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This Talking Gargoyle Is Embracing the Conspiracy Theories at Denver Airport

March 02, 2019
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This Talking Gargoyle Is Embracing the Conspiracy Theories at Denver Airport
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Denver International Airport (DEN) may be one of the most mysterious airports in the world. For years, it has been the subject of a number of elaborate conspiracy theories. While the wild rumors have circulated since the airport's opening in 1995, DEN has recently embraced its notoriety — even devoting an entire page of its website to highlight them. In September, the airport poked fun at the theories with some satirical signage at a construction site in the terminal. But recently, a talking gargoyle has stepped in as spokesman.

The conspiracies originate in the walls, in the ground and even in outer space. Throughout the airport, there are plaques claiming the airport was funded by "The New World Airport Commission," a group that airport officials admit has never existed. As a result, conspiracy theorists believe that the airport was built by a group within the mysterious new world order.

For these believers, the conspiracy reaches back to the 18th century and makes Denver International Airport the Illuminati headquarters. One of the new world order plaques has a Masonic square and a compass symbol which are symbols used by both the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Some believe there is an underground bunker at the airport to house all of the world's elite in the event of the Apocalypse. Others are convinced there is evidence of aliens and still others believe that a colony of lizard people live below the airport.

The most bizarre conspiracy theory revolves around the haunted, 32-foot-tall horse sculpture, known to locals as "Blucifer." The airport's demonic gatekeeper with glowing red eyes is famous for killing its creator after a piece of the sculpture fell on the artist's head.

Other eerie works of art, including multiple creepy gargoyle statues decorate the airport. In celebration of Denver International Airport's 24th birthday, a new animatronic gargoyle has appeared, welcoming travelers to the "Illuminati headquarters."

Watch this hilarious gargoyle interact with unsuspecting visitors at the airport's main terminal.

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