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Should You Wrap Your Luggage?

July 07, 2018
2 min read
Should You Wrap Your Luggage?
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Airports bring out some of the best people-watching opportunities and expose some peculiar travel habits worth exploring. Whether you frequent airports or not, you've definitely seen travelers wheeling around their tightly plastic-wrapped suitcases, for whatever reason. And, if you've ever wondered why people do this, you're not alone — we have, too.

So we asked readers in our TPG Lounge if anyone utilizes the airport wrapping services or uses a reusable fabric, and why. Among the people who chimed in, many were kind of baffled by the whole idea. Others saw it as a useful safety precaution, or necessary when their bag might burst at the seams.

"I never do it, looks tacky and honestly there isn’t much use to it." - Yuri S
"Ended up shopping a little more than I thought in Delhi and had to get it wrapped bc I was afraid my bag was going to burst! At least this way the contents would stay within. Usually I don’t though." - Priti P
"I recently had to wrap my hiking-style backpack in Madrid because the zipper on my carrying back had broke. Held it all together and kept the straps from being loose. Worth every penny." - Anna P
"I don't bother with wrapping because I don't check anything besides clothing, and none of my clothes are super high end like $5,000 suits or Louboutin shoes that are $3,000. I put a simple TSA approved lock on the bag, and that is it." - Matthew S

One baggage protection service, Secure Wrap, describes its wrapping service necessary to "help ensure all passengers’ peace of mind during their travel." You can find Secure Wrap all around the world, including JFK International Airport. The service could be useful if you're worried about theft, damage, or possibly finding unwanted items in your suitcase.

If you do wrap your luggage, though, it might be worth checking out reusable fabric wraps, or a company that uses recyclable material. It's a win for the environment and you'll never be wondering if that's your suitcase coming down the baggage carousel.

Featured image by JT Genter