by increasing our margins.’

  • VeritasIII

    Does this impact Skyteam Elite Plus members who access lounges on international flights? Right now I get one guest whenever I fly delta on an international flight.

  • VeritasIII

    Delta is also eliminating Medallion (Elite Plus) access to ALL of their Third Party lounges starting May 1, 2014. This means when flying international coach you will no longer be able to access a lounge unless there is a Sky Club or a Skyteam lounge. They are reclassify all third party lounges as “business” lounges and blocking Medallion access. They have the list of lounges you will no longer be able to access posted, it’s longer than my arm!

    On the up side…it does seem that you will still be able to bring one guest into the Skyclub or Skyteam lounge. At least they aren’t taking EVERYTHING away…

  • Flymore1

    Your cheap!

  • Wearyofsmellymiddleageddrunks

    Maybe because you are one

  • David Stetson

    Yes, Looks like the $450 for the plat card might not be worth it.
    Did they change the deal if you have a Delta credit card? $25 to visit the club.

  • DeltaDiamondo

    As a Diamond (and a Marketing Executive), I feel Delta is making a real mistake here. I big perk of status is being able to bring a travel companion into the club (what good is status if you can’t take it out for a spin and show it off a little…?)
    Also, as I have frequently entered with colleagues I travel with, that trip into the club was a recruiting tool for Delta – as they then want Delta status. Congrats Delta penny pinchers! You’ve managed to disappoint Diamonds everywhere, AND diminished the recruiting “wow” factor of your loyalty program. Priceless. To top it off, you want me to spend a choice benefit for the privilege? Insult meet injury…

  • Rob

    So what is the difference between a “Guest” and “Family Member”? AMEX P. makes a delineation. I will make the sound assumption that Delta means anyone but the card holder. Time to divest.

  • DavidYoung2

    Funny, I had just the opposite reaction. I’m dumping Delta. I fly monthly (or more) to Boise, Idaho and enjoy the lounge at SLC where I connect. Instead, my flights are now being booked with connections through Las Vegas so I can use the Centurion lounge.

    Delta lost their first ticked to today – and a monthly ticket after that. Forever (well, as long as I have this job) So they lost about $600.00 or more per month over lounge access…. real smart, Delta.

  • davep

    I agree, but most don’t have that option. For flights that require connections I will be looking at Dallas for the Centurion lounge, but that’s not always possible.

  • Dale

    Just called the customer service for my reserve card and was offered 25k miles to not cancel. Be nice!

  • Guest

    I’m pissed just like all the rest of you folks, but here is my reply. United gives you nothing……American and us air are about to give you nothing….southwest is nothing…….so why all the Delta bashing, yea they are not the best lounges worldwide, but it beats a screaming Atlanta airport. It will be interesting to see where AMEX goes from here.

  • Roadrunner

    Have you completely lost your mind, Delta?! For a couple of years I thought you’d gotten your act together…

    Well, if that’s the way you roll, then I’m switching to Flying Blue. Since I’m an international traveller 90% of the time, you still have to let me in and guess what: now you’re not getting any money at all!

  • Paul Earley

    I got nowhere talking to a supervisor (see my other post). Do you know the person to whom you spoke? Would you be willing to share details?

  • Dan Nainan

    I know this is against the grain, but you know what? I’ll gladly pay $29 to bring my companion in, in exchange for not having to deal with the Sky Club being turned into a play room with a bunch of kids, and being overrun with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

  • emnyc

    I only use the delta lounge two or three times a year so perhaps this is just a coincidence, but they have never once asked me for my membership card or to look at my ticket when entering the lounge. I just walk right in, no questions asked. So maybe the reason their lounge is overcrowded is that most the people there aren’t members at all.

  • clutch clark

    According to Delta, the $450 Individual Membership has been eliminated completely. The only option now is $695.
    One would think an email notification to current SkyMiles members would have been a simple courtesy.

    I will be using up my accrued miles for an RTW this year and then its “so long” DL.


  • Plantera

    They are everywhere. I am happy they are clearing out
    the lounges. I fly every week and look forward the lounges for a break to relax or work. In most lounges the bar areas are loud and seats are limited to non-existent. 2013 was worthless for a lounge membership. Thank goodness Delta is changing the policy and cost. The $ are worth it.

  • Jaysen Schaffer

    What airline are you getting a direct to BOI from Las Vegas on? The only one I know of is Southwest. Delta connects through SLC from LAS to BOI.

  • CZB

    your exactly the problem with the Skyclubs currently. People come in and bring in their whole family even though they should be restricted to one (or two) guests. Don’t even get me started about your “right” to bring your kid in first class. No one should be in first class who’s not under 12. Nothing frustrates me more than spending a fortune on a ticket (or miles) and then have some bratty kid (or baby) commandeering first class. Yes, i’m being a snob.

  • expatscott

    For those that are not aware, other airlines offer competing benefits for those of us Elite Medallions, like Diamond and Gold. You can contact them and they will give you equivalent status for the year.

  • Ken Althoff

    Delta Skyclubs are not that great to begin with. I fly every week and can do without them for this kind of dough. You can buy a lot of carrots and crackers for 600+ dollars. There are plenty of other places I can sit in LAX, Atlanta, Detroit and SLC and do just fine thank you. I miss Northwest.

  • MT flyer

    Could not agree more about how crappy this latest devaluation is. Why do I spend the big bucks for a Delta Reserve card if it offers no benefits???? And they may have remodeled SkyClubs but the food and beverages are still bare bones and pretty crappy.

  • xsquatchx

    the guests are free, not the card

  • G. B.


  • Bob Erickson

    Amex did NOT add a $200 credit for AA/US Airways Lounge access for ALL Amex Platinum card holders (in addition to the existing $200 credit for miscellaneous airline purchases, like food and drinks purchased onboard). I received no such offer!

  • Eric

    I’m a frequent international traveler (mostly Asia but Europe too). Currently work for a group with a tight budget so I’m flying eco instead of biz. While it was a big bummer to see this change I do feel the international lounges have gotten SUPER crowded. I’ve seen it evolve the past 5 years to the point sometimes I literally cannot find a seat. So thinning is good but for a Platinum customer who has flown as many as 40 international flights in the last 6 years, with Platinum DL Amex on an international business trip (working for a fortune 100 with a DL corporate account) I’m awfully surprised they won’t let me in.

  • Kelly McGowan

    Delta branded Amex card do not get you access to the lounge (even the platinum card). I have one and it doesn’t. It may be included in the Delta Amex Reserve but that card doesn’t seem to add much and is alot more $$

  • Kelly McGowan

    One thing they are doing is aggressively building their own lounges. Branded under Centurion lounges.

  • applehazar

    Only helps if you go to Vegas and Dallas – we used to have 40 clubs in the US now 2 special ones? Not good enough for me.

  • applehazar

    haven’t seen any improvements – where did the millions $$ go?

  • bryan

    I got the SkyClub membership more for the ability to use Air France and KLM lounges which, in the US are generally far better than an US airline. If I am not going to be able to bring a guest, it’s usefulness is fading fast.

  • Mm

    I have a delta platinum and so does my husband. We pay $1000 a year to be able to fly in comfort. Now we have to pay extra $30 for our 12 year old daughter??? Goodby delta Amex. Not worth it. Many bus stopped accepting Amex anyway. Limit the guests to family would have been a lot smarter. If two paying adults can’t bring in their kid for a glass of oj, that is one pooooor business move on their part.

  • Grandma Plummie

    The only good decision on Delta’s part was to honor Northwest’s lifetime lounge passes. I bought a senior citizen lifetime pass from Northwest 14 years ago, gambling I’d live long enough to make it worthwhile. They haven’t offered the senior or lifetime rates for a number of years now, but I’ve gotten a lot of use from their lounges. They are, finally, upgrading the food available.

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