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Amenity Kit Review: Swiss International Air Lines First-Class

July 28, 2017
3 min read
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This is the first post in TPG's new review series in which TPG team members give their take on some of the snazziest amenity kits in the skies.

Swiss International Air Lines' amenity kits were designed with a Swiss style of luxury in mind according to the company, and these are packed with goodies that keep the kit true to its homeland. In this review, we take a look at what makes Swiss Air's first-class amenity kits — available for both men and — stand out and where they falter.

Fast Facts

Class: First
Bag Designer: Swiss International Air Lines
Amenities Provider: La Prairie

A full view of the men's and women's kits.

The Bag

The first-class bags have a sturdy construction and can stand up even when empty. The four pouches on the top of it provide perfect compartments to store smaller amenities, while the large base offers more than enough room for a full set of toiletries. Here's what the men's bag looks like.

The gray men's kit is noticeably larger than the white women's version.

Of all the amenity kit designs we've seen so far, Swiss' may be the best positioned for continued use as a travel toiletry kit. Here's the women's version.

What's Inside

If you forgot that you're flying on a Swiss airliner, the amenities in the first-class bag will bring you back to that mountainous state of mind with Ricola lozenges. If you're not a fan of the herbaceous sucker cultivated in the Swiss Alps, spit it into the included tissues. Also inside: hand cream, lip balm, eye cream, and La Prairie's ice crystal creme — a premium anti-aging product. There's also a toothbrush/toothpaste set, provided by Swiss oral hygiene company, Elmex. Finally, cozy up with a pair of slippers, socks, eye mask and ear plugs.

A peek inside the women's amenity kit.

The biggest difference between the men's and women's kits comes down to a hair product: The men's kit comes with a wooden comb, while the women's kit features a wooden brush. Both look downright luxurious (most airline combs are made of cheap plastic) and feel full-on Swiss. Yet neither are particularly good at what they are supposed to do: brush hair. The comb's teeth are too thick and wide to untangle many knots and the brush's bulky bristles aren't as effective as the admittedly less-flashy plastic combs found in other kits.

Overall Impression

With wooden hair-ware, mountain lozenges and a Swiss-branded bag, Swiss Air Lines' first-class amenity kits are refreshingly reminiscent of their home country. A full set of creams will keep skin refreshed until landing and the box of Ricola will soothe most dry throats. And while the respective brushes are not as useful as we'd like them to be, the bags themselves will keep your toiletries safe and organized for years to come.

Are there other airlines or amenity kits you'd like to see covered? Let us know in the comments, below.

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