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10 Obsessive Behaviors of Miles and Point Junkies

Oct. 15, 2013
3 min read
10 Obsessive Behaviors of Miles and Point Junkies
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I love Buzzfeed's witty, belly laugh-inducing Top lists like the 23 Signs You’ve Lived In New York City Too Long, 13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day or even 16 Signs You’re Addicted To The Real Housewives (which might or might not be my favorite). Lists are great way to procrastinate on getting anything accomplished, but they're also really funny because there's an element of truth to them, and even we here at TPG can face our own demons to put together the Top 10 Obsessive Behaviors of Miles Junkies.

1. Applying for multiple new credit cards to generate millions of miles and points and not batting an eye (or hurting your credit score).

Perhaps I've applied for too many credit cards?

2. Checking the blogs before doing anything else in the morning.

Conference calls can wait...amazing deals cannot

3. Panicking when points and miles don't post when they should.

OMG my points haven't posted!!!!

4. Lodging complaints for the sole reason of getting compensation in the form of miles or points

The fact that you ran out of lime wedges ruined our honeymoon!

5. Threatening to cancel a credit card unless they give you bonus points or waive the annual fee.

That's right. I WILL cancel this card.

6. Refusing to fly anything but lie-flat across oceans.

No lie flat? I don't think soooo!

7. Staring at the gate agent like a hawk to make sure there are no upgrade shenanigans.

You see this face? No upgrade shenanigans!!!

8. Taking any flight bump and cancellation for compensation and/or bonus miles.

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Score! Got bumped again.

9. Spending hours researching and booking complex award tickets...and feeling on top of the world once they are ticketed and booked.

Maldives here we come - for less cash than a bus ticket to Atlantic City!

10. Coercing family and friends to play along in your crazy mileage accruing antics...and finally having them give in when they realize this whole thing really isn't a scam

Family Meeting: Everyone pools their expenses for the most miles.

Those are our top picks, but what are yours? Share your own OCD tendencies below!
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Featured image by Oh dear lord my points haven't posted!!!