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This Airbus A340 Really Doesn't Want to Leave the Ground

December 23 2016
1 min read
This Airbus A340 Really Doesn't Want to Leave the Ground
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While enduring a crazy crosswind take-off or landing probably isn't the most fun for passengers, they sure are interesting to watch. In this installment of crazy aviation videos we bring you a whole 48 minutes of windy take-offs and landings, but at just 10 seconds in, we see a truly insane crosswind takeoff at Zurich (ZRH).

The Airbus A340 rolls down the runway and immediately upon lifting off the ground it deals with some extreme crosswind action. You can clearly see a burst of wind that pushes the tail of the aircraft back towards the tarmac. After, the plane struggles to gain altitude and appears to almost hover in place for a few moments — at which point the tail nearly comes into contact with the runway — before it manages to continue its ascent.

Have you experienced a crazy crosswind take-off or landing?

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