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Marriott Properties Receive Secret New Loyalty Program Materials

April 13, 2018
2 min read
Marriott Properties Receive Secret New Loyalty Program Materials
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Marriott and Starwood are set to make a big announcement on Monday at 4:30pm Eastern in New York City potentially detailing the combination of its loyalty programs. We've been anxiously awaiting the announcement for more than a year, and hopefully we'll get some (positive) clarity come Monday.

Adding to the excitement of Monday's announcement, it appears Marriott has sent a set of secret boxes to its hotels — and likely to SPG properties as well based on the markings on the boxes — with explicit instructions not to open until 4:30pm EDT on Monday:

My source tells me an extremely stern warning accompanied the boxes, stating that in no way, shape, or form were they to be opened prior to Monday's announcement. Apparently Marriott can bill properties for "extras" when they're found out of compliance with corporate rules. While a fine was not expressly threatened, it was made clear that repercussions would follow if the boxes were opened prematurely.

The highlight for me is definitely the sticker on the side of the boxes with the date and time at which they're to be opened. Can you imagine all the people that had to have been sworn to secrecy to get these materials out to thousands of properties?

Inside these five boxes lie the answers to all our fears, anxieties and hopes ever since the merger was first announced. How much are free nights going to cost? What will happen to airline transfer partners? Will there be new Chase and American Express co-branded credit cards? Can someone please just open one of these boxes and email us a screen shot?!

Monday cannot come soon enough.