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The Pools and Beaches at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun

April 20, 2016
6 min read
The Pools and Beaches at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun
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For spring break this year we ditched our complicated and extensive itinerary to Australia and New Zealand and instead made the much smarter and closer to home decision to head to the all-inclusive Hyatt Ziva Cancun. With two young kids, and especially a baby who doesn't sleep well, this was the best decision we could have possibly made. Of course, it helped that the resort was amazing, bookable on points, and we scored a two-story 1,300 square foot suite!

You can read all about our booking process and how we got to the resort here, as well as check out the massive suite here. In this post I want to talk about the pools and beaches at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun since they are not only fantastic, but they are the same no matter which room or suite you book!

The resort is located at the Punta Cancun and is surrounded by blue water on three sides. It also has multiple pools, an adults-only pool, and several hot tubs. Honestly, I didn't even count how many because there were tons!

What I didn't even realize about the property until the second day is that there are two entirely distinct pool/beach areas on opposite sections of the resort, so there was no shortage of places to swim and enjoy during our stay. Here are shots all taken from the side of the resort closest to the entrance and main lobby.

Then if you travel to the other side of the resort, the one closest the tall Ziva tower, you find an entirely different beach with cabanas and another pool complex.

This side of the resort actually has a manmade break next to the ocean that creates very calm and shallow pools for little ones to play in, which is awesome!

The Kid's Club also has a water park complex that is for kids in the Kid's Club as well as open to everyone certain hours of the day, with parent supervision required during those "open play" times for the kids not old enough yet to stay in the Kid's Club.

On our mid-March trip the ocean was honestly a little chilly for me, though my (crazy) husband and daughter thought it was okay. The pools were heated and a perfectly fine temperature all except for one day after a storm when it was insanely windy. On the sunny days of our trip the pools ranged from perfect to almost too warm!

The depth of the pools ranges from just a little too tall for my tall 6 year old to stand to just a foot deep or so in some of the shallowest areas.

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While there were plenty of chairs and umbrellas on our visit, it was still smart to "claim" one by 9AM or so otherwise you may not get one with shade. To claim one, just go put a towel or similar on the chair.

There is drink service at the pool and ocean and they grilled food out by the pool each afternoon. Of course, since this is an all-inclusive property you can enjoy to your hearts content!

The swim-up bar in the main pool nearest the lobby was also popular with kids and adults as they served a variety of kid-friendly and adult drinks. I do want to offer a small warning to double check when you order your child a "virgin" drink as one that I ordered for Little C had alcohol in it. I don't think it was done intentionally, but more likely was a misunderstanding that it was for me as the bartender does get very busy. Still, I am glad I did the smell/taste test before handing it over!

I'll post more about the drinks when I cover the restaurants, but suffice to say they were excellent! Whether you want a Dos XX, or a mojito, or a margarita, or a shot of tequila, you are well covered.

The ocean ranged from very calm to red flag warning on our stay, depending on the weather that day. In fact, weather was the only issue on our trip as it really was way too windy to do much of anything outside for an entire day, and pretty darn windy for another one of the days of our long weekend trip. I don't remember wind being such an issue on my two previous summer trips to the area.

The upside of wind I suppose was I didn't have a single mosquito bite the entire trip - and I am pretty much always a bug magnet.

I honestly cannot wait to find an excuse to go back to the Hyatt Ziva Cancun with my family, and the quality and variety of pool and ocean spots is a big reason why. The resort is big enough to not feel cramped, but not so large that you are exhausted by the time you get to the pool. With little kids I can't ask for anything better!

In the next post on this property I'll make you drool with info on the restaurants and bars...

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