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Are the Maldives Worth It?

Feb. 21, 2015
5 min read
Are the Maldives Worth It?
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The question I have received most frequently about our stop in the Maldives during our around-the-world journey last year was are they worth it? There are thousands of beaches we could visit around the world, but is it worth hauling to to the other side of the world and spending lots of money and points to go to the Park Hyatt Maldives specifically?

This post will be dedicated to trying to answer that question from my point of view, as well as to share another point of view from someone who has gone to the Maldives every year for the past several years.

Are the Maldives Worth it?

Before I try to answer the question with 1,000 written words, here is a video that may do a better job.

I interviewed BoardingArea blogger, Gary Leff from View from the Wing, while he is also on the island with his wife. They have been to the Maldives every year for the past several years, and have no intention of changing that pattern any time soon.

If you live in North America, it will take you at least a full day of travel on both the front and back end of your trip to get to and from the Maldives. You can go through Europe or Asia to get there, and there are no short cuts. You will have at two long flights to get from the United States to Male, if not more. Then, once you are in Male you will still need to take at least one more flight and a speed boat ride to get to the Park Hyatt Maldives. That's a minimum of 3-4 flights, and a boat ride to get there. In other words, it is both far and remote.

There are white sand beaches and beautiful water much closer to home than the middle of the Indian Ocean. So, if all you are after is a pretty beach, that goal can be met with much less expense and hassle than the Maldives. However, for some remote and far are attractions to the Maldives, not negatives.

If you want to keep vacation costs as low as possible then the Maldives are also a poor choice as even if you use airline miles and hotel points because you will be hit with a $500 per person charge for the flights/boat from Male to the resort, and of course food on the island served by the resort will not be inexpensive. Though costs can be controlled to an extent by following the tips in this post. If you want beach without that type of cash outlay, then consider an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or the Caribbean you can book with Hyatt points or similar.

If you like high energy, lots of activities, lots of interaction with others, and ample opportunities to explore on your vacations, then the Maldives are not for you. I like adventurous trips, too, but I'm also okay with some trips devoted to unwinding and enjoying the company of my partner.

Not sure we've ever been more relaxed!

The Maldives, and the Park Hyatt Maldives may be worth it if:

  • You want to really relax and unwind
  • You like either spending time alone or in the company of your partner
  • You don't want to battle with hundreds or thousands of other tourists for spots by the pool, umbrellas, dinner times, etc
  • You love the idea of a private island that will have no more than 49 other villas worth of people (plus staff)
  • You enjoy looking at, swimming in, and listening to a beautiful ocean
  • You want to see stars you thought you would never see with your own eyes
  • You like world class snorkeling and/or diving
  • You don't need lots of activities, events, and distractions to have an enjoyable day
  • You are okay with spending a fair amount of money on fresh food each day during your vacation
  • You enjoy just showing up and not having a packed agenda (though you could book lots of excursions if you wished)
  • You want access to a fantastic spa
  • You want to just sit, breathe, appreciate, and enjoy
  • You have the miles, points, and dollars to spend without having to stress about every purchase

The Maldives are not for everyone, but they are absolutely perfect for some people on some trips. I can't think of a better place for us to have spent this specific trip. I do wish we had gone when the weather allowed for more excursions and activities, but overall the Maldives were amazing. We were able to truly relax, enjoy a breathtaking setting, enjoy the company of our friends while still having pretty of time for ourselves, and there was no hustle and bustle at all. None.

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Because of the cost, distance, and other places we still want to explore, we won't be "Maldives regulars", but I do hope to be able to return at some point, perhaps for my own 40th birthday several years down the road. It is a special place that miles and points made possible when it would otherwise never have been attainable.

So yes, the Maldives and the Park Hyatt Maldives were unquestionably worth it for us on this big and special trip. They are not right for every trip or every traveler, but then again, no destination is. I very much hope we get to go back, eventually.

Have you been to or considered the Maldives and the Park Hyatt Maldives? What makes it worth it, or not worth it, for you?