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Marriott Unveils an Updated Logo for Sheraton Brand

March 12, 2019
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Marriott Unveils an Updated Logo for Sheraton Brand
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With the Marriott-Starwood merger complete, and the new massive hotel chain having rolled out its loyalty program, Marriott Bonvoy, subsidiary brands of the now-world's largest hotel chain are getting a makeover.

One of the first up? Sheraton.

On Monday, Marriott unveiled a new logo and outlined upcoming changes for the mid-tier brand.

Sheraton Hotels are also some of the most dated Marriott properties in operation, and the brand is in desperate need of a makeover. Not much has changed with the new logo, but it is noticeably more modern and sleek. The subtle differences to the Sheraton brand are said to align with the new logo, reflecting Sheraton's new image as "a holistic and welcoming space."

Since the brand's inception, the original Sheraton logo remained mostly unchanged and was quite dated. The new Sheraton logo aims to change that while retaining the original logo's core.

(Image courtesy of Marriott)
(Image courtesy of Marriott)

The updated logo still features the iconic "signature-laurel" however, the laurel is noticeably more refined and wraps around the entirety of the redesigned, sans-serif Sheraton S. Of course, the most obvious difference is the color scheme. Previously composed of a dark navy blue color scheme, the new logo appears in a faint yet dark beige color.

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Marriott also debuted an updated slogan, which appears under the logo in Marriott's transformation video and reads "Where The World Comes Together," alluding to the brand's new mission to serve as "the central gathering place of communities around the world," Marriott said in a release.

Photo by Ethan Steinberg/TPG.

"The logo’s evolution reflects the renewed energy and firm commitment we are making to our owners and guests to the resurgence of this iconic brand," Mara Hannula, vice president of global brand marketing for Marriott's Classic Premium brands, said in the release. "More than a logo, this is a symbolic statement of Sheraton’s vision for our new guest experience."

That new guest experience is set to roll out later this year at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix, which is currently undergoing major renovations to become a "welcoming" space meant to resemble the "modern town square." Details on the updates to the Sheraton Grand Phoenix are quite limited at the moment, however, Marriott made it clear that the changes to the Sheraton brand will be widespread.

"More than 30% of our portfolio worldwide is under some sort of renovation," Indy Adenaw, vice president of Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, said in the release. "Whether it is a full or partial transformation, I am sure our guests will be pleased with what they see.”

Guests will continue to see the old Sheraton logo for quite some time as Marriott will continue to utilize the original logo until early April, at which time the new logo will begin showing up on Sheraton and Marriott's website.