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What to Eat and Avoid at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts

Feb. 17, 2018
14 min read
What to Eat and Avoid at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts
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Our long weekend at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts wasn't expensive in terms of getting or staying there thanks to airline miles and hotel points, but our time on the ground was a somewhat different story as activities and food on St. Kitts can add up quickly. On the plus side, much of what we ate was enjoyable, though there were a few misses along the way that I'll share so you can focus your money and calories where it is worth it.

First, here are some other posts in our series on heading to the island of St. Kitts.

Breakfast at the Great House

The Great House at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the only on-site restaurant that is open for breakfast, so this is likely where you will start your day and where we will begin our review of where to eat at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts. They have a table with complimentary to-go coffee if you aren't quite ready for a full meal, but once you are prepared to sit down and enjoy, you can do so with a nice view inside, or you can choose to head outside to take in the ocean air.

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Great House

I love a good, indulgent, vacation breakfast, and so the spread at the Great House at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts was right up my alley. There is a menu with a variety of items as shown below, but Great House Selection was our daily order as it comes with the full breakfast buffet plus an item from the menu of your choice. It sells for a painful $42 per person, but thankfully we got it for free via Hyatt Globalist status. If your rate or status does not cover your breakfast, I probably wouldn't splurge on the full buffet every day, but maybe give it a try on a day when you plan on having a light lunch.

The buffet features items like house-made yogurt and jams (try both, they are amazing), a huge table of pastries, breads, and donuts, fruit, cold meat, and even a gluten-free section.

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Breakfast Buffet

In addition to all the food available for the picking, I was a big fan of the freshly made juices that also come with the buffet.

We intentionally did not skimp on breakfast since it was included and that way we would not have to eat a huge lunch. At least that is how we justified filling our plates over and over again.

If you do get the buffet, remember to pick a hot item off the menu to go with it. The menu said you can order from the a la carte section, but each day we were told we could order one of whatever we wanted. I was partial to the Breakfast Parfait with homemade granola, berries, greek yogurt, and compressed watermelon. Josh loved the Crab Benedict...I mean really, anything with crab in it he was likely to order and enjoy.

We looked forward to breakfast each morning and enjoyed every penny we thankfully didn't have to pay. The items on the buffet were 80% consistent from day to day, but the types of pastries and flavors would change a bit. Service at the Great House for breakfast on two of our three mornings was exceptional, and on the last day, it was non-existent to the point all of the tables outside were just getting up to pour their own drinks. That was the only day we ate outside, so I'm not sure if that was a factor or it was just bad luck, but the first two days when we ate indoors service couldn't have been better.

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Lunch near the Park Hyatt St. Kitts

We never ate lunch at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts partly because we were out doing things and partly because we didn't want to spend a ton on lunch. We ate lunch one day at the very nearby Spice Mill at Cockleshell Beach. You can easily walk here from the Park Hyatt St. Kitts and we had heard great things about their weekly burger night on Saturdays from 5 PM - 8 PM, so we were excited to check it out for lunch. For lunch at this open-air beachside restaurant we each ordered the $14 jerk chicken wrap with fries.

St. Kitts Spice Mill Restaurant

Service here was not great during our meal, and the wrap and fries weren't great either. It wasn't terrible, but we were both left pretty unenthused. By the time VAT, service charge, tip, and waters were added, it totaled $50. It was not a super inexpensive lunch, but one of the cheaper in the area. I would still recommend heading here for burger night as it sounds fun, but lunch wasn't as good as we had hoped.

Truth be told we had walked to Cockleshell Beach hoping to eat at one of the huts that served jerk chicken and plantains, but unfortunately, noon wasn't quite early enough for them to be ready to serve. We didn't have an hour to wait for the food to be ready to serve that day, so we had to pass on what sounded like a perfect lunch for us.

Another nearby option that we didn't try this time around was Reggae Beach Bar as shown below. They have lobster night on Fridays that sounds like it is a good option!

Our favorite lunch 'near' the Park Hyatt St. Kitts was unquestionably the meal that we enjoyed at Sunshine's on neighboring Nevis. This meal isn't quite walkable (or swimmable) as you need to take the ferry from the Park Hyatt St. Kitts over to Nevis and then get a cab over to Sunshine's, but it was worth all of that. The Park Hyatt St. Kitts concierge can set all of that up for you. We adored our few hours on laidback Nevis, and the atmosphere and jerk chicken at Sunshine's was as good as it comes.

Sunshine's Jerk Chicken

We did not try the famed Sunshine Killer Bee drinks, but I'll pass along the advice we repeatedly received that you do not want to have more than one or two! Do yourself a favor - spend the money and take the ferry over to Nevis at least for the afternoon. You can walk from Sunshine's to the Four Seasons Nevis if you want to check that property out for a bit, too.

Sunshine's on Nevis

Dinner at Fisherman's Village

While Sunshine's was my favorite laidback dining experience, I think my favorite meal at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts was on our first night at Fisherman's Village. This is an open-air dining restaurant that is casual, yet still very professional. The service during our meal was five star and the food we enjoyed was just as good.

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Fisherman's Village

As with all the on-site dinners, the meal started with complimentary bread which we supplemented with tuna tartar and an appetizer of lump crab with mango, both of which we loved.

This restaurant's menu is very heavy on seafood, which was perfect for us. In fact, I think there was only one chicken dish on the menu, and it was a salad. In other words, come here for the seafood and stay away if you aren't a fan of foods that swim. For the main course, I had a half lobster and Josh ordered a pasta with lobster. He enjoyed his dinner, but I think my order wins this round!

Clearly, we had already had plenty of food at this point, but we finished off the meal with a dessert of tropical fruit that was cold, fresh, and perfect. This meal was exceptional and everything we hoped it would be. It wasn't cheap, but we enjoyed it enough that we weren't unhappy about the price. The downside of this great first meal at the property is that it set the bar high for the rest of the trip, and we would go on to learn that the exceptional service at some points is not yet consistent.

Dinner at The Stone Barn

Stone Barn is the Park Hyatt St. Kitts' fancy, make-a-reservation, adults-only, small on-site restaurant. It is the most expensive of the on-site restaurants and has the most formal service. After a stellar first dinner at Fisherman's Village, we had very high hopes the following night for our even fancier meal at Stone Barn.

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Stone Barn

The meal again started with bread, but this was the best fluffy bread of the three restaurants. It was addictive and disappeared in a flash. They did offer more, but we thankfully had the willpower to decline the second round.

To offset the rush of carbs, we ordered a side salad. I think it was theoretically the Baby Gem & Radish salad, but they were out of some ingredients so it was switched up a bit. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anywhere close to being worth $10 + VAT, service charge, etc. Skip this and just eat more bread.

For the main course, we shared the huge vat of mixed seafood paella. This entree was on the shareable portion of the menu, and indeed it was more than enough for two people. It could have easily been enough to share with a whole table. It rings in at $78, so you will certainly want to share. As for quality, it was truly enjoyable. The seafood was fresh and we left more than stuffed. If your table likes paella, this is a winner.

For dessert, we went with the rum-roasted pineapple, which was another winner that we enjoyed. However, if you are on a budget of any sort, skipping dessert is a good way to shave about $25 off of a meal. We enjoyed this dessert, but in hindsight, we probably shouldn't have gotten into the habit of blowing that amount on a dessert each night. Still, this one gets a thumbs up.

Dinner at the Great House

Last and least was our dinner the final evening at the Great House. To be fair, dinner here was not bad at all, but at this point in the trip, we had experienced some service issues, had spent a lot of money, and were wishing for a better dinner option than spending another $100 - $150+ at the hotel.

Dinner kicked off with bread; from there we jumped straight to entrees and skipped appetizers on this round.

Trying to replicate my five-star chicken experience at Sunshine's, and trying to avoid some of the even pricier entrees, I ordered the Fleming's Signature Barbecued Chicken with sweet potato wedges and watercress salad. This item was $34 and it was totally fine, though again, by this point we were just somewhat done with expensive meals. Remember, a $34 item will soar to about $50 by the time all the fees and tips are added.

We did have one final dessert, the ‘Mount Liamuiga’ Cane Caramel & Banana Parfait. It was fine, but I do wish we could have tried the housemade gelato and sorbet as I later heard great things about that. Maybe skip this dessert tower and try the housemade gelato and let me know if we did miss out!

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Menus

Here are links to the Park Hyatt St. Kitts menus so you can start drooling over some of the selections ahead of time.

Great House Menu

Fisherman's Village Lunch Menu

Fisherman's Village Dinner Menu

Stone Barn Menu

Lunch at the St. Kitts Airport

Our final meal on St. Kitts was spent at the airport just before our flight back to the United States. At the airport, you can eat in the gate area at Sky Grill. Most menu items were around $10, so much closer to my comfort level. The food wasn't as good as at Sunshine's, but the fish and chicken were both much better than I expected for airport food. Don't be afraid to skip a pricey hotel lunch on your final day and just order at the airport.

Lunch at the St. Kitts Airport

What to Eat and Avoid at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts Resort

The highlights of our time eating at and around the Park Hyatt St. Kitts was the included and indulgent breakfast in the Great House, dinner at Fisherman's Village, and our truly memorable lunch on Nevis at Sunshine's. Food at the property was generally very good, but our budget was a little worn out from the prices by the end of our long weekend. If you are working with a somewhat limited budget then be sure to plot out your meals so you don't end up spending $100 - $150 every time your tummy rumbles.

If you can time your visit with the themed weekend dining specials over at Cockleshell Beach at Spice Mill and Reggae Bar, that can help add variety to your menu selections. I also absolutely recommend a trip to Nevis for a laidback lunch at Sunshine's.

If you have been to the Park Hyatt St. Kitts, I'd love to hear your favorite meals and maybe even some ones to avoid!