70,000 Point Signup Bonus for Chase Ink Plus

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Chase is currently offering a signup bonus of  70,000 Ultimate Rewards points for the Ink Plus card when you apply in a Chase branch. That’s 20,000 points more than the current standard 50,000 point offer, however, the $95 annual fee is not waived.

I value Chase Ultimate Rewards points at 2.1 cents each because they have strong transfer partners, so this 70,000 point bonus would be worth at least $1,470 in award travel. I value the extra 20,000 points at $420, so I’d gladly spend $95 to net the extra 20,000 point difference in sign-up bonus vs. the online version .

Ink Plus 70k bonus

The 70,000 point signup bonus is available in Chase branches.

I consistently rank the Ink cards among the top travel cards out there because of the amazing benefits they give cardholders. The Ink Plus card earns 5 points per dollar at office supply stores and on cellular phone, landline, internet and cable TV services. Ink Plus has a limit of $50,000 per year at the 5x rate (1x thereafter), and also offers 2x points at gas stations and hotel accommodations (when booked directly through the hotel). Ink Plus also offers primary insurance for auto rentals (when you’re renting primarily for business purposes, or secondary insurance otherwise), similar to the recently added benefit for the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Ultimate Rewards are incredibly valuable when used on the 11 Chase transfer partners: United, British Airways, Southwest, Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Priority Club and Amtrak, and now Singapore Airlines

As a reminder, you can have more than one Ink Bold or Ink Plus card. I already had an Ink Bold and an Ink Plus when the recent 60,000 point offers came around, but I applied for another Ink Plus for another small business I’ve started and was approved. If you’re interested in doing the same, check out this post.

Ink Offers Available Online:
Ink Plus50,000 bonus points after you spend $5,000 in the first 3 months. $95 annual fee waived for the first year.
Ink Bold: 50,000 bonus points after you spend $5,000 in the first 3 months. $95 annual fee waived for the first year.
Ink Cash: $200 cash back after you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months. No annual fee.

For more information on getting the most out of Chase business credit cards and Ultimate Rewards points, see these posts:

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  • AndrewAbroad

    I got the 60k signup offer myself and my 3 month period is the beginning of August. Hoping they match it.

  • Ed

    Why not get the Ink Cash? No annual fee, same bonus.

  • Ryan M.

    Did anyone else notice that the cards on that brochure have EMV chips? I wonder if these are now available to request from Chase.

  • geekyjeff

    The other interesting thing in this post is that the picture of the cards have EMV on them. Might we finally be getting the upgraded chip + PIN cards from Chase very soon? Hopefully!

  • Stone

    Is it only for the plus and not the bold?

  • Jeremiah Nolen

    Too bad I don’t have a chase branch in my state

  • Martin

    I have emailed Chase to credit me 10,000 points. I’ll let you know how it went.

  • thepointsguy

    Keep us posted- good luck!

  • thepointsguy

    The Ink plus is the only in-branch offer for 70k points

  • dd

    Just sent an email. They matched to 60k on my bold when it was 50k. Wife got the Plus when it was 60k, hopefully theyll match on this too! Thank you for the speed post on this!!

  • Marcus

    Chase branches are only in certain states–and residents of areas with no Chase branches are not eligible to have certain Chase products (checking accounts, for example). I live in a state with no Chase branches (Missouri) but I am close to Illinois, which has several Chase branches. So–I’m wondering whether or not there would be a problem with me crossing the river to apply for the card with the higher bonus (70,000 points) at a Chase branch?

  • Brycia James

    I have the Ink Bold now, can I transfer the Ultimate Rewards points to a new Ink Plus if I get one? I don’t want to pay the annual fee on both cards.

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- you can combine all UR points into your new ink plus to keep them safe

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- only Plus

  • smweb23

    so does this come in both the personal and business version?

  • thepointsguy

    The ink plus is only a business card

  • mahon112

    Do I need a business to get Chase Ink or Bold?

  • smweb23

    i already have 5 chase cards (all personals). should i be able to get this card without having to close any current ones?

  • Jerry Hicks

    I was all in for this one but no Chase branches in Alabama either.

  • FlavCity

    Just called chase, they said they will escalate the claim for the 10,000 points, and I will get a letter in the mail with the decision. How nerve racking :)

  • smweb23

    i already have 5 chase cards (all personals). should i be able to get this card without having to close any current ones?

  • elynbeth

    Darn, I have the Bold and not the Plus.

  • A. S.

    No. By coincidence, I was speaking to Chase today and I asked this and they said not yet.

  • Sal

    They matched the 70k offer on my Bold card which I applied for in May.

  • jtgray

    get both

  • nerissapartington

    Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

  • David

    Would you please share what did you write on the secure message to them to match the sign up bonus? thanks in advance!

  • David

    Would you please share what did you write on the secure message to them to match the sign up bonus? thanks in advance!

  • David

    Would you please share what did you write on the secure message to them to match the sign up bonus? thanks in advance!

  • David

    Would you please share what did you write on the secure message to them to match the sign up bonus?

  • David

    Would you please share what did you write on the secure message to them to match the sign up bonus? thanks.

  • dd

    I haven’t heard back on the matching the 70k offer. I’ll let you know if they match it.

  • Gabriel

    can’t you think of any thing to write yourself? in the time it would have taken you to respond to 3 people, you could have sent a simple secure message by now. UGH. do we have to unzip your fly for you to pee as well?

  • JJ

    Can you transfer the 70,000 bonus points into SWA to get you closer to a companion pass?

  • Too Many

    Would you please share what you are going to write and we’ll see if it’s any good? Post-blasting to get a response instead of contributing isn’t going to get much help. Thanks in advance!

  • Danny

    Has anyone else been in person to actually talk to a banker? I don’t own an actual business, although I have several plausible pseudo-business things I could claim as a business (blog, occasional freelance work, etc).

    How much do they grill you on that kind of stuff?

  • PR@TPG

    Not directly; points transferred from Ultimate Rewards to Southwest do not count towards the Companion Pass. You could transfer Ultimate Rewards first to Hyatt or Marriott, and then to Southwest, but you’d sacrifice some value by doing so. Check out this recent post for more info:

  • PR@TPG

    I wrote something pretty generic along the lines of “I saw that there is a 70,000 point offer available, I signed up for Ink Plus recently and would like Chase to match the higher offer.” Just be clear and polite.

  • David

    Thanks a lot!

  • Eugene Tunitsky

    Lol just put this guy out of his misery…
    Write the following
    “Dear Chase, I applied and got approved for a chase ink a couple months ago with the 60k offer. Today I walked into a chase branch and noticed a 70k offer for the same card! Is there any way you could match the offer for me please? I’ve been a loyal customer with chase for years!

    Thank you,

  • NoChaseinHawaii

    If I don’t have a Chase branch in my state, can I call a branch and apply over the phone? Or if I apply online today with the 50,000 point online offer, will they then bump me up to 70,000 once I email them after approval?

  • AlanB

    I applied for a Chase card while on vacation in FL. No problem. I have the banker’s card and I may try to apply over the phone with him for another one.

  • Hal

    Just emailed, fingers crossed.

  • Neel

    You are such a sweetheart !

  • Ryan

    Let’s keep spoonfeeding this guy.

  • dee seiffer

    I went yesterday. The guy didn’t grill me, but he chatted about my business. (I really have one.) I’ve found that to be the case for any Ink card I’ve applied for, even on-line. I’ve gotten a call to ask about my business. They’ve been very polite and use a conversation approach.

    I read somewhere else that some are reporting only getting the card with an EIN and not a SS#. I have an EIN, so I used that. Could just be a rumor.

  • dee seiffer

    Nope. Chip and signature. Not chip and PIN. I applied yesterday and the promo flyer the guy showed me listed C&S..

  • geekyjeff

    Wow. Would have thought they would go directly to C+P considering they said that’s the direction they are heading in 2014. Thanks for the clarification.

  • formulaboy

    My branch asked for the registration form issued by the state. That registers the biz name and county of domicile. Chase wants to see and copy down the number and official stamp info on the form.

  • jtgray

    I just want to point out, to all the haters here, that TPG is promoting something for which he isn’t getting a commission or benefit, in this post. Just sayin’…

  • Jeffrey

    SM’d chase last week as soon as I heard about this offer and they gave me the extra 10k UR. Got an ink plus in may when it was 60k….

  • aaasingh

    emailed support yesterday for a point match (signed up a month ago w/ 60k bonus) no response yet.

  • ken

    I went to branch today and was told I needed an EIN. I asked why being u only need SSN on the site and the guy said EIN was a must. I don’t think he knows….

  • Sam

    Mr. PointsGuy :),

    Do I have to call them to get the extra 20k points matched?

  • Blake

    How hard is it to get the Bold AND the Plus? I just got the Plus… do i need to wait to apply for the Bold to be approved? I also heard rumors of the Bold eventually getting nixed so I don’t want to lose the opportunity for those points.

  • jacob

    I got both cards about three months apart, Shouldn’t be a big deal to get approved for both.

  • Bill De Blasio

    Haters gotta hate. Just sayin’…

  • AndrewAbroad

    Got a response from Chase. It essentially was a brush off. He stated the offer I had and the one available at the branch. Then asked if I had any more questions to reply. In my original message I had said I went into the branch, saw the offer, and asked if they would be willing to match it. So they didn’t really answer my question. I replied back asking again in a similar fashion.

  • Emma

    If I apply online for 50k, can I still contact them to get 20k bump? If so, is annual fee wavied?

  • John

    Just received this message from Chase responding to my request that they match the current offering:

    “Thank you for contacting Chase about your credit card
    account. We appreciate the opportunity to ensure you
    receive any promotional offers available for your account.

    The new offer provides 70,000 bonus points after spend of
    $5,000 on purchases in the first three months from the
    account open date however the offer does not provide an
    annual fee waiver of $95.00 for the first year. The offer
    you were booked into is a different offer of 60,000 bonus
    point after spend of $5,000 on purchases in the first
    three months and no annual fee in the first year.”

    Should I ask for reconsideration?

  • Guest

    Hmm… I just applied online for the Plus card a few days ago. Is there any way (maybe in a branch) to still get the 20k bonus? (guessing not but worth asking)

  • Michael Paul

    I got the exact same response, so it would seem that you either get to keep your current bonus offer with no annual fee for the first year, or you pony up that annual fee in order to get the bonus points.

  • WBTM

    When does this offer expire?

  • Miles

    After 2 days, I just got this reply to a SM: “The 70,000 bonus points offer is currently available only on Ink Plus accounts. Your account is a Ink Bold card. Hence, we are unable to match the offer on your account.”

  • Andy

    Denied! I received the following message when asking for the additional 10k,

    “The new offer provides 70,000 bonus points after spend of $5,000 on purchases in the first three months from the
    account open date however the offer does not provide an
    annual fee waiver of $95.00 for the first year.

    The offer you were booked into is a different offer of
    60,000 bonus point after spend of $5,000 on purchases in
    the first three months and no annual fee in the first
    year. Therefore, we are unable to match the 70,000 bonus
    points offer on your account.”

  • Eugene Tunitsky

    Yup me too same message

  • erty

    Me too

  • aaasingh

    just got the same message :(

  • Daniel

    SM’d Chase to get the additional 10k points. Got a reply stating they could not match it due to the annual fee difference. Anyone else get this response?

  • John

    me too :(

  • TPG reader

    i think chase is wise to all the SM requests for the extra 10,000 points bump up. they’d replied that 70K has the $95 fee and the 60K i’d just rec’d has the 1st year’s fee waived.

  • TMoney

    Just walked into a local chase and told them i was a sole proprietor and used my first last name as the business name. was done within 20 miunutes. should arrive in 3 weeks! Great find. Going to use on Singapore Suite Class to Europe ;)

  • Amit

    is there a fee associated with transferring the 70k points to 70k miles in my united account?

  • Al

    I applied after reading this post and my card came in yesterday with the chip.

  • AndrewAbroad

    I got the same thing. No bump and a bit of a run around getting a straight answer. Surprisingly lackluster customer service considering I have nothing but good experiences with the personal card side of things.

  • Matt Rosen

    Just walked into my local branch and got one. I already have an Ink Bold card, so the rep just used my existing account info and it took about 30 seconds to apply and confirm.


  • thepointsguy


  • Curtis

    I applied in person today and was given a “pending” result after about 15 minutes. The process was pretty easy and similar to previous commenters. When I left the branch, I called the reconsideration line. After 15 minutes on hold, I was almost immediately accepted for the 70k points. Such a great deal! Thanks for the tip, Darius!

  • Curtis

    Opps, sorry about that, The Points Guy. Thanks for the great tip!

  • Matt G.

    Went to Chase Bank today (Trenton, NJ) and was not even allowed to apply for the card. I work occasionally as a free lance photographer. They said i needed the following things.

    1. company registration
    2. fictitious name certificate
    3. certificate of authentication

    has anyone else had this experience??? any help would be great.

  • Lorob

    Do you think my business can get a second 70K bonus after getting the first one more than a year ago?

    Do I actually have to dig out our articles of incorporation too and bring it along?

  • Blackeyes24

    I had the same issue (FL) but when I told them I was a sole proprietor and just starting up they let me apply. Apparently they wave all of those things if you are a sole proprietor.

  • Blackeyes24

    The first guy I talked to said that I needed to have a registered business etc. I told him that all of my research indicated that wasnt necessary if I was a sole proprietor and just getting started with my stained glass business. He called over the business account specialist and she confirmed that sole proprietors can use their SSN. I’m officially approved yet but they did let me apply.

  • Blackeyes24

    Has anyone considered signing up for one of Chase’s checking account bonuses to cover the annual fee for this card? There is a bonus card available on Ebay for $300. Card is going to cost me $54.95 but even with that and the $95 fee I’m still coming out $150 ahead. I’ll save the remaining $150 for future fees I need to cover.

  • TryingtoTravel

    Just went to the bank…….. The banker would not submit with my ss# as a single owner. Said I needed to be registered with the state. I might try another branch. Bummer.

  • Kumar

    No u can’t.

  • Kumar

    Did you use the phrase sole proprietor at the branch?

  • Kumar

    No. Don’t waste your time or Chase bank’s time.

  • Kumar

    There is no way.

  • Kumar

    There is no expiration date at this point of time.

  • Rachael

    Is this still available???

  • Tryingtitravel

    Yes ,I did and explained that I’d been approved by chase in the past as a sole proprietor . He called a another office chatted for a while and said it couldn’t be done! Haven’t had it e to go to another branch yet

  • Tryingtotravel

    Just back from another Chase Bank and was approved! When the application was submitted it said pending but the banker caled to see what other info was needed. She then gave me the phone. I answered a few more questions and was approved! Now to plan for the spend, thanks tpg!

  • Jasper2

    Makes no sense. The application form clearly has a check box for sole proprietor, and instructions to use SS# if you are a sole proprietor. No other business card makes a distinction. That said, it is probably easier to get an Ink Plus card if you have a FEID number.

  • Jasper2

    It isn’t a “fictitious” name. It is an “assumed name” which is the same thing as your numbers 1 and 3.

  • Jasper2

    The application I got gives an expiration date of 9/15/14

  • Kumar

    Good to know. Did u get an application in the email? If so, one can still try at the branch after 9/15.

  • Kumar

    Seems fair.

  • stephaniejmota

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  • stephaniejmota
  • John Frykman

    You can only use points for purchases not fees. Also, unless you use your card for qualified travel related fees, you won’t get the 25% bonus…after the spend has posted to your account.

  • John Frykman

    I got the offer by mail. We have no Chase branches in my state. An identifying offer code and ID is preprinted on the offer as well as the addressee: “Business Owner, XYZ, Inc.” and the street address. I also received an identical offer the same day addrssessed to me, personally.

  • Blackeyes24

    I’m not using points for the fees. I opened a chase checking account, which had a $300 signing bonus. I’m using the signing bonus from the checking account to pay the fee on the credit card account. I don’t know anything about a 25% bonus so I’m not sure what you are referring to there.

  • John Frykman

    I should have read your post more carefully.

    Your sign up bonus on your checking account of $300, however, is taxable (unlike credit card bonuses). Better save some of that bonus to pay the income taxes, both federal and state (city, too if you live in NYC). Chase will send you and the IRS a 1099 form at the end of the year.

    The fees they charge on that same account are of course not deductible unless it is a business account.

  • Blackeyes24

    Yes I am aware that taxes will need to be paid, but you are right, and I should have pointed it out for others. I live in Florida and any difference $300 will make on my federal taxes will be absorbed by the credits I receive for going to school and paying interest on my student loans and mortgage.

  • John Frykman

    Isn’t a “hater” merely someone who hates someone/something YOU do not? Or are you someone who loves everything and everyone, even those you blithely call haters? What is the difference between hating and disliking intensely?

    Don’t you just hate it when someone questions your use of language?

  • MK

    trying to send my daughter for a college spring semester abroad, to Barcelona. Would this card InkPlus, allow me to let her use the points to fly? Are there blackout dates? Can you fly American or only their travel partners? If not, is there a card offer that does?

  • trblmkr.nj

    Just heads up: early next week Ink Plus Refer-A-Friend (aka Refer-A-Business) campaign starts. It will run for only 10 days. The same 70k offer with annual fee, plus referral bonus. Available online.

  • Dalia

    I’d like to apply! Who can refer me and get a referral bonus? :)

  • Nick

    Got an email to refer business’ for the INK PLUS and they will get 70k UR points. Let me know if anyone wants a referral.

  • Nick

    I can refer you. Need an email address.

  • Diana

    Refer me please.

  • Nick

    email address?

  • Nick

    If you need a referral, send me ur email at nick24 at gmail

  • kevin

    Do the 70,000 points count towards the southwest companion pass if the points are transferred over?

  • thepointsguy


  • Unlucky

    Forget it unless you have a real business that has proven sales. I was just denied for the company I’m going to start next year.

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