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10 Amazing Pictures From the Man Who Saw 16 Sunrises a Day While in Space

Nov. 04, 2018
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Earth Seen rrom Space
10 Amazing Pictures From the Man Who Saw 16 Sunrises a Day While in Space
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Scott Kelly has spent a total of 520 days in space, 340 of which were part of his so-called year-long (it was less than 12 months, but who's counting?) mission back in 2014 and 2015. Kelly, a now-retired US astronaut and former Navy captain, reignited many Americans' interest in space during his lengthy stay in space. That mission was to test the effects that prolonged exposure to the elements of space have on the human body. Kelly, one of two identical twins, was the perfect candidate not only due to his experience in the Navy and as an engineer, but also because his brother, Mark, would serve as the perfect "control" for the study.

During his time at the International Space Station (ISS), Kelly took to a platform accessible by virtually anyone to share his extraterrestrial experience: He started an Instagram account. Here are ten of our favorite awe-inspiring Scott Kelly Instagram photos.

Auroa Borealis (and a Sattelite)

The Colors of Africa


Nightfall Reveals the Milky Way

Desert Dunes

The Lights of Shanghai

The World Islands in Dubai, UAE

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The Gateway to the West, St. Louis, MO

The Northern Lights and Chicago

Hurricane From Space

You can find all of Kelly's photos right here on his Instagram. Though his year in space concluded a while back, he still manages to post breath-taking photos from his adventure — the ultimate #tbt.

H/T: The Telegraph

Featured image by Corbis via Getty Images